Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The First Class Lounge

I was at the airport this early morning to set up a promotion counter at the Satellite shop. And after getting the job done, I met up with one of my clients at the First Class Golden Lounge and have a sumptuous lunch there. He told me to try his new menu and I was honoured to do so (lunch money saved)!!

This is going to be one long airport lounge food & whisky review for today.


I started the review with a bowl of mushroom soup. There were plenty of mushroom slices in the soup and it was good and not too thick. I hate mushroom soup that doesn't have mushroom (you know what I mean?). However, the downside is that it is not warm enough.

There were at least 3 different types of appetizers served at the lounge starting with salads, meat and also salmon. I would say that these dishes were tastefully done but I did not have any of the appetizers due to limited stomach space. My assistant tried the chicken and she said it was commendable.

I was quite excited to try Quiche Lorraine as I have not tried it. A quiche is a baked dish that is based on a custard made from eggs and milk or cream in a pastry crust in french cuisine. It looked very much like a Portugese Egg Tart. Quiche Lorraine is perhaps the most common variety. In addition to the eggs and cream, it includes bacons or lardons. But in halal terms, the bacon is replaced by beef. In a classic Quiche Lorraine, there should be no cheese but the one I am having, it came with cheese which is also a current version of the quiche lorraine served in France. I liked it. The texture is soft like egg tarts with a cheese aroma and the bottom is filled with beef bacon. The cheese Tortellini was a good pairing to the quiche as the cream sauce complements very well.

Next, I had a scoop of Nasi Tomato and the Kari Tulang Rusuk. It has been a long time since I had a tomato rice. I find that the tomato rice here is less aromatic and lack of flavour compared to those served at the mamak or traditional malay eatery. The beef ribs curry was good but it would be better if they can serve the "ayam masak merah" with the tomato rice. The vegetables were well cooked and tasty.

Next, we will move on to the alcohol that I drank. I forgot to note one of the new Champange which he served me. It was a cuvee mixed with icewine. It was indeed something new to me but I still prefer a brut anytime.

The MAS First Class Lounge @ Satellite also has 3/4 slumber chambers for a quick nap but not for other purposes such as you-know-what as all beds are single. There are also bathrooms equipped with showers and toiletries such as towels, Loccitane Shampoo, Aigner soap and lotion, tooth brush and comb. If you're bored, there's also a room where there's indoor golf putting.

The booze I am about to review all came from the Enrich Platinum Lounge. This lounge located inside the First Class Lounge is only accessible to those who holds the Enrich Platinum card which is by invitation only to those whom only travels on First Class all the time. I liked the E-Plat lounge a lot as it is quiet, private and cosy. It also boost a Bang & Olufsen TV and audio system. There were also a selection of DVDs which include F.R.I.E.N.D.S for your viewing pleasure. I did comment that the Movie titles were too outdated! Besides that, you can dine here in private with personalised service and at the same time surfing the net and also over looking at the airport ramp where you can see the aeroplanes taking off.


First, I had a Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21 yr blended Scotch Whisky. It's a 750ml, ceramic decanter bottle in green made by Wade of England and velour bag packaging. The whisky was created by the Chivas Brothers to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and at 21 years old is normally the top of their line. Although they do have the 38 and 50 years, they are actually very, very, very expensive. The number 21 was picked to symbolize the 21 gun salute (The Royal Salute) usually reserved for Monarchs and Heads of State.

I wouldn't recommend mixing any thing with this fine royal scotch whisky. Just pour a jigger, nose the bouquet and sip its subtle flavors and then drink it on rocks. It has a caramel nose with spicy and ginger tasting notes.

Next up, I had a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. This is JW's premium blend in a blue-green flint glass, square sided and a slanting label with a traditional cork stopper and tied pewter tab seal. Every bottle is serial numbered and sold in a silk-lined box, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The one I was having was No. B 025525 JW. (Anyone wanna buy numbers?!!) There is no age declaration for Blue Label although its information booklet states that some of the blends used are "up to 60 years old".

On the nose, it is pungent, very smoky and has hints of dried fruits. The palate is also smoky, has a crisp malt and peppery. It has a very rich aroma and very intense flavours. Just like the Royal Salute, I would recommend taking it on the rocks.

I am very honoured to be able to try both premium whiskys which have been cited as the best blended whiskys around. These two bottles can cost up to RM1000 a bottle duty paid. However, after having said all that, I still don't quite have a liking fro blended whiskys. I would prefer a Single Malt anytime even if it's not a famous label. That's because I find the nose of the blended whiskys a bit too overwhelming and the palate is too complicated. At least now I know where my tastebuds belong - loyal to the Single Malts.


