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Feng Shui & Astrology 2009

I had a pretty interesting Saturday at KL Convention Centre. It's not easy waking up early on a Saturday especially after a night of good food, wines, whiskey and cigar. Yes, my resolutions went haywire again. Shall elaborate on the next posting.

Many would be surprised if I tell them that I woke up at 8am on a Saturday to attend Joey Yap's "Thriving in Challenging Times" Feng Shui & Astrology talk. In fact this is my third time attending his talk and I find it rather interesting. He, himself, is actually a very good public speaker. Not only informative, the talk is pretty entertaining too. Joey is the founder and CEO of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, a global institution for the study of classical Feng Shui and other chinese metaphysic subjects. My mom has been following his talks and reading his books for years.

So, today I will pass on some knowledge and tips to readers of If you're familiar with my posts, you'll know that I write a lot about personal life, food, booze, parties and work but what you don't know is that - I am capable of teaching you a thing or two about Feng Shui! Lol... And you're lucky because you do not need to pay a cent or endure 5 hours of talk to get these information that I'm posting. Now, say thank you.

Date Selection
(btw the new year starts on 4th February 2009)

1. The dates below are the good dates recommended to commence business "开工" or "hoi gong".

28th January 2009 - 11am onwards except for Rabbit
30th January 2009 - 7am to 9am except for Snake, Rooster & Ox
2nd February 2009 - 7am to 9am except for Monkey
6th February 2009 - 9am to 11am except for Rat

These are the dates that you should go back to the office and do some work and consider it as the day that you are starting your work after CNY. You'll have to look at your BaZi combination of Hour, Day, Month & Year to know more about the astrology outlook for the year. The astrology outlook according to the zodiac animal sign on the year that you were born is too general. To know yours, use the Basic BaZi Ming Pan Calculator tool given by Joey's website. Click here. Just register and then key in your Hour, Day, Month & Year of birth and something like the chart below would appear.

In lower row of this chart, you'll notice that this person is born in the hour of Ox, day of Tiger, month of Ox and year of Pig. So, the right date to commence business would be 28th January 2008 which is the best date of all. That means, if you have a rabbit in the last right column, then 28th January 2009 is not a good date for you.

2. These are the dates to activate the Wealth Star (money luck and investment).

31st March 2009 - 7am to 9am (Activate SE1 of the house) except for Snake
3rd June 2009 - 7pm to 9pm (Activate E1 & SE1 of the house) except for Rooster

To activate the sector, all you need to do is to move the furnitures, hang & unhang paintings or even redecorate the area. You can also sleep at this sector for instance. For those experts, you can use water to activate the area. When using the water feature, the best is to have the water outside the house.

The Compass

To get a better understanding of the sectors e.g SE1, NW2.... you can use the picture above as a reference. All you need to do is to take a compass and stand right in the middle of the house and then you will be able to identify the sectors correctly. Or, you can super impose the compass on your floor plan if you want to be accurate.

The one in purple, SW3 is good for solving problems. If any problems persist, it will be solved.

The one is light blue, NE3 is a Nobility Star. Good if you want a mentor or helping hand.

As for the red, N2, don't ever ever touch or activate that area. It's the worst area of all for 2009. Do not activate means - no water feature, moving objects, or renovations.

3. To activate Peach Blossom (relationship luck)

(not recommended for those who is already in a relationship except that if you're greedy)
Too bad, this sector is a staircase in my house. I can't be sleeping at this area, can I?!!

19th March 2009 - 11am to 1pm (to activate S2)

4. Bad Dates

And lastly, you can tell those you dislike or your competitors to start work or sign contracts on these dates (if you're cruel enough). These are the worst dates of the year and nothing important should be done at these times. For example, if you're planning to divorce on one of these dates and at one of these times, you might not be able to get a cent out of your husband! So whether you plan to get at least 50% or none, it's entirely up to you!

31st January 2009 1pm to 3pm
25th February 2009 7am to 9am
17th March 2009 7am to 9am
7th July 2009 11am to 1pm

Feng Shui is not a religious belief and its a form of Chinese Metaphysics. You can either believe it or not but it's always good to change what you can than trying to change what you can't. In chinese, we believe in destiny, luck & feng shui. Destiny is fixed upon birth, luck is ever changing and Feng shui is up to us to manipulate. So, why not use Feng Shui to the maximise the well being of one's life?


