Saturday, May 30, 2009

Engrish that I couldn't understand!

Engrish, according to Wikipedia is translated as non-standard variations of English often found in East Asian countries. Chinese and Japanese have been known to subsitute "l" with "r" or "r" with "l" as evident in the word "zero". I've teachers whom would pronounce it as "jilo". Can't help but to giggle everytime I hear her say it!

Besides pronunciation, there's always bad direct translations of Engrish oops I mean English from other languages. The below pictures are for your viewing pleasure:

WTF! What is it trying to say?

Who needs to eliminate horniness?!! Use this!
What does it say in chinese?

Horny care?!! Horng do you need this?! Lol...

Deformed person?!! I can't stop laughing at this sign!

Haha... I think there'll always be a never ending pictures or stories on bad English translation or misspelled words. But what makes me wonder is that, what happened to the use translators?!! But then again, if everything is so perfect, we wouldn't have things to laugh at do we?!!


foongpc said...

haha! So funny! Absolutely no idea what the first picture trying to say!

Eliminate horniness? I sure as hell won't use this product! Haha!

Horny care? ooh, I want that! LOL!

Deformed person? OMG! They should check their English before publishing or printing it!

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: I wonder anyone would want to buy that T-shirt or not?!!

Vivien said...

the second pic... means remove built up, something like that.

breadpitt said...

horny treatment .....wondering how would it!direct translate .......remind me of : one see clock emotion= 一见钟情 ....

Myhorng said...

i think i need the horniness elimination dunno what it is more to eliminate the horny nick.

can u understand the above? LOLROF

-eiling- said...

Vivien: I see. I think it refers to built up of fats. Thanks..

Breadpitt: It's supposed to be love at first sight right?

Horng: I am totally speechless!

KY said...

hahaha damn teruk as always. especially the horny care. :P

suituapui said...

It isn't much better in our own country these days - getting worse in fact...and they're talking about reverting the teaching of Science and Maths to BM and the pupils' own language!!! Well, it's their right to choose for reasons known only to them...and they will just have to live with the consequences.

-eiling- said...

KY: I wonder what they'll do for horny care?!!

STP: Who the hell wants to study science and maths in BM where no other people in the world uses it?!! crap.

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