Sunday, June 21, 2009

IL DIVO (KL) Ristorante Italiano

Vincenzo Cuomo

Everybody knows how fussy I can be when it comes to Italian cuisine. That's because I don't regard outlets like Pizza Hut or Italinnies as authentic Ristorante Italiano. An authentic Italian restaurant should have a good looking and charming boss and Italian chef good selection of Italian dishes and Italian wines with the right ambience. I was recently invited to dinner by my usual wine suspects because we want to check out his new place here! And this is also their favourite Italian restaurant!

Vincenzo happens to be this charming and friendly owner of this humble restaurant in KL. I have previously blogged about it here and they have recently moved to Lorong Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang which is opposite Victoria Station from Desa Sri Hartamas a month ago. Il Divo is situated upstairs and has a very interesting spiral staircase leading to the restaurant. I however think that the staircase can pose a danger to those whom are drunk after dinner or it can be a hassle for older patrons.

I love this picture of the spiral staircase!

It looks like a resort from outside at night and it has a small swimming pool downstairs. It also has a bar outside for the patrons to hang out after a dinner for drinks.

The interior of the restaurant decorated with oil paintings and dimmed lights.

Let's talk about the food. Because this is a new place, Vincenzo had a completely new menu and we had a degustation that night. We leave it to the boss to show us a good time. We had about 3 appetizers, 7 different main courses, tiramisu and 4.5 litres of wine for 5 of us! See la, how not to have expanding waistlines?!!

Swordfish Carpaccio (RM28), Fresh Mozarella (RM29) & Beef Carpaccio (RM28)

Grilled Australian Black Angus Tenderloin (RM65), Sea Bass (RM45)
& Rack of Lamb (RM55)

Rigatoni with Duck & Rasperry sauce (RM35), Risotto with prawns (RM35)
& Tagliatelle with Porcini Mushrooms (RM30)

Tiramisu (RM28)

I can say that the fresh Mozarella Cheese was something refreshing and which you don't want to miss a chance trying it if you like dairy. The Grilled Australian Black Angus Tenderloin is also another must try because it's done perfectly well with the juices all intact! I personally like the Risotto and Tagliatelle but the Risotto has to be eaten while it's still warm. It's a very interesting texture to compare with the normal rice/porridge that we have. The tiramisu is a must try too! It's got very strong coffee liqueur and it's not too sweet.

With good food, good company, there must be good wine! Mr.L was so generous that he shared his bottle of Poggerino Chianti Classico Bugialla 1999 from Tuscan which he received as a birthday present. It was a magnum (1.5 litres) and there were only 15 bottles of it and was all bought up by one of my friends when she was at the vineyard. It's medium-bodied and has aroma of cherries. It's drinking so well now and Riserva Bugialla is only made in the best vintages and according to my friends, the 1999 is one of the best years to look for in a Tuscan.

Another one of my favourite Italian wine would be the Pio Cesare Barolo 2004. This is definitely not the wine for someone who counts his change of RM10 notes. "Pio Cesare Barolo 2004 is the 6th place wine and top placing Italian effort for Wine Spectator's annual Top 100 wines of the year awards." This Barolo has outstanding aromas of blackberries, full-bodied and with lengthy tannins and a long finish. Just the way I like it. Although my favourite is still the P C Barolo Ornato 2004, this bottle is equally good and cost half of Ornato! The Barolo 2004 is about RM300+ a bottle! The P C Barbaresco 2003 is good too as it has sweetfloral and vanilla aromas with lingering finish. However, I still prefer a Barolo anytime!

This is Chef Luca, me & Kiko (nephew to V)

I will only go to Italian restaurants where the boss could carry me to the dining table! See, now you know what I mean? Cheers!

241B Lorong Nibong, Off Jalan Ampang
(Behind Hock Choon Supermarket, Opposite Victoria Station)
Tel: 03-2145 4108


Anonymous said...

Another free dinner from restaurant owner?

Anonymous said...

u got big ass la..fat d...must diet d :p

-eiling- said...

Anon: The dinner was not free. This is not a free review. My friends paid for the dinner.

Anon: It's okay.

Anonymous said...

> I will only go to Italian restaurants where the boss could carry me to the dining table!

The chef has to be careful by not feeding you too much. The more weight you put on, the more he will have to carry (as punishment)

-eiling- said...

Anon: That line was sarcasm la! Haha... Sorry it only applies before dinner so it doesn't matter how much the chef wants to cook! Lol..

hates anon said...

oh anon...

u r back. R u too bored, lonely or desperate..perhaps something else.

get a life

Kimmy said...

Can't imagine eating cheese in its own form, was the Mozarella drizzled in olive oil really that good? Or was it suppose to go with the wine ^^

KY said...

waaa, took you this long to write about il divo? lol

-eiling- said...

Hates anon: No worries. It's their right to write anything they want! It's a free world.

Kimmy: It's good but not recommended to those who doesn't like cheese. It feels weird eating big chunks of mozarella with olive oil, but it's interesting.

KY: This is the second one la!

Kimmy said...

Ok, I shall try it one day, over a bottle of wine ^^

suituapui said...

Bet it's not just the food that keeps you going back for more... LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha, carrying to the table and it looks to me you will be served (operated) on the table. I am going to reserve that particular table and dish

Anonymous said...

>u got big ass la..fat d...must diet d :p

No! eiling will post a new picture to prove that you are wrong

Simon Seow said...

Hmm..yummy. Now I could say Bon Appettito.

cibol said...

that's a wholotta food! :p I haven't been eating Italian since like maybe about a year or so. So, I shall bookmark this one. :)

-eiling- said...

Kimmy: Yes.. one might not be enough!

STP: It's the people!

Anon: Yes. Posted. I can't help being vain....

Simon: Bon Apetite to you too!

Cibol: No need to bookmark, just go!

Huai Bin said...

It looks like a nice place. Off Jalan Ampang eh? One of the places I can drive to now. Muahahahaha. :)

-eiling- said...

Huai Bin: Wow.. I'm impressed! Good that now you know your roads well. no more getting lost.

Anonymous said...

oh dont torture the boss, he looked so helpless.

-eiling- said...

Anon: bad...

foongpc said...

The place looks very nice and yes, I like the picture of the spiral staircase too!

You are right - quite dangerous for a drunken person to walk down the stairs! But perhaps a spiraling staircase is not as bad as a straight staircase cos for the latter, you just fall straight down all the way! Sure die one!

At least, for spiraling staircase, you just spiral down and may stop somewhere. Probably break a few bones only. Haha!

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: Lol.. you're cruel la!

Myhorng said...

wow. nice place n food looks good 2.

-eiling- said...

Horng: Go try it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


sorry for bothering u but just found out that u r the only 1 who make a review for this restaurant. (which im glad that sumbody did)

im a muslim and just wondering,does the restaurant serve pork or is it pork free ?

hope that u'll reply soon cause i couldnt wait to bring my gf to this restaurant..

eiling lim said...

Anon: Hie, they are pork free and I have just called to confirm.

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