Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why, why, why?!!!

Pheeewww... I've finally completed my two-day-training for Incoterm, Shipping Procedure & Import/Export Documentation at a training centre in Amcorp Mall arranged by my HR. Although the training doesn't fit into a Marketing description but it was beneficial to me since I'm expected to handle the exports for Fidani. The two-day lecture by Dr.Pathepen is indeed interesting and informative.

It felt like going back to college all over again where every two-hour lecture comes with a break. The only downside is that I've been having more than 10 calls during the training and it's annoying. I finally got my certificate without having to go through any examinations! How cool was that?!!

I'm supposed to dine with my wine companions tonight at El Cerdo to try out the new chef's cooking whom just came from Ricks Cafe but I was unable to join them after confirming with them that I'm coming on Wednesday. I've got another last minute dinner appointment somewhere else and now all of them are upset. I'm upset too because I haven't been really following my resolution #2 which says EAT LESS & LESS EXPENSIVE FOOD. It's 9 days from new year and I seem to be eating like 2008. What a disappointment!

I tried telling them about my resolutions but Mr.L tempted me with a vertical tasting on Romanee Conti (one of those bottles that cost RM30k). I knew he was lying! They just want to lure me out. Then I told him, the quota for dinner together is once a month! After that, another of my wine & cigar companion called and tempt me with a dinner and tasting on a few bottles of premium vodka. Why must you guys do this to me?!!!

This is such a torture!!!


Myhorng said...

teach me~

Huai Bin said... least you're drinking.

Premium stuff too.

mef said...


The "less" mission is making everyone unhappy. So I say..more merry n moderation : )

-eiling- said...

Horng: You need to know incoterms meh?

HB: I'm not. And haven't been since New Year.

Mef: Haha...what to do. You can't please everyone!

Gallivanter said...

Whoa...the name of your course is certainly a mouthful. :-P

Anonymous said...

Didn't switch of hp when attending course? Duh! Lead you not into temptation, eh? Avoid the usual suspects - those 'devils in disguise' like a plague...if you can. LOL!

KY said...


Anonymous said...

Smoking is bad for health

foongpc said...

Haha! Looks like it's just a few days into the new year, and it's already tough to stick to your resolution. Well, humans are weak, so when temptation comes, you'll have to put up a real fight! All I can say is, GOOD LUCK!! LOL!

Myhorng said...

me also in mkt wat.

Amanda said...

That's a great training. I've been in logistics business for almost 3 years and know a bit about Incoterm and shipping procedure but have never been to such training. I only read them from the docs.

Most of those I've done required exams for certification. I really hate them. But in the end of the day, one is a certified project manager or practitioner or whatever :)

Edi神 said...

did u sleep?

that's one hell of boring lecturessssssss

Anonymous said...

Forget about the resolution, every year you can make one!! Enjoy your life first!!


-eiling- said...

Gallivanter: Yes... I think so too.

STP: Can't switch off la.. I don't want to miss the urgent calls. I am trying to avoid temptations... trying trying...

KY: Haha.. I'm sure HB will be thrilled!

Anon: I'm not addicted to smoking. I just enjoy cigars sometimes with a drink or two.

Foongpc: Thanks. I will! Cheers...

Horng: Oklah..sama sama

Amanda: Then you can attend this training. It's good and Dr. Pathepen is interesting.

Edi: i didn't sleep. It was good.

LY Tai: I'll try to enjoy life and stick to my resolutions!

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