Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lek Seafood @ Bangkok (Bangkok Trip Part VI)

After a round of exhaustive shopping at Platinum Mall, we wanted to have our dinner at Lek Seafood thanks to the recommendation and extensive research by Ziling. From Platinum Mall, we had to get to the Silom BTS Line to take the skytrain to the dinner venue. And since we can't get any pink cabs, we settled for tuk-tuks. After hearing so many stories about being conned on tuk-tuks, we asked for the price first before getting onto that thing.

It was a hell of a scary ride. They drove like mad people and whizzing past all the big cars and vehicles made me dizzy. For a while there, I thought my life would be such a waste if it ends there! After about 15 minutes, I'm glad we were getting off.

Greg running for his life while Jasmine gave a peace sign.

Lek Seafood is located just right under Chong Nonsi Station (on Silom BTS line). To change from Sukhumvit Line to Silom Line, we took the skytrain from Siam station which is just located outside Siam Paragon shopping centre. The food outlet is just a few doors away from McDonalds.

Lek Seafood might have a dingy set up and it's actually no different from the normal "tai-chow" stalls we have in KL. I don't really mind because when we're in Bangkok, we just want to eat all the street food! They do have a menu with English translation so you don't have to worry about being not proficient in Thai. The menu is also extensive with seafood varieties to meat and vege.

The first thing on our mind was a cool glass of Coca-Cola. I seldom drink soft drinks but made an exception for this because it was freaking hot! Their Coca-Cola comes in 1 liter glass bottles! How cool was that?!! And how could a dinner in Bangkok do without a pot of Tom Yam Goong?!! It was so good because the tom yam was bursting with flavours and it wasn't as spicy as I thought. Other than that, we had our favourite melon tip (or paku-pakis vege). Then we had a plate of pork ribs.

That was not all. We were so hungry, we could eat a cow! So we called for "hor chien" which is oyster omelette, grilled squid, broccoli with prawns and a plate of pork with onion. These aren't very special dishes as most "tai-chow" places would be serving them but the experience of eating these cooked by a Thai is indeed special.

The total bill came up to about 1000 baht for 6 of us including 2 pots of white rice. I think it's rather cheap considering we had the tom yam, grilled squid, oysters and broccoli with prawns which would have cost quite a fair bit in KL. That's less than RM20 per person!

It's not exactly a very special place to dine but it's worth every penny.

156 Soi Phiphat, Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Road, Silom, Bangkok
Below the Chong Nonsi Skytrain Platform
Tel : (02) 636-6460, 636-6054


foongpc said...

Haha! The tuk tuk drivers are indeed crazy drivers. But I like it cos it really cuts time and bring you to where you want to go in the shortest possible time! Especially in a traffic jam!

YilingL said...

the food was so-so only. the 1 litre cook is ze best!

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: And not to forget the heat and the polluted air!

Yiling: It's COKE.

KY said...

tuk tuk is like rempit on 3 wheels, seriously. lol

Myhorng said...

tuk tuk chia experience should be awesome if u walk out alive lar.

suituapui said...

I loved the food in Thailand...drool...drool!!! Except the tom yam soup! Till today, not that crazy over it!

-eiling- said...

KY: yes!

Horng: Lucky I'm alive lo.

STP: How can?!! Tom yam so nice...

Hemant Gupta said...
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