Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fullhouse @ NZX

Niu Ze Xui is a new place in town, well, not exactly very new but I've only been there twice ever since it opened its doors last year. Yes it sounds like the Singapore's very own "Niu Che Shui" but our version is really lacking in crowd! It's so quiet on the weekdays and nothing like the bustling Petaling Street.

The one and only outlet with crowd - Fullhouse. No wonder it's always full.

It has a very adorable-almost-dollhouse-like interior where most of the stuff you see and touch can be purchased. If you like the yellow garden table umbrellas, you can buy them!

The menu has a very interesting content of the usual food listing, surprisingly a recipe beside the picture, and some comics in chinese (which sadly I couldn't understand) at the back pages. This is my first time reading such "menu". The variety of food is not extensive but it should be sufficient from making you bored because they have interesting drinks!

The obligatory mushroom soup.

Rosella Spaghetti, Wok-Seared Chicken Chop & Chicken Ham Spaghetti

Ice blended red honeydew+peach puree, Ice lemon tea and Papaya Milk

Overall, the food is commendable. It's really a good set lunch deal where it comes with a soup, main course, drink and dessert for only RM14.90++. I actually like the Rosella spaghetti with chilli flakes. It's simple but tasty. And the spaghetti is al dente which is the most important criteria in having any pasta! Prices of main courses range from RM16-RM35.

I brought Wei Mei there because it was her birthday and moreover, both of us have not been there before. It turned out to be good. An adorable place with affordable food (maybe not so affordable after all during the recession). Most importantly, even if you sit outside, there's air-condition! This factor alone superceeds all the other expectations!

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe
Address: C-G-11, Nui Ze Xui @ Ara Damansara
Tel: 03-78850836
Map here.


KY said...

can't say the food is excellent, but they're good enough and of great value. The only thing lacking there is service, I think restaurants should hire more english speaking workers. :S

foongpc said...

I've passed by but never eaten at Fullhouse. Maybe will try it next time I go there : )

-eiling- said...

KY: Yes.. I totally agree.

Foongpc: You should try for the experience.

Anonymous said...

Experience the lack of service?

-eiling- said...

Anon: Yes. The waiters & Waitresses seemed to be doing their own things

cibol said...

i just love the the place .. peaceful really .. and cute too!

suituapui said...

Very nice and interesting concept. Surprisingly the prices are reasonable!...Huh! Re. KY - more English-speaking workers? I thought we only have that problem here - all Mandarin speaking and can't speak dialect (Hokkien) either!

-eiling- said...

Cibol: Yes. Very cute.

STP: We have problems here in trying to communicate with the waiter/waitresses here too.

Myhorng said...

no doubt a nice place to hang out. affordable price and food which is worth their price.

-eiling- said...

Horng: And the outdoor dining got air con! Lol..

zewt said...

can't resist a good mushroom soup... need to go...

-eiling- said...

Zewt: Go! This mushroom soup has some almond in it.

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