Saturday, March 28, 2009

Chateau Talbot @ Chalet

Yesterday, I have been invited to Chateau Talbot Wine Maker Dinner at Chalet in Hotel Equatorial KL by my wine friends. The event starts at 7pm and I left my house at 6pm. However, I only arrived at the hotel at 8pm! I cannot believe that it took me 2 hours to drive into KL. Friday traffic was bad and it since it has been raining heavily, you can pretty much expect the crazy traffic!

Appellation: Saint-Julien Controlee

Location: Chateau Talbot is located north of Gruaud-Larose and behind the tiny town of Saint Julien-Beychevelle. 210 acres (102 hectares) producing 38,000 cases.
Classification: Chateau Talbot is classified as a Quatrièmes Crus or 4th Growth (Grand Cru Classe) in the Classification of 1855.
Grape varieties: The vineyard at Chateau Talbot is planted with 66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 26% Merlot, 3% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot.
2nd Wine: Conné
table de Talbot

The Chateau owner and wine maker that was there tonight was Jean Paul Bignon. After some champagne at the reception area outside Chalet, a bell was rung and it's time for dinner!

Carpaccio of Black Cod drizzled with Lobster oil and Caviar Speckles
Wine: Caillou Blanc du Chateau Talbot 2006

I would say that the appetiser was very good. The slices of black cod sprinkled with lobster oil goes very well with the caviar. The white wine has a beautiful nose of grapefruit, limes and waxy fruit with a well-judged toastiness. It is vibrant and has a long, racy finish and really well defined palate.

Soup of Porccini and smoked goose with Mushroom pakora
Wine: Caillou Blanc du Chateau Talbot 2006

The soup was very nice and it has a slice of smoked goose in it. The mushroom was fried to perfection and the juice was locked inside nicely. However, the taste of the mushroom and the smoked goose totally kills off the taste of the wine.

Pan Fried Medallion of Foie Gras with onion Marmalade
Wine: Connetable de Talbot 2005

I love foie gras! But this is a disappointment not because the foie gras was not pan-seared perfectly but the caramelised/marmalade onion kills the taste of the wine as well. For anyone who would want to truly taste the wine, the onions must be avoided. They should have known this! The wine is medium bodied. The red exhibits excellent complexity along with black fruit, dark chocolate and notes of strawberry. Drinks well now.

Soursop Sherbet

This is rare. I've never had a dessert just before a main course. The presentation of the soursop sherbet is interesting. The sherbet is served on a small bowl placed over semi-crushed ice with a big ice shell lighted with a LED. After finishing the sherbet, I dug out the ice to look for the LED and it's actually a keychain! Hmm.. interesting!

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin on Morel cream with green asparagus and cherry tomatoes. Served with cheese gnocchi and ragout of sweetbread.
Wine: Chateau Talbot 1996 and Chateau Talbot 2000

The wagyu beef was good but there's one important note to remember while having a wine tasting as told to me was not to be served with asparagus! The culprits in the asparagus/wine clash are chemical compounds in the vegetable which are largely responsibly for the predominant green, grassy flavors of asparagus. When certain wines collide on the taste buds with these compounds, the result is often an unpleasantly bitter or metallic sensation. How could the organisers or wine maker not know this?!!

And after the dinner, we were served chocolates to go with the Armagnac Delord XO. The chocolates itself is far from palatable for me because the caramel fillings overwhelmed the chocolate and I don't really fancy the dark coffee bean chocolates either. I told the manager that he should leave the chocolates to the experts (for example, buying them from Fidani)!

All I would say is that I am quite disappointed as there were no proper glassed used. They used the burgundy glasses for Chateau Talbot 1996. And they certainly did not pair the menu with the wine because many of the ingredients were clashing with the taste of the wine. All these details should be dealt with great attention and well taken care of in a wine maker dinner.

The price of Chateau Talbot ranges from RM190 (Caillou Blanc) to RM800 (Ch Talbot 2000) per bottle and you can get them from Asiaeuro.

After that, me and my friends adjourned to No Black Tie till 2am.

Chalet @ Hotel Equatorial KL
Swiss Continental Cuisine
Daily Noon - 2.30 pm, 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3 2161 7777
Fax: +60 3 2161 9020


suituapui said...

I don't wanna eat there! The servings are sooooo...small!!! LOL!!!

breadpitt said...

sherbet sometimme serve as appetizer...but seldom;-P anyway..hows the pralines ..caramel flavor really too strong???

KY said...

RM 190 cheapest? @.@

Andrew said...

fooooooodieeee~ hhehehe... hey!! hows it going there?? LOL =D fast and furious coming... nuffnang music bash coming... any chance i gonna see you soon?? LOL

Superman said...

You do really enjoy your life a lot. Wanna take a sip on the drinks. looks tempting.

Anonymous said...

sherbet is a palate cleanser, cheers!:P

Myhorng said...

Foie Gras....

how much it cost, the dinner?

-eiling- said...

STP: Haha. Definitely not enough for you.

Breadpitt: The caramel is too much. Very sweet!

KY: Yes. That's for the white wine.

Andrew: I'm good thanks. Sorry I don't think so. See you another time k?

Superman: Have a bottle and try it for yourself. Try the 1996/2000.

Anonymous: Oh. Thanks!

Horng: I'm not sure la. I'm not paying.

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