Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The MIHAS (6th International Halal Showcase) 2009 at Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre has finally completed. It was such a tiring exhibition as I have to be at the stand everyday for the past 6 days from 9.00am to 7.30pm. I've actually calculated that I'll be working 13 days in a row for these 2 weeks. I think it's the longest working days I've ever gone through in my 25 years of life!

These are the pictures that I've taken with my sister's Sony Alpha except for a few which is using the normal Sony digital camera.

The RM50k Fidani duplex stand.

Fidani 2009 New Products - Chocolatease & Chocolate Tubos

The desserts made using Fidani's Finest Chocolate!

The crowd at our stand on weekends.
Pic was sent to me by a NSTP cameraman.
Carol (who's an expert in exports) & me.

Me & Wei Mei and the plate of free 5 STAR fried fish fritters from our neighbouring stand.

The whole fair was very enjoyable as I get to meet people from all walks of life - from traders, buyers, suppliers to end consumers. I've also been talking non-stop from 10am to 7pm daily answering enquiries and to also "kepoh" around as there were 4 big halls with 620 booths to roam about.

Besides that, publicity for Fidani has been overwhelming from pictures with the PM in newspapers to news broadcast on RTM1, Bernama TV and Astro Awani. The Ad value for Fidani during this exhibition has indeed superceeded what I've been expecting.

Never would I have to spend money on lunch as I've been getting lots of free food from neighbouring stalls like Maggi noodles, sausages, fried chicken, nuggets, satay, drinks and ice-cream! And not to forget about my daily dose of free chocolate drink from Milo, Vico and Cocoarich! Hehe...

Even some of my usual wine drinking suspects came to visit me at my stand and I took them on a free food tasting from halal dim sum to non alcoholic beer and champagne (sparkling juice)! It was so much fun but my feet suffered terribly.

It's been such a tiring weekend and yesterday I have to attend a Malaysian Cocoa Board dinner at Berjaya Times Square in conjuction with the Malaysian Cocoa Fair 09. The food was utterly terrible. Not only it's unpalatable, the service was so bad as the waiter spilled the food all over when they serve. I wonder whether Vincent Tan actually tasted the food from his hotel! At 1k a table, I rather eat somewhere else! The best dish for the night was the cucumber from the satay plate. I've got 2 more dinners to go this week and probably a biz trip up north and Genting this weekend. Busy, busy, busy....

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_WeiMei_ said...

hehehe,, so details with all the happening thing from MIHAS... hahahah get some good rest the fight samore ya.. i will be holiday.. hahahah see you.. hahahahh

KY said...

hahaha why u never wait till weimei opens her eye fully!

Irenelim said...

Looks like you have enjoyed yourself tremendously! :)

-eiling- said...

Wei Mei: You too! have fun in Langkawi! Lol..

KY: Not me. Ask teh cameraman!

Irene: Yes. I did.

suituapui said...

You should smile more...as sweet as your lovely chocs! When serious, like very fierce one! Hahahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

compared with last time, u smile more since u hv started to work. looking back at your photos while in college times, u never smile in most of ur pics!! :)

YilingL said...

50k can buy me loadsa things, ie. 38 Nokia E71 :p

p.calais said...

sounds like u need to wind down!!..nite out @ luna??hehehe.

-eiling- said...

STP: Haha...yeah maybe I should.

Anon: So you must be one of my college mates!

Yiling: Not my money la...

P Calais: You're not here to partay!

_WeiMei_ said...

hahaha.... my mata sepet.. hahhah btw.. i holding wan is keropok lekor.. hahaha..
yiling... i bought the E71... hahahhaha

-eiling- said...

Wei Mei: you bought E71?!! ish jeles

fufu said...

wow...nice!!! =p

LiyanaMariella said...

hey eiling,

thanks for supporting MIHAS. Don't worry I will always support Fidani =)Best chocolate ever!

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