Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dragonball Evolution

I remembered that I once used to like the Dragonball comic alot. At that time, I was still in my uniforms and today, ten years later, I find myself going to the premier screening of Dragonball Evolution, complimentary of Nuffnang. It did brought back fond memories of reading the comic book in Malay as I couldn't understand Chinese nor Japanese!

I went to 1Utama without any whatsoever expectations of the movie. In fact, I thought it was a anime until I realised it was actually a film using "real" actors! Haha... KY had warned me that it's a "mat salleh" Goku and I thought he was kidding. Lol.. It was true indeed.

Seriously, don't expect much from this film except for the constant showing of cleavage which I believed is the after effects of a push-up bra. Well, I did enjoy watching Goku (Justin Chatwin) because he's quite cute in a way... Oh, and expect to see Chow Yun Fat also! Some parts were funny but I felt that the whole movie lacks the oomph! The most important point, is to stay still during the credits and wait patiently as there will be one part of the film to be shown after that. Many people missed that yesterday.

From clockwise left: Huai Bin, Breadpitt, KY, Horng, Greg & Ziling

Thanks to KY for the tickets! The screening was so strict as they have to keep our mobile and camera devices until after the movie!


reanaclaire said...

hello..greetings from IPOH.. coming by here via CJ's blog.. have a nice day ahead..

YilingL said...

I wasn't invited :(

Myhorng said...

still tak habis habis with the push up bra.

KY said...

was refreshing to meet the normal colored kwan kong!

breadpitt said...

glad to meet u there again without my uniform ,lol! but sorry for the sleepy face...;-p, i agree with u ..the movie lack of the Ohmppp!

suituapui said...

Never mind! I'm sure you enjoyed the company!!! You did, didn't you? *even though I wasn;t there! LOL!!!

-eiling- said...

reanaclaire: Hello! You too have a nice day!

Yiling: You in Perth!

Horng: Fascinated mah.

KY: then ask him out more often.

Breadpitt: Glad to see you again too.

STP: Would have been better if you're there.

suituapui said...

*eyelids fluttering...blush blush! Hahahahahaha!!!

foongpc said...

I don't plan to see this movie, maybe on DVD when i have the time. I haven't even go and watch Slumdog Millionaire yet!

-eiling- said...

STP: Hehe

Foongpc: Ooh slumdog millionaire is nice!!!

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