Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Famous Grouse

I think I've told many people that I am not a whiskey person. But recently I've been converted. From non-whiskey believer to Single Malt (SM) aficionado. My friends has been encouraging me to try SM (not the Sadism and Masochism that you have been thinking about) after I told them about my dislike towards whiskey. At that point of time, I didn't realise that there was a difference between blended whiskey and SM. I hated Chivas for a simple reason - it smelled like cockroach and I can't take it without cola.

My first taste of SM was Single Malt Cask Port Ellen. Initially, I refused but then I gave in after much persuasion. I had to admit that my perception towards whiskey has changed. After trying so many SM such as The Glenrothes, Macallan, Highland Park, Dalmore and many others, I had to agree that I do have a liking for it. I have done trying the 12 years and if I have a choice (& money is not a problem), I would not look back to 12. So far, I've tried Highland Park 12, 16 & 25 and I must say that the 16 and the 25 was a better choice. Maybe 25 is too expensive but the 16 maketh a great drink.

Despite saying all that, I still like certain types of blended whiskey especially Famous Grouse. Famous Grouse or popularly known as "the burung" by locals, is actually a blend of a few SM such as The Glenrothes, Highland Park and Macallan. Therefore, it tastes a bit different from the usual blended whiskeys and its colour is just like the SM.

I had my first taste of FG in Dubai at a bar in the hotel opposite the one I was staying. In Dubai, liqour could only be served and sold in hotels/bars and you wouldn't be able to find it in supermarkets or restaurants. If you want to drink alcohol outside these places, be sure that you disguise your drink in soft drink cans.
The bar that I went to with my colleague and other exhibitors was like a bar in the olden day with wooden furnitures. The bartender and the bar girls weren't attractive at all. We were served popcorn. I've never had popcorn in a bar before! Everyone ordered a beer but I chose FG after seeing it on promotion. It only cost me AED15 (around RM14++) for a shot of FG on the rocks. In Republic (Sunway Pyramid), I think it's RM18.

It was a creative promotion. If you try all the 5 drinks on the dice, you get another one of it FREE! Heavy drinkers would love the promotion! The FG is a better alternative to blended whiskeys IMHO and the price wouldn't kill you too.
Cheers with The Burung!

That's my cherry popped for drinking in Dubai.


KY said...

drink drink drinkkk when are u gonna feed meeee?

-eiling- said...

KY: Soon when you buy me a glass of FG!

ahhup said...

Chivas smell like cockroach???!!! I thought it's Jack Daniel's Old No 7? CR 12 have a pleasant fruity scent (apple) to me, did someone dipped fews cockroach in your dram?

Yet to try Famous Grouse, but I must say blended nowadays are not as good as they used to be anymore, at least not the "entry level" one, for example, the blend that made Johnnie Walker famous is their red label, back then no fancy gold nor blue we have today. Have you tried red label nowadays? even black label they also encourage you drink with mixer...

Since you add mixers, blender have more reason to put even more cheaper grain whisky into it rather than expensive SM. Some blend have lesser than 10% of SM in it.

Why pay ~RM100 for a Black label whereby you pay ~RM50 for the cost and the rest for advertisement? You can get a at least 100% better Glenlivet 12 SM at around the SAME PRICE?

But then, there are some blend that are still outstnding and worth looking for it :)

Anonymous said...

FG is underrated as Chivas is overrated (prolly the worst). But perhaps the most underrated and the cheapest drink you can find in a bar is Jameson, an Irish blended whisky.

suituapui said...

Whiskey or whisky? I think the former is American! Hahahahahaha!!!...Tit for tat!!!

-eiling- said...

ahhup: I really don't like Chivas 12. What you say was right. many famous labels nowadays are all overpriced due to advertising. That's why I like to try as many labels as possible so that I know which ones are my favourites. I'll give JW a try. Eventhough I have many bottles of it at home, I didn't get to taste them. Dad says it's for the wedding day. Lol..

anon: Hmm..haven't try that also.

STP: I don't know. I've been spelling whiskey all along!

breadpitt said...

hey, eiling congratulation, u have won the chocolate.. by lucky draw....plz contact me on koichong8@hotmail.com. and leave ur contact number for futher info ...the pick up area would be at 1 utama shopping center this friday 13 feb ...contact me asap...! thanks you

-eiling- said...

Breadpitt: Thanks!

KY said...

I buy you FG when u feed meeee! :D

ahhup said...

you want to gv JW a try? since you love SM so much, don't think red and black will impress you, however, can gv gold a try, kept in freezer for a good 24 hours to increase it's density b4 you drink. if you want to go further, blue. I personally recommend CR royal salure 21, very complex for it's age, I even suspect whisky much much older than 21 years been added.

by the way, when you are refering to scotch, is WHISKY. If Irish or Bourbon, it's WHISKEY. Japanese and Canadian is WHISKY. However not all Bourbons r whiskey, for example, Maker's Mark is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon WHISKY, these are just rough guide, no right or wrong... :)

-eiling- said...

KY: Ok. That's a good offer.

Ahhup: thanks for the info man. You're really good with alcohol!

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to meet another one who really appreciates SM ! I am also a fan of Highland , Lowland and Speyside needs to get accustom to. My favourite is Dalhwinnie and the less expensive Glens .
Cigars are a no no as I gave up smoking many moons ago , but I can imagine how heavenly they taste.
I live in the UK and also a LIM !

-eiling- said...

Lim: Hey, another Lim! Well, I enjoy SM very much. So far I've tried Highland, Speyside and Islay. So far I like the Highland and Speyside. I'm still trying as many SM as possible. I haven't try Dalhwinnie though. Great to meet you Lim!

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