Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Buffalo Rendang

Remember the slab of buffalo meat that I got from MIHAS? Well, I've brought one of it to Imbi Palace 2 days in advance for them to prepare the ABC soup & steak for the Sunday birthday dinner and I had one more which I've asked my colleague to prepare rendang with it.

It was such a good piece of meat because it was tender and the texture was just nice. I thought buffalo meat was tough and cheap but I was wrong. The good ones were expensive but tender and it's not easily available here. I'll only have Kobe or Wagyu when I have steaks here because most restaurant serves very tough beef like the ones I had at TGIF which I swore I'll never order any beef steak there again! I practically had to chew so hard to tear the meat apart (it rhymes!).

My free lunch!

And so one of my colleagues cooked rendang with the meat while the others cooked vege, eggs and rice to go with the wonderful rendang! It was definitely not a waste of his effort cooking till 11pm yesterday. The buffalo meat rendang is a good fit! And he also made another dish with the potatoes which was very good too because I love potatoes! To counter off the spiciness, we made "Air Bandung" in the office too! How wonderful!


Anonymous said...

It appear your colleague is a very good cook s/he should work at steak restaurant.

suituapui said...

Never had buffalo before. Sure, no smell?...But they tell me the beef in Sabah is actually buffalo and I really love their "ngui chap" (beef noodles). Really really delicious. Not like imported beef from India. Got some horrible smell!

-eiling- said...

Anon: My colleague used to work in a hotel kitchen. Now he makes chocolate at the factory!

STP: No smell at all even this is from India! this is the good grade ones.

boo_licious said...

yum! Rendang would be good for buffalo meat. We had it for burgers, stews and jerky.

Hay's said...

suituapui: yes beef noodle at Sabah, it's lovely, i had the "ngui chap" in the quite famous shop, Ah xian been there too...reaaaly delicious..
but i did not know sabah using buffalo meat.

Rendang curry is always the best..

_WeiMei_ said...

very good... we should have more party in the office... each person bring one dish... so nice...

Anonymous said...

All except local beef sold at mamak, malay stalls, pasar malam in West Malaysia are buffalo meat from India.

Indian buffalo meat is banned from most countries e.g. Singapore. Malaysia permit Indian import only because India is a big buyer of palm oil.

American buffalo is bison, different species from Asian water buffalo.

Myhorng said...

expensive tongue you have. only wagyu or kobe. fuh~

cibol said...

never had buffalo before. People said got smell and most of the time the meat is kinda hard and not tender - but I guess because these people have yet to find the good ones. :p

the rendang looks super fine to me. finger licking good!

-eiling- said...

Boo_licious: It's been such a long time since I last had a rendang!

Hay's: "ngui cahp" not really my kinda thing.

Wei mei: yes. Let's do steamboat!

Anon: Thanks for the info. That's why I like eating in Singapore. They really use good quality ingredients!

Horng: Not always eat steak also!

Cibol: This one has got no smell and it's tender! Definitely a good piece of meat. Lol..

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