Friday, May 08, 2009

MIHAS 2009 Day 3

And so this morning, my dad called me and inform me of my appearance in the NST 2nd page and then I received a text from Datin (my boss's wife) telling me that I'm in NST and Berita Harian. It was the picture where the PM is sprinkling some almonds and hazelnuts onto the block of chocolate at my stand and I was just beside him and was seen looking else where! Lol...

The chocolate that PM made. Maybe I should sell it on! Lol...
Any takers?!!

The plague that he signed to launch my 2 new chocolate range.

As I googled for Fidani Chocolatier, I also found this article with me in the picture! Although I'm quite far behind, but I'm still proud of the fact that the Fidani name was mentioned!

And I was also fortunate enough to have a picture taken with Datuk Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, the Second Finance Minister whom was at my stand this afternoon.

From Left: Pn. Norma, Dr. Wong, Datuk Ahmad Husni, Tn Haji Arshad & Me.

The bad news was, I still need to work throughout the weekend until 7pm daily and probably up to 8pm on Sunday! I was so tired today that I can't feel my legs and feet at all! My feet were screaming for a break as I have been wearing heels for almost 10 hours today walking around the stand!


Z3ph said...

Woowww....I am so impressed NOT!!!
You must be the luckiest babe on earth?

So, when is your trip to France with Najib and Abdul Razak Baginda?
Are you gonna study the mogolian language? and perhaps russian?

And how bout a modelling career in France?

I'm sure najib would be more than willing to send you to France in one of the submarines he purchased from the French.

We have a replacement for "Altantuyaa".

You must be so proud of yourself.
What a cocksucker!

Z3ph said...

Why did you not get abit closer to this great swine?
maybe rub his shoulders with your boobs like the infamous Elizabeth Wong?

Awww........what a waste...

I'm sure you would appear on vogue magazine in no time.

zewt said...

that lil bit of fame in exchange for your whole weekend... hmmmm...

-eiling- said...

Z3ph: Thanks for your concern. I'm more worried for you as your comments might get you into free food at Kamunting.

Zewt: Haha... I prefer to have a good rest, easy job than this kinda fame!

foongpc said...

I saw you in NST! But so serious looking, not smiling at all?

Anyway, congrats for all your hard work paid off! So are you satisfied, or should I ask is your boss satisfied? : )

breadpitt said...

eiling....looking to see more spectacular achievement from you;-)

Superman said...

You look so serious in the NST photo. Your hard work is worth it.

Anonymous said...

You have done a very job in promoting your company and products. For the same reason, one day, you will be forced out from your job by your colleagues with your boss silent consent.

What has Minister of Finance to do with Mihas? Visit one of his company?

KY said...

fehmes! got pic with PM #6!

suituapui said...

Gosh! Somebody hates you! I guess there are always people like that and are best ignored! Love the way you handle it! Very diplomatic! You're a woman of the world! Thumbs up, girl!

_WeiMei_ said...

hahaha... so nice... all also got ur pictures... heheh.. sure famous edy le..."FIdani Queen Chocolates"... hahahahah

Z3ph said...

Hate is an excessively strong word to use. Let’s just say a camwhoring show pony does not always gain accolades.
Fat yet beautiful, how can that be? A dumbo perhaps?

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: I hope he is satisfied!!!

Breadpitt: Thanks. I'll try!

Superman: Thanks.

Anon: Thanks. But it's never my concern to be out of job at these moment. If I am in that situation, I'll make the best out of it!

KY: Lol..

STP: There's always people who will like or dislike you so I'm cool with that. In life, you can't please everyone.

Z3ph: Then do you think someone who has no qualms in casting aspersion on others in anonymity is better than a camwhoring show pony? If you dislike me so much, why bother to read and comment except that you've got so much hatred for me in you that you need a channel to vent it out! I like your comments. Keep them coming. Cos your comments add sparkles to my life... Lol.

Z3ph said...

Because I think you’re the quintessential modern day KL City woman who is an egocentric self-centered narcissist, and woman like you are best avoided at all cost. All men should stay away from witches like you! Who drain the life and soul out of a good bloke.
One thing’s for sure, I do not hate you. Innuendo and anonymity are entirely 2 different elements.

Why should I conform to something in response to someone’s accusation that my barrage of outspoken facts is a direct improvisation of my anonymity?
I for one do not have a “blog” which proudly showcases my private life because I don’t see the need for it.
I can put one up in less than 1 hour, hosted on my own private apache server if I wanted to. But then? Is there a need for it? Is it necessary for me to showcase myself like someone who seeks gratification from her publicity in cyber space?
It’s a free world, and I’m free to say and speak my mind. If you don’t like it, shut your blog into private mode.
Else you can stick a dildo up your tight cunt and scream like the banshee you are.
Or get your boyfren najib to incarcerate me or castrate me.
You’ve morphed into a feminist abomination in which a perfect example would be the modern day Singaporean bitch due to globalization. Let’s just say girls like you are high maintenance ponies. The only person who can throw you a bone and put up with you would be the likes of a 60 year old mr hefner or would I say an uncle who has considerable amount of net worth. The other alternative would be some spoilt rich kid who was born with a silver spoon, and never had to work hard to reap what he Sow.

You should go live in Singapore and become one of them high class housewives with a toyboy.
Your future husband will suffer indefinitely; I must commiserate in advance for that would be bloke as a man.
You represent the abomination of what KL has managed to produce over the years.
Vain, demanding, kiasu, materialistic and overly pompous woman.

Lets make one thing clear, I do not dislike you to the point of “hatred”.

Irenelim said...

Wah... you are more and more famous now!

-eiling- said...

Z3ph: Wow.. what a comment! For your info, for a person like you whom doesn't even know me but yet made such an assumption, you really impressed me. I hope I can find a rich 60 year old man too but it's not as easy as you say... Damn, I can't fulfill your assumptions. "Else you can stick a dildo up your tight asshole and scream like the banshee you are" goes to you as well!

-eiling- said...

Irene: Some people are just so free that they have nothing to do but to find fault with others but they are fun because life is always full of angels & demons.

Z3ph said...

I'm a masochist, so bring it on.
I don mind back dooring as well.
And i don't need to use a dildo, i can always use my own on someone else.

As i said, I'm entitled to my own opinions as per se.

By the way, i know that you're a hainanese girl.

I am one myself.

Jasmin Saw said...

congrats friend! hey, nice sleeveless turquoise blouse!

-eiling- said...

Jasmin: Thanks. That's my almost RM300 Zara new dress.

Jasmin Saw said...

wah! no wonder so nice. great taste! (as usual)
jealousnya, can wear sleeveless. I think guards here will saman me if i wear sleeveless hahaha.

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