Sunday, March 15, 2009

Puffing in Singapore

If you are a smoker and you're in Singapore, you're doomed.

In a country that banned chewing gum, smoking was banned in hawker centres, coffee-shops, cafes and fast-food outlet in 2006. For establishments with an outdoor area, 10-20% of the area can be set aside for smoking, although they would have to be clearly marked to avoid confusion. Gradually, the ban has been extended to bus interchanges and shelters, public toilets and public swimming complexes. The ban was extended to entertainment nightspots. The rule allows for the construction of designated smoking rooms which can take up to 10% of the total indoor space. From this year, the ban will be extended to all children's playgrounds, exercise areas, markets, underground and multi-storey carparks, ferry terminals and jetties. It will also be extended to non-air conditioned areas in offices, factories, shops, shopping complexes and lift lobbies.

Smokers found flouting the rules are fined S$200 while the owners of the establishments are fined S$200 and S$500 for a subsequent offence.

So can you imagine how frustrating enough for smokers to get a breather in Singapore? Not only the cigarette boxes are adorned with "pretty horrible" pictures of you-know-what, the cigar boxes are not spared too! Can you imagine using hundred of dollars to buy a cigar box with a cancer infected lung on the box cover?!! Fret not, my friend has just thought me how to remove the sticker with a little patience.

However, for cigar smoker like us, we need a place to puff and at the same time to enjoy a glass of single malt whisky and my friend had introduced me to this beautiful haven for smokers. It's Olde Cuban, located within Chinatown. It's a totally different feeling altogether upon entering this outlet right after walking through the hustle and bustle life of Chinatown. It's like you're being transported into another world. It's so peaceful and relaxing just sitting there drinking and having a puff in the afternoons. They have a wide cigar selection which includes Habanos and other rare treats such as limited editions dating as far back as year 2000.

The Cigar Room

The room which I was in. It's cosy and relaxing.

They do carry a wide range of Single Malt whisky from Highland Park, The Singleton, Springbank, Maccallan, Laphroaig, and a few others which is unfamilliar to me. The most important point is that they have very friendly and attentive staff. Prices of bottle can range from S$180-S$380. And the boss, Kelvin is a young chap. Hmm... impressive.

"A good Cuban cigar closes the doors to the vulgarities of the world"

The Olde Cuban is located at:
2 Trengganu Street, #02-01
Singapore 058456
Opening time ( Mon to Sat 11am to 12am, Sun & PH 1pm to 11pm)


suituapui said...

So it's ok if I smoke in open by the roadside? Gosh! I wouldn't wanna go there... Funny how these Singaporeans - the govt can tell them to go and jump in the lake and they'll all go and jump!!!

cibol said...

then u'll be doomed if you're in singapore la dude! Oh ya, people told me, STP can't live without his - marlboro is it? or is it Dunhill? Ha ha ha ..

I tried cigar before, not a chain smoker but sometimes I do - socially, now no more.

YilingL said...

u shud come to my company. smoke all u want! a trip from the pantry will make me smell like i just got back from clubbing. i gonna die young.

-eiling- said...

STP: aiyoh then you better not step into Singapore.

Cibol: I'm not a cigar chain smoker too. Just socially.

Yiling: Wah I love your company. Can save on perfume cos you're gonna smell like a cigarette anyhow.

Myhorng said...

i don't smoke yeah.. care free of all those R&R.

breadpitt said...

im a non smoker....but those pic looks like heaven for people who take cigar..;-)..and im not always a yes man...thats why i seldom been pamper by boss...!i once had a big case b4 ,lol ! tell u the story if we met to yamcha

goolooloo said...

mind to tell me how to read? olde cuban? old urban? heheh

-eiling- said...

Horng: Lucky you.

Breadpitt: Sure. meet up one day ok?

Goolooloo: It's pronounced as "old"

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