Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Surprise V Gift

I didn't know I will be receiving a V gift and not especially not from him. It was indeed a sweet surprise! I was at 1 Utama this afternoon just to meet up with him (for the 1st time) to collect this beautiful gift.

Picture extracted from Patissier Journey.

The whole box was made out of chocolates. The only thing you can't eat out of this gift is the tray!

It tastes as good as it looks.

It was indeed a surprise that I won the box of chocolates from his blog. I met up with him in front of Johnny's at the old wing and he came out wearing his chef uniform carrying the chocolate gift in a cake box. Our meeting was less than a minute but I really appreciate the gift. Imagine me carrying the opened cake box (fearing that the chocolate deco will be spoilt if the box was closed) and having to walk from one end to the other. On the way, the handle of the box broke and I nearly lose the gift. But lucky, my hand was quick to save the box from falling!

They were good but would have been better if it's of darker chocolates. He uses very generous amount of gold dust but he would have done a better job if he uses a thicker gold paint to draw some lines on the chocolate ribbons. This gift coming from a 22 year old good looking pastry chef in uniform delivered to me personally is indeed an interesting encounter. Chocolates are great isn't it?!!


breadpitt said...

haha,thank you for taking good care while receiving it....ya .... i would say use a more....good quality chocolate perhaps.. because the outer layer were just a very low class type of couverture...(thats what i only have in hand , lol) thanks again for dropping by to collect^-^

zewt said...

turned out to be a special 14 feb after all eh?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful box of chocs , makes a nice V gift. I have also refrained from SM's or any other scotchs for the time being as I dont know how to stop when I get my hands on it, so its G&T or Cider (the rough stuff) for now.
Have you tried Lagavulin ? I once had too much of that - Never again !
UK Lim !

foongpc said...

Oh, so it's a chocolatey Valentine's Day for you! : )

Anonymous said...

You must have received a lot of chocolates. Can't you share a little box with me? I am going to pay for the postage..

J Chung said...


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-eiling- said...

Breadpitt: You're welcome. It's good. Catch up with you another time.

Zewt: Yeah a special 15th Feb.

Lim: Yep. I'll just say take your SM in moderation. That way, you don't need to refrain yourself.

Foongpc: It is!

Anon: I can but by the time it reaches you, it will be melted!

J Chung: You do have a lot of humour!

Vivien said...

a hunk who make chocolates? cool

KY said...

so sweet!

this breadpitt guy sneaky also! :P

annant said...

he's such a sweet hunk :)

-eiling- said...

Vivien: Yup very cool!

KY: why u say sneaky?

Annant: Yes.. so delicious hor..

Huai Bin said...

Nice nice...edible box somemore. LOL @ KY's comment. ;)

suituapui said...

Giving chocs to you? Gee! This is like selling ice cream to the Eskimos! Hahahahaha!!!! Ah well! Guess we should not look at a gift horse in its mouth. (Psst! If you don't want it, you can always courier them over to me! Hehehehehehe!!!)

-eiling- said...

HB: That's why I asked him what he meant! I haven't eat the box though!

STP: Well sometimes Eskimos need to eat ice-cream too! Can't courier when I'm half way through eating the gift. if you don't mind the crumbs. haha

Cath J said...


Anonymous said...

> Anon: I can but by the time it reaches you, it will be melted!

The heart chocolate melts. Sound nice

-eiling- said...

Cath J: it is.

Anon: haha..good one!

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