Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Friend's Wedding

Behind every wedding, there's a story to tell....

And my story is, I forgot mixed up the dates of my friend's wedding. After driving back from KLIA at about 1pm, I rang up Huai Bin and see what he's up to. I was starving and I needed to eat so I dropped by his apartment at Kelana Jaya. His place was amazingly dirty. Although I was glad to see a man like him loving chocolates but I wasn't impressed with the amount of chocolate wrappers on the floor and so... I helped him clean the place. I was able to collect 3 bags of rubbish just from his living hall.

Then, we went over to Ky's place because I rang him up earlier to yum cha together and he and his housemates were preparing to play golf. So Huai Bin and I joined Ky, Horng and Rachel for a golf session at Sunway Extreme Park Driving Range. It's been quite a while since I was there. And happily after golf, we went for dinner together at a restaurant near Ky's place. The food was good and I was eating like my usual self.

As we walked back to KY's place, I received miss calls and calls from my college mates. I was wondering why are they calling me at the same time. Did I miss any gatherings? And I found out, it was the wedding dinner night! And all along I thought it was next week! Shucks...

Lucky I had spare party clothes in my car and I hurriedly get dressed and sped my way to Overseas Restaurant in Subang Parade from HB's place. I wasn't too late for the dinner as they were only having the second dish when I arrived. It must be the joke of the year. I had two dinners in a night and because I was so bloated from the earlier dinner, I didn't eat much. I skipped the sharks fin soup altogether.

This is the 1st invitation to a wedding I've ever received from one of my college mates. Gosh, Wai Kit is the first in our group to get the ball rolling. Congratulations man. You've always shine in the class and now you're the 1st to take the lead to join the group of man with "commitments".

4 beauties from Inti College Subang Jaya
From left: Me, Elaine, Hue Gee & Hoong

My class mates: Yew Chung & Yat Ming

Me with the Couple

I like what they did with the video presentation. They showed how the bridegroom and his best men were tortured in the morning by the bridesmaids. They were made to eat donuts dipped in God-knows-what and drink super sour juice. All the four tastes of sweet, sour, bitter and spicy were fully utilised. The aftermath, best men puking at the drain outside the house. Then they have put on lipstick and draw a big heart on a piece of paper. It was so funny seeing those men wearing lipstick and kissing the wall. It was so nice to be meeting up with my classmates again. It has been quite sometime.

I was so proud of myself. I didn't drink a single drop of alcohol during the dinner. Aren't you proud of me?

Will post about our wonderful golfing session later.

P/S: I bet KY, HB, Horng & Rachel must be laughing when they all saw this post.


Myhorng said...

oh well, glad u could make it before it ends. but 2 dinners in a nite is the best part. gone lar resolution.

Myhorng said...

oh ya, we laugh since yesterday till now.

Huai Bin said...

Eh, that's not dirty at all. You should have seen my place in Kuching, now that place is seriously a dump. Heh.

Thanks ya, Eiling! Appreciate the help. :)

Overseas Restaurant is a popular place for weddings eh? My sister had hers there too, but at the Jaya One outlet.

Edi神 said...

this is goodane...

i am getting wed soon but i am not sure about marrying her..

maybe i should not attend the wedding

suituapui said...

Hah!!! Out with it! Spill the beans!!! You had Huai Bin on your mind...and forgot all about the wedding! Hahahahahaha!!! After all, handphones have reminder facility what? No excuse! Wah! So lucky that guy got himself a free-of-charge cleaner/maid! LOL!!! Hmmm...what nice decent-looking friends you have! ROTFLMAO!!

P.S. When is your turn?

Anonymous said...

Even unprepared, you dressed so much nicer than others. If prepared, we don't know how it would look like....

KY said...

Hahaha that was some classic noobness!

-eiling- said...

Horng: Nope resolution still intact. So mean, do you guys really have to laugh so long?

HB: Now it's decently clean. I'll see what happens this week.

Edi: Then why are you getting married if you're unsure. It's a big step and you should think carefully about it.

STP: what beans to spill? That I'm nice enough to help HB clean his place. Actually all along I thought the wedding was 15th and not 10th so the reminder wouldn't be of use.

Anon: Thanks. I got dressed in less than 10mins. It was unbelievable!

KY: Yeah. Noob I am.

Rachying said...

Hahaha... I mayb late to comment on this but till today... I'M STILL LAUGHING!
For the fact that this didn't only happen ONCE! You know wat i mean?! hahaha!

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