Thursday, August 20, 2009

The art of smooching...

Arrgh... I've been sick for almost a week now and I'm glad I've fully recovered! The doctor did not suspect that I had the H1N1 Influenza A but I somehow rather felt that I had it. I've been having fever for a few days combined with sore throat, cough and then later a cold. I went to two doctors and both think that I'm down with the normal flu. I have been sleeping most of the time at home trying to take a good rest and my dad forced my sisters to sleep in another room to avoid catching the flu.

Finally, I'm fine... The temperature checks for these few days have been normal and my cold is gone. I've suffered for a week without dinners and alcohol but I was glad at the same time because I've lost some weight due to eating less!

So it's Friday again and I'm going to talk about sex kisses. I've gone for 1 week without kissing you know and it feels kinda terrible not being able to get close to anyone! So now I can empathise with those who are down with the flu and can't get any kisses or hugs from their love ones. Hmm.. how do I start with this kissing topic? This is strictly for ladies. If you're a guy and you're reading this, shame on you!

Ooh lala... that's a sexy sight.

Let's just start with, how do you kiss a guy for the very first time. I'm not talking about your first kiss but the first kiss to a new guy everytime(it can be your fourth or fifth). How do you create the right moment to kiss a guy? Well, you're damn bloody lucky if you have always been kissed first by the opposite sex. So if you always have been the receiver, have you ever wondered how the other partner initiated the kiss? This is kinda intriguing because I've always thought that it's better for a guy to initiate things and as girls, the weaker fairer sex, we should wait and see.

Well, I can tell you it's WRONG. We should not sit and wait but we should initiate the first move if we are interested. This is the 21st century my dear fellow girlfriends and to make things right, we will show the guys what we want and when we want it. We do not sit at home and wait for you to come and smooch us because if we like you, we'll walk straight to you and blow you away with a deep passionate kiss you'll never forget. Pheww....

So, how to create that moment? When do we know when to plant that kiss? Surely I wouldn't want to risk missing his face when I'm about to kiss him. That would sent me into the embarrassment hell. If you're going to buy a 60-page book telling you how and when to kiss, you might as well forgo the chances of kissing a guy first. The right moment to do exactly just that is when you're confident with yourself and that you think that's the right moment. Follow your heart and your instincts. Women always have a better sixth sense, don't we?

I've spent too much time waiting for a guy to come and swept me off my feet and so I thought, why don't I sweep the guy I like off his feet? It just happened that I'm lucky for every guy that I wanted to kiss, they will kiss me back. It'll be kinda embarrassing right if you kissed an unwilling guy huh? I can totally understand that. So to avoid embarrassment 101, I have devised a plan. Don't kiss the guy you like on a first date. Try out this simple step:

1. On the first date, shakes his hand when you meet him. If everything is good, and you feel attracted to him at the end of the date, give him a hug and a light peck on both cheeks and call it a night. This is called testing the waters.

2. If you called him for a second date and he agrees, give him the same peck when you meet him and when you leave. Nothing more than just a peck.

3. And so, if the third date materialized, you can find the right moment to plant your passionate kiss at the end of the date.

It might reduce the feeling of awkwardness and embarrassment if it does fail. For me, if he's the right target, I might even do it on the second date! I have no qualms walking up to a guy and plant kisses on his cheeks but if I were to do a passionate kiss, I better like that guy or no way I'm going to do it. That's call principles. Starting with a hug is always the easiest. Then with your hands, rub his back, move you head back and reach for his lips! There, and you're done! Easy right? So if he kisses back, congratulations and you may continue kissing.

So far, I've successfully pull it off and it works if you put a little effort in getting to know the other partner before you plan to blow him away (literally of course)! If your partner is a shy person, you might have to work harder. But seriously, it feels good when the person you kiss kisses you back. Like I said, it's good to try but don't misuse them. A kiss is not just a kiss.

