Monday, April 20, 2009

Soi Cowboy (Bangkok Trip Part V)

I know that my Bangkok trip posts had been a lil' too much but this post has got to be describing the most interesting encounter I had in Bangkok! I don't party much when I'm overseas because I usually go with a friend or for work but this time I have 6 party animals there so why not check out some bars?!!

The first one that came to mind was Soi Cowboy since it's near to the hotel and we haven't been to any of the Go Go bars or stripper clubs. Soi Cowboy is located just off Sukhumvit Road between Soi Asoke and Soi 23, within easy walking distance of the Asoke Skytrain station. Stein was kind enough to lead us through a journey we would never forget! It's memorable because of a few events.


Look at Greg's facial expression!

While we were strolling the streets of Soi Cowboy, Yiling spotted some insect delights which we've heard so much but yet to try! So, she's got this brilliant idea of why not try eating some insects?!! Some of us were excited and some weren't. Telling from facial expression, Greg wasn't delighted!

Look Mom, I'm eating a grasshopper!

That picture wasn't just for show purposes. I really ate that damn thing! And I ate a few of them. Actually it was tasty because it was fried and crispy. But it can be very annoying once you stared at the grasshopper's head with the eyes attached! Eeewww... I felt like I'm on a fear factor show except the insect tasted better dead and fried rather than alive and wet!

However, Yiling was unfortunate that she was too excited about the insects that she forgot to ask for her change when she bought it with her 1000baht bill. The insects were 100-200baht 20 baht. When she returned to ask for a change, the seller refused and told her that he did not receive any 1000baht bill from her. I felt like showing up that grasshopper up his asshole! And so my sis got 980baht conned! So this is a warning to some of you whom is forgetful after paying.


She definitely doesn't belong to the gorgeous girls category.

This is definitely a farangs' place. I would NEVER EVER want to go there again!

You'll be shocked at the amount of ugly girls on the prowl. We actually went hopping from bar to bar to look for one that we would like to spend the night in and seriously I found none! Every bar is almost the same - with girls dancing on the bar tops and tables. Some bars features pole dancing and stripping and some don't. We went to one who has girls dancing on the tables in front of us with super mini skirt and nothing underneath while we were sipping our Singha beers. It was awkward and I'm not used to drinking in front of a butt with an ugly face. Some were fat too! But it's only 130 baht for a beer and free show. What can I complain about?!!

Next, we went to a stripping bar where there were girls dancing and stripping on the main table in the middle. This is more fun as there were more action than just some butts gyrating in front of your face! There's some pole dancing and some stripping but I get bored after a few rounds. It's like if you've seen once, you've seen all!

I read somewhere that in some Soi Cowboy bars, the girls attack you like flies with 4-6 at a time trying to touch you, massage your penis and whatever they can to get your interest. It is a bit overwhelming and you almost need a fly swatter to narrow down the choices because there were simply too many of them! I'd say, take none. They were all too ugly!

You can actually take the girls out - be it for supper or a supper in bed. First, you would have to pay a "bar fine" of 300-500 baht so that you can take her out. Then you have to pay a fee separately to the girl. They are usually happy with 1000 baht for a 2-hour session.

After checking out this place, I thought to myself and said "Gosh, I would be over-qualified to work here!"


KY said...

the 2 gorgeous one probably quit!

foongpc said...

Haha! you are so right! I have been there before and the girls were so....ugly and unattractive! I can't imagine even taking them in for free! LOL!!

Cath J said...!

breadpitt said...

omg....i dont make insect dessert...thats nono for me, lol

YilingL said...

The damn insects was only 20 baht! I got conned 980 bahts! Do u know how much stuff I could buy with that money... GRRRR damn angry at the stupid seller!!!!! Curse the fler!!!! #$%@!!!!

AND yeah man the girls damn ugly. I so ugly also I think better than them. Hahaha what a confidence booster!

Anonymous said...

Grasshoppers are vegetarians, so they must be tasting good.

Are you sure those girls are real girls and not boys? I wished you could have shown some of their butts in the blog.

As usual, men should beware of ADIS when you want to have fun in Thailand. Don't even let them touch your p.

-eiling- said...

KY: I think so! Or they are probably the best among the worst!

Foongpc: You're back! You're so high class la..

Cath J: hehe...

Breadpitt: Try la... very nice.

Yiling: Oops.. only 20 bahts?!! aiyoh..

Anon: I'm sure they were girls. The boys would probably looked better than these girls!

suituapui said...

Yalor...that one in the pic looks like a guy in drag!!! LOL!!!

Vulcan said...

In lieu of the ugly girls on stage, i'd pay big money for you to dance topless.

-eiling- said...

STP: You think so? Hmm..

Vulcan: Thank you for the offer but I don't think I'll accept it.

Vulcan said...

Aw.....That's ok. No Worries.

I wouldn't want to see a flat chested babe after all.

suituapui said...

LOL!!*at previous comment! Not all your readers are your fans!

-eiling- said...

Vulcan: Haha... that's why I don't want to scare you.

STP: I don't mind. Life's never interesting if there's only angels.

Z3ph said...

Honest Statement: I think your younger sister is hotter than you. No offense.

-eiling- said...

Z3ph: I don't find it an offense. There's lots of people hotter than me!!!

Myhorng said...

looks like liking to me than eating that grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

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eiling lim said...

Horng: Haha.

Anon: Sorry I have not been there and I can't recommend.

Anonymous said...

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