Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lucky Me....

I was cursing that today was a Thursday which is a no "4D number day" and there were no casino in sight except the one up the hill. Why, why, why?!!!

I was feeling damn lucky today. Or in fact, I've never been this lucky except for the time I won the Ipod Classic from Bacardi Razz Launching which until today remained unopened & unused even how excited it got me at the moment I won it. I have just realised that it has been a "black elephant" (because it's black) sitting on my desk which serves no purpose. Or maybe I wasn't into mp3 anymore.

These are the incidents that happened in sequence.
  1. There was a free lunch on the company's account as we were giving the chef a farewell. I get to choose the menu and obviously I chose the most expensive one since my GM said money is not a problem as long as we have a good time and the food is good.

  2. When I went back to my room in the office, my assistant told me that there is a surprise for me on my table. I saw the gold box with a lovely cake inside. It was from Dato Raja Nordiana, the CEO of MAS Golden boutiques and lounge! In fact I was so touched by the thought of it! It was so nice of her to remember me and even my own big boss never give me anything for CNY!!!

  3. I went to Carrefour with Wei Mei to get some Mandarin Oranges and soft drinks for all the staff in the factory. There were 60 of them and I got them two "pon kam" which was so sweet, juicy and nice and it costs me RM120. Then as I was talking on the phone at the queue to pay, I saw a RM50 note on the floor.

    At first I wanted to send the note to the information counter but after thinking for a while, I used the money to buy the soft drinks for all my factory staff and Wei Mei just fork out another RM20 additional for the drinks! Anyways, there were no names written on the note so it wouldn't make sense for me to find the owner and return the money, right?!!

    There was a saying in Chinese that goes "when you have found a treasure on the floor, even the judge can't make you return it"

  4. When I return the trolleys back to the trolley bay, there were two trolleys with the 20 cent coins still intact. So, being a nice and responsible citizen, I arranged the trolleys and then reattached the rails and take out the coins. So I made an additional 40cents for my good citizenship!

    So, when you have so many lucky incidents in a day, what would be your normal reaction? Buy TOTO, MAGNUM, BIG SWEEP and whatever you can find la! The thing is, I didn't. In fact, I think if I have bought the numbers this evening, I would strike the jackpot and then I would quit my job and tell my boss that you can take over my portfolio as well since you think that the double digit growth that I have achieved last year wasn't good enough for you.

    Btw, I was still in a very disappointed mode as I did not get what I wanted during my appraisal yesterday. A mention of the letter "D" would trigger me and I'm sure you wouldn't want to piss me off because the results of it can be quite severe.


ahhup said...

Happy CNY ! have prosperous year ahead!

cocktail for you! Enjoy! :)

Myhorng said...

ipod sitting there doing nothing is a waste. throw it away.. to me.

the good luck compensate for the not so good appraisal. ehehhehe.

-eiling- said...

ahhup: Happy CNY to you too! May you be blessed with lots of health and wealth. Thanks!

Horng: I already expect that you would say that! How much do you wanna pay me?!! teruk la you...

KY said...

Give me the Ipod please woohooo happy CNY and wish you many returns! :D

Huai Bin said...

You need to go to Genting with me, Lady Luck. ;)

-eiling- said...

KY: No way... Happy CNY and wishing you many happy returns too! Wink

HB: How much is my share of profits?!!

foongpc said...

You should have bought lottery tickets since you are on a lucky streak! What a waste! : )

It's a good thing you used up the Rm50 note you found. People say it's not good to keep what's not yours, but taking it and then giving it away is a different story. Haha!

Not so good appraisal? That's why you get all the good luck on that day - it's all about balance. LOL!

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: So mean.... I would buy the 4D if it's not a thursday.

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