Friday, April 17, 2009

Blogging Threat

"The government is not looking to find fault with bloggers and other internet users but would like them to follow the law to ensure they did not misuse it."

Haha... another one trying to pose some threats into bloggers hoping that they will shut their big mouths and accept whatever information that they want us to believe. Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said, "we would like the right of the people to be guarded by the relevant authorities and the law. Our aim is to see the IMalaysia concept succeed. However, in order to succeed, the facts must not be twisted or misinterpreted by some until it raises racial sentiments."

I wonder who is he referring too. Often or not, it was the politicians that raised racial sentiments in trying win votes or incite anger among us. They think that we are idiots, believing every word they say without sieving through the information presented to us everyday in those made believed stories in main stream medias! We have our own minds for heaven's sake and we are capable of knowing what is true and what is not.

I think if they ever want to achieve the 1Malaysia concept, they have to start with themselves. our politicans are all way too childish. Time to grow up guys.


suituapui said...

Yes, all the racial thingy came about because of politics and politicians...but we don't have to stoop so low and be like them... My post today is along this line, subtly, of course!

Superman said...

I think things will only get worse from here for bloggers. More restriction even said will not control much. Better don't believe.

zewt said...

i have long since put a deaf ear to what they said. well, just look at what utusan malaysia published in their FRONT PAGE a few days ago?

1 malaysia? yeah... terms and conditions apply.

april chow said...

while freedom of expression is important, such right must be exercised judiciously without infringing the rights of others e.g. libel. what must also be reminded is that authors are responsible and accountable for what they publish to the world. it goes without saying that any abuse of such right may entail legal sanction.

-eiling- said...

STP: Yes. We just have to let them know we are no stupid idiots!

Superman: They will catch some bloggers, throw them into Kamunting and then therest of you will just stop blogging.

Zewt: Nope. 1 malaysia or 2 malaysia, I don't give a damn.

April chow: I totally agree. authors have to be responsible but that doesn't mean that we should be restricted to voice our own opinions!

april chow said...

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I don't believe that it is the intention to silent bloggers from expressing themselves but when such opinion is conveyed as a message to the world, such opinion must hold water and supported by facts and evidence.

In order to maintain the check and balance, there must be some form of restrictions imposed by the regulators. Otherwise, imagine the internet is awashed with opinions from tom, dick and harry who could say whatever they like for the sake of expressing their thoughts. Sometimes i wonder the quality of the opinions written by bloggers when they are written on a frequent basis. Surely, one has better thing to do than just commenting / critising others,yes?

Anonymous said...

If rules apply to all, has a clear interpretation and impartial enforcement, believe no one will object. But the issue is the rules doesn’t apply to those in power, interpretation is subject to those in power and enforcement is selective by those in power.

History has proved, those in power is not divine and do made mistake like commoners. Contemporary history also showed, only those in power can create unrest and destabilize society.

Power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely. If the people are not watching those in power, who else can?

cibol said...

say what they want, let them look stupid. the want the world to know how stupid they are ..

enjoy the show

-eiling- said...

April Chow: You have a point but I think there's nothing wrong with anyone voicing their opinions whether is it supported by evidence or not. Who are we to judge? What is wrong or right is determined by the society and sometimes a right by society standards can be a wrong to some of us.

Anon: Yes. The problem arises when things are not done with full transparency. Power comes with responsibility but often, the power is being misused.

Cibol: Aren't we all enjoying a show everyday?

zewt said...

just that some news give us high blood pressure... that's all huh...

-eiling- said...

Zewt: No wonder the pharma companies are doing well despite the recession.

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