KY said...

wooo what a luxury. I always had to chill at economoney class waiting area only!

ahhup said...

haiya, there is a Bowmore 17 (ISLAY MALT!), and a Glenfiddich 15/21??? why never try? Btw, you can't compare SM with blended, Fans of blended admire the art of blending. Not easy to blend thousand barrels of grain and malt from so many distiller you know... :)

However, highend blend like RS 21 and Blue have much higher proportion of SM in them, at least half... I just love RS 21, I'll get 3 layers of aroma from it... nizezzzz....

p/s don't mix highend blend, else I'll kill you

YilingL said...

The Duty Free price for RS 21YRs is RM2880. For JW Blue Label, it's RM624.

No more chance for me to go First Class Lounge :(

You lucky b*itch back!! :p

-eiling- said...

KY: Well, you also haven't mention all the free food tastings elsewhere! I only get to use the lounge!

Ahhup: I'll try Bowmore and the Glenfiddich 18 next time. I guess I don't appreciate the art of blending. Why can't I mix highend blend?!!

Yiling: Wah so damn expensive one ah?!! Should have drank more!

suituapui said...

I understand business class, you can also use the lounge and eat the food? But domestic flights, the transit time is too short...and overseas flights, if u're flying first class, you get all the good food on board too! Btw, is Blue Label better than Black Label?

-eiling- said...

STP: Some say, the black label was better. The Blue Label is more premium and expensive. But that does not stop some from liking the black more than the blue.

ahhup said...

adding 1-3 ice cubes or a splash of water is to unleash the flavour of any whisky. However, when you say mix, is add ginger ale, coke, soda and stuff. If you want to mix highend blend with all these, might as well use cheaper blend right?

btw, if you are having cigars with whisky, ~40% ABV is just nice. I usually add only 1 ice cube if I want the drink to be slightly cold, but if a cask strength malt, a few drops of FIJI is a must. Your Glenfiddich 18 YO open already???

-eiling- said...

Ahhup: Yeah I understand the mixing part. Usually I don't mix my whisky except when it's a Chivas 12yrs! Why do people use Fiji? Aqua Panna can? Lol... I haven't open my Glenfiddich. Maybe am waiting for a special day!

ahhup said...

of course you can use any good quality mineral water, volvic, evian, whatever you like. However, you should make sure the water you use have minimum or best, no impact on the flavour of the whisky, some mineral water will have salty or slightly sweet flavour due to the high mineral content, that's why some even use distilled water. It's all up to you, FIJI taste neutral to me, so it's ahhup's choice :)

wow, mine also haven't open, still in Penang, planning to get a gran reserva, 21 YO, it's finished in rum cask from the caribbean. That day I have Don Deago corona with Dalmore 12 (very rum-like), each sip is pure vanilla ice cream!

-eiling- said...

Ahhup: I see. I have not tried the mineral water side by side so I won't be able to distinguish which ones are the one without the taste. I think the cigar you're saying is Don Diego? I have not tried it though.

Ray7 said...

IM into Riestling & Shirah (Shiraz) now. DOnt compare blue JW wit Black JW. Blue is a whole new level. smooth & aromatic. Situapui, Black is jus black, an mail boy drinks. bankers n player go for blues.its like comparing Wira wit alfa romeo. if u like wira, stick with it, it gets u to teh destination but doesn't say much about u.

-eiling- said...

Ray7: Well, everyone has their own preference but who would turn away a Alfa for a Wira right? But I am no blended connoisseur so I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. However, I was just lucky to be able to savour a glass for free!

ahhup said...

yes, Don Diego, very mild, just the way I like it, won't overwhelm the drink I have... nice!

the one u puffing in your multiply display picture is which cigar? where were you in the picture? looks familiar to me.

-eiling- said...

Ahhup: That's at Athena in Pavilion. I did write a post on it.

I was smoking a Hoyo De Monterey Epicure 2.

John said...

@Ray7 you are one arrogant bastard..i bet u know nothing bout whisky and all you care for is showing off spending loads of money on whisky to impress others...With ppl like you laying hand on whisky is a disgrace...no doubt those high-end whiskies are smoother but u can't take it as your everyday drink unless ur dad is bill gates or li ka shing, in Uk blue label is less preferred as it's overrated and not worth the price.

Anonymous said...

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