Monday, April 27, 2009

Heineken Night in Rome

I was at the Hap Seng Star Mercedes-Benz Autohaus opposite ShangriLa Hotel last Saturday for the Heineken "A Night in Rome" event where they are giving a party for drinkers out there to try their luck to win an all-expense paid trip to watch the Champions League Final in Rome.

Photo taken by Horng

I'm not much of a football fan but was kindly invited by Huai Bin himself to join him for a night of fun and beers. The event was hosted by Heineken with emcee Marion Caunter, fashion/hair show by Redken and spins by Joey G with Maria Raiz, Bumblebeez (Colonna and his sister Queen ViLa) and local DJ, Lap Sap.

We were siting outside the show room and the weather was freaking hot. Even the cool Heineken beers wouldn't do the trick. We had buckets and buckets of never ending beer thanks to Desmond (was it his name? Sorry I forgot). And as VIPs, we also get to gain access to the VIP toilets - ze best and also some finger food.

From left: KY, Cindy, Horng, Robb & Huai Bin.

The event wasn't so happening after all besides all the free beer. For others, they have to pay for the beer which is RM15 for a bottle and RM60 for a bucket. For every bucket, there's a chance to win the Trip to Rome! After a few beers, we all decide to head to Metropols @ Menara Hap Seng to continue our Heineken party. It was a relieve once we were inside because there's air condition and comfortable cushioned chairs! At about 12.30am, I decide to leave and send Huai Bin home because I was the one driving. If Huai Bin was to drive, I'm sure we can't get to the event in no less than 1 hour!

Photo taken from Simon Seow.
From Left: Suanie, Stephenie, me and Cindy.

And there was also a set of 4 awesome tall Heineken beer glasses as door gifts for the bloggers.


KY said...

free beer is always awesome, and yah, it was just way too hot that night.

breadpitt said...

hehe....u miss hennesy but get heineken...;-P ...woot...seems u were alright d;-)

suanie said...

wah lau i was sweating one full hour before you did! face felt like a bottle of olive oil spilled on it.

i tried the non-vip toilet. not bad hahahaha awkward cos i'm big but ok la

Myhorng said...

i was no VIP man but with all VIP friends. hehe. so free beer for me as well. ;)

-eiling- said...

KY: Yes..freaking hot.

Breadpitt: I'm alright. No worries.

Suanie: Haha.. you can see all our faces are so oily and sweaty!

Horng: You're VIP ler..

Huai Bin said...

Yeah, it's amazingly hot every single night for the past week or so.

Haha! I definately can't reach the place in less than an hour, much less get back in less than an hour.

...but I improving dy k? I woke up this morning, and drove to Subang area and back in 25 minutes or so. :)

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

-eiling- said...

HB: What a great achievement! *claps* I enjoyed it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You have so many 'hot' friends around.....yummy

Mai Tomyam said...

Hi Eiling,

Nice blog u hv. Saw u that night. U were hot! Hope u enjoyed the night.

suituapui said...

12.30? That's early! Bet HB went out again after that, the party animal! LOL!!! Btw, how come Robb looks better in the photos in his blog? LOL!!!

-eiling- said...

Anon: Haha..

Mai Tomyam: Hope you enjoyed the night too. thanks!

STP: HB really went home la... hehe Robb looks better in person!

Z3ph said...

I think you would look much better with a push up.
I can spot your rib cage and chest

foongpc said...

And I thought you were in Rome! haha!

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: Haha... misleading..

Anonymous said...

eling, you the beauty queen is the hottest!

Simon Seow said...

I didn't know the picture I took so nice. lol

-eiling- said...

Anon: Thanks.

Simon: Now you know!

milf said...

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