Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ms Clarity Cafe @ Purvis St Singapore

Where do you go when you want to have wagyu beef, korobuta pork, foie gras, truffles or lobster without dressing to the nines? And these exquisite food be it a 5 course gourmet meal or even a 26 dish epicurean spread will not burn a big hole in your pocket or pants! And sorry, this place is only available in Singapore.

On Friday night, I went for a dinner with my usual suspects @ Ms Clarity Cafe on Purvis St. My dear friend arranged a dinner at a recessionary venue but not a recessionary budget for food. It was also an experience of a lifetime for me, having a 6-course gourmet meal at a cafe where no wine is served and it's concept is ala Secret Recipe. There is a variety of eating places on Purvis from pocket-burning-restaurants like Garibaldi and Gunthers, there's also cafes and famous beef noodles.

See what I mean by fine dining experience in a cafe?!!

Chef Jonathan Koh is a talented chef specialising in Southern French Cuisine and has cultivated a fine culinary repertoire from 3-star Michelin restaurant Le Jardin de Sans in France,Raffles Grill, San Marco, Saint Pierre and Le Saisons. He has also been working under celebrity chef - Chef in Black Emanuel Stroobant whom makes foie gras rocks! Thus we were delighted that Jonathan was willing to do a special menu for us at Purvis St instead of us going to the other restaurant in Upper Thomson Rd. Ms Clarity Cafe is named after his niece.

Chef Jonathan with his staff showing us the hay roasted chicken.

My friend gave him a budget of around SGD150 a pax and he organised the menu for that night for us. It's a 5-course dinner with an appetiser and dessert.

Appetiser : Salmon tantare with Tomato Jelly
1st course : Potato with egg confit and caviar creme
2nd course : Foie gras with glazed beetroot
3rd course : Lobster with turnip in sweet and sour dressing
4th course : Bamboo clams mediteranee
5th course : Slow hay-roasted chicken with onion fondu, apple celery creme and truffles shavings
Dessert : Chocolate gratin with mixed berries

Jonathan was a great chef. He managed to pair a contrast of tastes and texture into his dishes beautifully. I had a great time trying the wonderful dishes which I've not tried before. I enjoyed the bamboo clam a lot and I forgot to snap a picture of that dish! The foie gras was special as it was cooked at low temperature unlike the pan seared foie gras that I always had. You know how fussy I am when it comes to dessert but he did well using the white Valrhona chocolates!

Besides the good food that we had, my friend brought 4 bottles of wine for the dinner. We have been drinking way before dinner actually. That evening, we have had 3 different champagnes before we come for dinner starting with Bollinger, GH Mumm and a Spanish Cava. At dinner, we started off with a Burgundy of Chateau de Saint Cosme 2006 Gigondas which is listed in the Wine Spectator's Top 100 list of 2008 and 92 points. Even though it was recommended o be drunk from 2010 to 2015, it is drinking very well now. After that we had the La Dame de Montrose 2000, a 2nd wine from Chateau Montrose, followed by a Haut Bateilley 2005 and Giusto di Notri 2002 which is a Super Tuscan.

It was indeed a very new experience for all of us as my friends don't usually dine in these places. I must say that although ambiance plays a very important role in a dining experience, the taste of food is actually a priority in my dinners. Afterall, you're also paying for the ambiance so the better the ambiance, the much higher the prices are. The cafe was buzzing with customers as some of the tables had 3 turnovers that night. It's as popular as a "Kim Gary" outlet! Their normal menu is really affordable and it tasted very good to according to my friend.

We were so fortunate to be able to taste Jonathan's culinary skills before he goes upmarket to set up a fine dining restaurant in which we might not be able to afford! After dinner at about 12 midnight, we adjourned to my friend's cigar lounge ROBUSTO @ Que Pasa and have a puff before adjourning for bar hopping. We went to Brix @ Hyatt, then Firefly and lastly The Living Room @ Mariott until 4am! I've had 5 glasses of champagne, a glass of Bowmore, 4-5 glasses of wine, 2 glasses of Lychee Martini and a Vodka Lime from evening till morning!

Ms Clarity Cafe


KY said...

all these wine things are too complicated for meeeee

-eiling- said...

KY: It takes time to learn....

mef said...

wat's on the puffing menu?

Anonymous said...

I started to miss your pictures.... Please post some. Thank you

-eiling- said...

Mef: I'm having a MonteCristo Edmundo and my friend had a Cohiba. Nothing new but the Robusto lounge at Que Pasa is comfortable.

Anon: I'll try...

* ZILING * said...

U went there for work or for play?? Doesnt seem like work as u told me

Myhorng said...

food wine food wine food wine. peningnya on all the name etc. oh + cigar somemore. arghh..blur

kampungboycitygal said...'s great if i could do that EVERY DAY. haha

-eiling- said...

Ziling: I don't need to answer you.

Horng: It's not confusing cos everything you can put it into your mouth.

Kampungboycitygal: Everyday?!! Too much la..

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