Have a great weekend peeps. I'm going on a short trip where the 3S (Sea, Sun & Sex Surf) dominates this weekend.


Cath J said...

Lol.. What a topic..

I quite agree with you about 'making the 1st moved' on this century ^_^.. may be on the kissing part too.. ;-p

But beware.. Gotta make sure what's that guy 'status' before making those move.. ;-p

sibu food diva said...

hmm nice post, eiling! muaks :P

Alex said...

somehow i think you were raised as a boy la.

p.calais said...

very,very interesting topic i say..very well blogged about as well!good one eiling!..its about time someone discussed this openly!;D

-eiling- said...

Cath J: Haha.. you're right. Doing a background checking is important too.

Sibu Food Diva: Thanks! muacks..

Alex: I'm not. I'm just born with a little more courage than some girls.

P.Calais: Haha param, I know you like this and probably like even more when the girls make a move on you!

suituapui said...

Ya...I also think I had H1N1, the symptoms were there, except the running nose bit. They say maybe it's H1Mild... I wonder if that means we are immune now - got antibodies.... Where are you going for the weekend? Penang? Come...come...

Corgi 1960 said...

O la la....that I believe is the sequeal to the outrageously wild, fuunny and bold blog on the different taste of sperm.
Thumbs up for the blog, and I wished girls of my generation did what you just wrote, back then. Life would be perfect .....kakakaka

Myhorng said...

shame on me. i read.

Huai Bin said...


(Sorry, I had to read even though I'm a guy)

Don't kiss the guy you like on a first date.

You mentioned third date, that's quite a long time. Your first date tip is good, but I strongly suggest you bump up the passionate kiss to the second date.

Huai Bin said...

BTW, first date is good to seal the deal too if you like him. Just noticed that you did mention second date if you like him. It's good to snag him if you like him on the first date! =D

-eiling- said...

STP: Yeah I was wondering too whether do we have the immunity now?!! Or do we get infected all over again if we are in contact with people with H1N1.

Corgi: This is not a sequel but it's more like a topic to ponder. I think ladies now are more courageous due to different background and education.

Horng: Shame on you!

Huai Bin: First dates are too risky cos the main reason here is to avoid embarrassment. I think second or third date is ok. Playing the safe game.

p.calais said... could i say no to girls?you know me too well.but yeah,it'll be nice for a change if the girl made a move.but then again,the challenge of a guy going after a girl wouldnt exist.n i like a challenge,makes life there's pros n cons i guess.

Anonymous said...

What is your definition of passionate kiss?

Does it involve excercising your tongue?

Viya said...

Nice sharing. We don't need books to teach us this. Your experience is more than enough! How many guys have u kissed so far? :P

roxkitty said...

If it's the right time, I don't see why girls shouldn't make the first move. Some guys are really shy too, aren't they? :)

-eiling- said...

Calais: Param, we all love challenges don't we? It's all about the chasing game and it would be nice if the girls play a reverse role sometimes. I understand.

Anon: Yeah it does like french kissing. Isn't that considered a passionate kiss?

Viya: You're welcome. Quantity is not a good unit of measurement. It's the quality that counts.

Roxkitty: That's why we have to sweep these guys off their feet.

Otosa re ta tenshi said...

I like your discussion, hmm.. but i never tried giving a peck to a guy on a first or 2nd date though.. unless we are in a relationship..
lol i am too shy, the best i think i can do is a hug.. lol i don't even think if i can do a hug if i have a crush on the guy.. lol.. hm.. have to train my skills.. :P

-eiling- said...

Otosa re ta tenshi: Practice makes perfect!

zewt said...

teaching girls how to kiss....that's a first.

anyway, on giving and receiving...

kiss is 1 of the 2 things in the world where you cant give without receiving.

-eiling- said...

Zewt: Yes trying to play the 21st century role model for females. Well, it's kinda true that you can't give a kiss without receiving. sometimes you receive a slap or two.

Anonymous said...

How about being kissed by another guy while still with another guy?

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