Wednesday, May 06, 2009

MIHAS 2009 Day 1

I regret not taking any pictures of my booth today. But I shall do it tomorrow.

Yesterday was such a tiring day for me. I was at Matrade by 10am and by the time I leave that place, it was already 11pm. The setting up of the stand took too long the time as my stand contractors were so meticulous and perhaps slow! I understand that a double deck stand would take a longer time than a single deck one but this one was taking quite sometime to built.

I am so tired after the first day of the exhibition. I think for a minute I couldn't even feel my legs. They were sore and tired. But I was quite happy because I received numerous compliments on my stand and my chocolates. They were my pride after months of hardwork. You can't imagine the amount of people stopping at my stand to snap a picture and my contractor received multiple enquiries of his stand! I better claim my commissions from him! Hmmph...

After weeks of harbouring the PM to make a stop at my stand to officiate the launch of my Chocolatease and Chocolate Tubos, the hardwork finally paid off. He will be coming to my stand tomorrow to do exactly what I wished for. Last year, I managed to invite Pak Lah to launch my Symphony range and I'm quite satisfied with the results of my persistence, determination and also my intelligence. Lol...

To make things special at my stand, there were chocolates for sampling and also some specially made Fidani desserts to be served to my customers which was ordered from Breadpitt, whom is a pastissier at OneWorld Hotel.

Fidani Chocolate & Green Tea Macaroons

Fidani Petit Crunchy Milk Chocolate

These desserts are made using the Fidani chocolate which I've passed to him last week together with my signature transfer sheets so that the desserts he made will carry the Fidani identity. And the desserts are not cheap considering the size is just one bite size! It's just like the petit fours but it was tasty!

We will be serving these delectable desserts tomorrow at my stand together with some delicious D24 durian chocolate truffles!!! Please do come and visit me at my stand D71&D52 at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC) during this MIHAS 2009 which would be opened for public on this Sat & Sun (9th& 10th May 2009) from 10am - 7pm.


Huai Bin said...

Durian chocolate truffles! I wanna but I can't coz I'm working...and also coz I don't know where the place is. :(

-eiling- said...

HB: I save some for you ok?!!

Irenelim said...

Wow, I love chocolates! Your free sampling choco looks mouth watering enough!

foongpc said...

Wow! So Najib visiting your stand to officiate the launching? Snap photos for us to see yes? : )

suituapui said...

Too bad it's not next weekend, otherwise I would be able to make my presence felt! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you publicize Pak Lah launched your Symphony range? Wonder how much sales he brought in?

Did you specially made a chocolate dedicated to Altantuya for Najib and Rosmah?

Believe many of the exhibitors take part at Mihas is for the sake of PM’s endorsement.

Myhorng said...

D24 durian chocolate truffles??? interesting.

Anonymous said...

Rosmah mansor is known to have very expensive taste. If you managed to get her to endorse your chocolate, your chocolate may become the official supplier to minister wives and official events. However, you need to produce chocolate laced with diamond powder before she will consider.

Irenelim said...

Yeah. I wanna see your photo with Najib!

By the way, if not too much trouble, could you please ask him to come officiate my online boutique also... lol :)

breadpitt said...

gosh....serving pm its kinda cool....;-)

-eiling- said...

Irenelim: It's niceee!

Foongpc: I will!

STP: Aiyoh. So when are you coming exactly?

Anon: I don't think so.

Horng: It's delicious!

Anon: She's not there.

Irene: I'm not so powerful la.

Breadpitt: It is!

Cath J said...

soo..cute.. ;-D

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