Friday, April 10, 2009

Chocolate Overdose

There's been so much going on for the past few weeks that I'm beginning to feel exhausted. I had not been posting for the past two days to due a full day sales & marketing conference and KPI training in Shah Alam. Right after the conference on Wednesday, I took my colleagues out for a dinner at Cubes in Jaya 1. And yesterday after the KPI training, I was invited to have dinner at an ex-minister's villa. The dinner was simple but the villa was magnificent. I also went for a ride in his small yatch around the lake. Such a luxury to be enjoying the night view while sipping on some Chilean wine. It's not my type of palatable wine so I just had a glass or two.

Back to the subject, after having just launched the Chocolatease bar range a month ago, I had to plan for the launch of another 2 more range of chocolates this year. My on-going product development project seemed never ending. But I was glad that Chocolatease was featured in The Moodie report last week. Read here.

So, you can imagine with so many product development going on, there'll be endless tasting of the chocolates before it's put onto the shelves. Besides being able to choose the chocolates I wanted to launch, I'm also one of the guinea pigs to be tested on for every new chocolate creation. I think very soon I'll suffer from chocolates overdose. So can you imagine that I have to taste 12 different chocolates at one go? And after each chocolate tasting, I have to cleanse my mouth with water and then move on to the next one and repeating the same steps all over again.

This is just for one of the new range. can you imagine how many more I would need to taste? Gosh, I need some salty food here!

One of the chocolates that I really like from the tasting is this round wonder which I've just named it Cocomary.


suituapui said...

Wah...rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, I see! Ya, dunno why but if I take things that are too sweet, I would yearn for something salty or savoury...

Myhorng said...

salty food? drink 100plus with your coukolat.

Cath J said...

Ooo dear..But I think choc won't make us fat right?? ;-)..

Aaron C. said...

Hey, I dun mind being a tester for you... Just give me a call. I will rush and help u eat up, erm I mean "taste" the chocolates for you. HEHE

* ZILING * said...

U need salty food?! Your sister markets Potato Chips! Why never ask me!

breadpitt said...

omggg....chocolatezzzz , drooling..! nice name....its essential to give a good name for own goods....! round wonder is a good 1....i have my own macarons wonder plater last ur round wonders sounds good for me;-)

Anonymous said...

The villa is at the Mines South Lake? Worth RM15+ million.

-eiling- said...

STP: Yeah yeah.. very healthy activity! Then you better not eat anything sweet because you'll end up eating more since you need some salty food after that!

Horng: really? Yikesss

Cath J: It won't if it's in moderation and it's dark chocolate.

Aaron C: Ok I get it! One guinea pig found!

Ziling: Where is it?!!

Breadpitt: Yup. So when can I taste the macaroons?

Anon: That doesn't concern me.

Aaron C. said...

HAHA.. Yay!

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