Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Family's New Toy

I have always envy those who has the privilege to post nice and sharp photos on their blogs. Especially those who blogs about food and no doubt their food photography had me salivating in front of my computer screen. They all have one thing in common - DSLR cameras! Yes, the secret of good photography lies in the camera besides the photographer itself no doubt.

I can tell you, that's about to change.

Eiling's blog will be having some pretty good (maybe professional-looking) photographs from time to time now since my sister, Yiling has acquired a Sony α300 recently during her birthday. It was a conjoined effort of forcing the parents to buy it! At least the frequent complaining of the photos from digital cameras worked! Now she has beautiful pictures in her food blog.

Our new toy!

Mom used to complain why we need to spend that kinda money on this bulky black thingy until she saw the results of the photographs! She was awed by the good photographs and was very excited when we kept taking pictures of her new cupcake creations. You can view them here.

I am now slowly but surely learning how to take nice photos with this new camera. However, I am still trying to find out how can I carry a Crumpler bag around stylishly and at the same time trying to match with my Celine handbag and ultra high heels. Hmm... I wonder how it'll work?

I guess after all, you can't have the best of both worlds. Either you choose to look good by carrying a compact digicam or look like a photographer with a DSLR!

I love mandarin oranges and today I get to sink my teeth into these first citrus delights for the year! So how could I not use the new toy and take a picture of it?!!

My favourite!

What I liked most about CNY? Besides it being my birthday of course, I love the fact that I can collect revenue while drinking and munching on food for free at every house I go to. And I like the casino@my-own-home version of gambling. Since my resolution is to make more money, I guess this CNY you'll be seeing a gambler in action everyday for the next 15 days of the new year. Anyone wanna contribute to EIF (Eiling's Investment Fund)? Your money could double and triple in just seconds! Or it can go down the drain. No risk no gain!


Myhorng said...

arghhh~ y everyone buying DSLR lately..

foongpc said...

One reason I didn't buy a DLSR yet, besides not having enough money, is I just hate to carry the bulky thing around! You are right, you can't have the best of both worlds! At this moment, I'll still be sticking with my camera handphone, thank you.

Your EIF looks very risky lah, what's your success rate as a gambler? Must do some research first before investing! Haha!

Edi神 said...

nice pix...

good camera for beginers

-eiling- said...

Horng: Haha.. it's a trend!

Foongpc: Camera phone?!! Aiyoh. My EIF is highly safe. So far I have not made any losses during CNY. Interested?

Edi: Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You can hang it around your neck and wear it like an expensive. Make sure you shorten the strap so some things will not get in the way. LOL! That way, you will not lose it like that friend of yours. *evil grin Btw, your EIF, do you pay interest in cash or in kind? Hahahahaha!

Philip said...

Wow, congratulations on owning a good dslr to play with. I have bought bag after bag but still can't get one which is decent enough to carry around every where on any occasion.I recently bought a Lowepro TLZ 2, but still find it too bulky. You can have a look at these local online sites: and
I prefer Yamiya for their excellent services and prompt delivery

Anonymous said...

Saw STP post today and diverted here immediately. HAhahaha. have a great sense of humour.

KY said...

please poison horny more :P

annant said...

i also want one huge ass canggih camera
i should have pastered my parents just like your sis!

Cath J said...

Ow...wowww.... Can't wait too see more results on the Camera..

'Home Kasino'..?? LOL...

Calvin Soo KJ said...

join the club....heheheh. sony's alpha series are quite good. but was wondering why didnt ur sis opt for a nikon or canon, much cheaper lenses for upgrade too =) btw, 1st time here. got it from ky's

-eiling- said...

STP: Haha I will not be like him! Wink. I would pay n cash of course. What do you expect? In chocolates?

Philip: That goes to my sister. But at least I can use it. Ok I'll check the sites. Thanks.

Anon: Thanks. I am funny at times.

KY: I will. Mentally or physically?

Annant: The key to success is consistent persuasion.

Cath J: coming. Yes.. KASINO DI RUMAH

Calvin: I don't know. You'll have to ask my sis! Thanks for dropping by.

foongpc said...

haha! That's what every investment agent tells me.

As for DLSR, blame it on Santa Claus for not giving me one for Christmas! I still hate to lug the bulky thing around as if I'm a photographer or something : )

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: Well, maybe if you invest in my EIF, you might be able to afford the dslr!

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