Thursday, May 28, 2009

Objects in the bag

Have you ever wonder why women have to carry big handbags like this?

How come women have to carry handbags while men could just walk out with just a wallet and keys?!! It's difficult to explain as the fairer sex is always more complicated in everyway. We need quite a number of things from wallets to cosmetics in our bags daily! We just cannot walk out with a few notes and a key!

I know some people really have quite a number of items in their handbags but for me, I only have around 25 items in my Celine handbag on an average day. Not too many but not too few either.

A breakdown of items in my bag:

1. Celine wallet for keeping money & credit cards.

2. KLIA pass

3. My vanity mirror and lip gloss case.

4. Celine namecard holder.

5. Samsung U600 for daily communication (until I get a new phone).

6. Ang Pow from CNY (dunno why it's still in there).

7. Dannemann Cigarillos.

8. Mints.

9. Chanel Lipstick.

10. L'occitane travel size body lotion.

11. Firebird cigar torch (the other one is still with KY, woi!)

12. 2 Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas & 1 Montecristo

13. Godiva chocolate (God knows why!)

14. 2 thumb drives (16GB & 4GB)

15. Office Keys

16. 1 Montblanc pen & 3 ballpoint (1 to use and 3 to lend out)

17. Sanitary Pad (for obvious reasons)

18. Tampon (for obvious reasons also)

Don't ask me why I need so many things in my bag. I just need them! I've came across people whom has more stuffs than me i.e scissors, nail clippers, glue, pepper spray, notebooks, diaries, powder, mascara, and all the other things in the world that women would need! Probably I should sneak in a bottle of miniature vodka into my bag too!

Now you know why the bigger the bag, the better it is?!!


Jasmin Saw said...

How much does your handbag weighs? haha and here I thought I've got too much in my handbag. Now, I am inspired to list down mine:

1. fossil long purse
2. specs (needed when go for a movie in cinema)
3. a bunch of office keys
4. a bunch of hostel keys with pepper spray keychain
5. another individual pepper spray (if you're in UTP, you'll need a lot of pepper spray)
6. body shop lipstick
7. car control & keys
8. cabtree & evelynn travel size mouth wash (mum gave it to me, she got it from the hotels she satyed in california. Thought it'll be useful after eating too much garlic during lunch)
9. bracelet (which need to go back to my vanity box)
10. necklace (which need to go back to its box too)
11. body shop white musk body mist (wanna finish it off, thats why bring it around to use it fast fast)
12. broken strap watch (need to be fixed)

hahaha this is fun. And I realized you're a fan of Celine brand.

KY said...


hay's said...

yeh yeh, the bigger bag, the more convenience will be.
surprisingly, i have mascara, eyeliner,heaps of lips gloss in my baggy bag..lolx. It's just convenience, just be ready where you want to go, just grab! fix it!. Then tadaa..ready to go..
i have heaps of shoes in my car and i wish i can put some clothes into it too..

_WeiMei_ said...

haha... why u need banyak pen? alot of ppl wants ur signature ar ? hahaaahh

Philip said...

haha, girls are more lazy then boys in some ways....I guess they are too lazy to take out "those things" which are only needed a few days in a month....unless they also lend to some good friends during emergencies!. I know some girls also always keep one or two extra undies in the handbag...don't know for what reason though.

-eiling- said...

Jasmin: you've got too many body shop stuffs! and lots of keys too. I'm sure your bag is more heavy than mine.

KY: Don't be jeles.

Hay's: I've got 5 pairs of shoes in my car too.

WM: No lah...

Philip: Undies?!! Are you sure.

zewt said...

surely, the pads and tampons dont need to be there every 24/7

Mai Tomyam said...

hi gals, interesting stuff in the bags to keep going for the modern ladies! said...

hi.. passby n say hi!!!
nice to meet u.
edmund here.

breadpitt said...

gosh, ur bag are so loaded;-p

suituapui said...

My missus hasn't got just one bag but many, so when she has to look for something urgently, there will be this frantic treasure hunt through all her bags as she can never remember what she put where... Women!

-eiling- said...

Zewt: Just in case I forgot or someone else needs it!

Mai Tomyam: Yes.. Nice to meet you too!

Breadpitt: loaded with unnecessary stuffs? Haha..

STP: Me too! I have to search through all handbags for the missing things too.

Anonymous said...

In the modern world, do your friends or their men carry the con***? since it is missing in your bag (or inside your wallet), you may not know the answer.

-eiling- said...

Anonymous: Well, if there's a need for it, 7-11 is everywhere!

foongpc said...

I'm surprised you didn't stuff in one of your many shoes in your bag. LOL!

I think your the contents in your bag quite valuable. But if I'm a snatch thief, I will snatch your bag, take the Celine wallet and the Godiva chocolates and dump everything else! haha!

For me, i just carry a wallet in one pocket and my handphone in the other. That's it! Haha!

Myhorng said...

not asking u y u need so many things in the bag.

but y u need tampon and sanitary pad together? avoiding big leak?

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: I think the thief doesn't even know what Celine is! It's not like LV so popular.

Horng: It's according to my mood actually. Sometimes I feel like using the pad and sometimes the tampon. But the pad can also be lent to someone who needs it! Not everyone uses tampons.

Anonymous said...

Tampons, so u are no longer a virgin

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