Cath J said...

Uhhhhh... my hub family really ...really into this... even our house is all refer to feng sui.. I was so shock to see our main door made 'slanting'..Soo hard to arrange all the furniture.. even on giving name on our son.. They calculated the alphabets to make sure it is good numbers.. How bazaarr..... T_T

KY said...

I'm really really not into this. :P

Anonymous said...

>wah..all the sexy poses.
Sorry, an unrelated message.
I think there is no comparison with you, the real beauty.

snake said...

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Thanks a lot for your help.

foongpc said...

Oh, I didn't know you are interested in feng shui. What a surprise! I'm interested in feng shui too and even analysed my friend's house feng shui although I won't do it again as I experienced bad luck after that! It seemed that if you give free feng shui advice, you will get bad luck so next time, make sure you charge for any consultation you do! (hint: another way to make more money for 2009)

I didn't attend Joey Yap's talk as I had to work on that Sat. But I attended Lillian Too's talk a week earlier. My bro went for the Joey Yap's talk so I'm now comparing notes with him.

foongpc said...

My bro mentioned about solar eclipse on 22nd July. Joey said cannot expose to this eclipse or will get bad luck. If expose for 1 min, will get bad luck for a year! Is this what Joey said?

On the bad day for doing important things on 31st Jan, I wonder if this also include starting work on that day after CNY?

Also my bro was not clear on the animals in the Bazi chart - did Joey said it is good to have Ox, Monkey and Horse in the chart? And must not have same animals twice or more?

Did Joey mention anything about placing cures at the afflicted places? Cos Lillian Too always ask people to buy her things to place at the afflicted areas, which I sometimes don't agree. And how do you take care of the Five Yellow?

-eiling- said...

Cath J: My main door is slanting too so cheers!

KY: It's ok.

Anon: Thanks!

Snake: Sorry I really have no knowledge in snake wine.

Foongpc: Yeah I've been attending Joey Yap's talk for a while and I have been to Lilian Too's as well but now I stopped going for LT as I found her talk a gimmick to encourage people to buy the stuff. What makes you think those Made in China stuff can change Feng Shui? It doesn't make sense right? Yeah it's bad luck if you don't charge something when you give free house feng shui consultation.

1. Yep do not expose to the solar eclipse on that day. 1min is 1year bad luck. Better to be safe than sorry.

2. I don't think starting work on 31st Jan a good idea especially at the hours I mentioned. Why not just pop into the office a few days earlier for maybe half an hour.

3. Your bro is right. A duplication of horse in the chart is a disaster.

4. To suppress the 5 yellow, all you need to do is don't rennovate or have moving objects at the area. Also, no musical instrument playing and no red coloured stuff.

I hope I have answered your questions.

Anonymous said...

Islamic calendar and Chinese old calendar are both based on the moon. I wonder how close are the two.

foongpc said...

I totally agree with you on Lillian Too - I have to admit though, that she's really good at marketing. Even better than Joey Yap. And her talks are really funny and entertaining - I can see that Joey is improving in this department.

Normally, I would advise people who are really serious in feng shui to listen to Joey, but if they just want to listen one ear in, another ear out and have some fun, go for Lillian Too's talk. That's what my friend do every year - she goes to Lillian Too's talk without fail but she never practises what Lillian teaches!

Oh, thanks for all the answers to my questions! Must remind myself about the solar eclipse! Set alarm on my handphone. Haha!

Babette said...

Hi, I found your blog through FoongPC's post. I believe in Feng Shui so I am very interested in your post. Thanks for sharing this. I'll have to look at my birth certificate for the exact time of my birth. :o) I hope you'll have more posts like this.

suituapui said...

Wah! You wanna take over from Lilian Too kah? Later become fatter and fatter like her, then you know! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

-eiling- said...

Anonymous: I don't know. Sorry.

Foongpc: You're right. So you better remind yourself about the solar eclipse.

Babette: Thanks for dropping by!

STP: I have no intentions to take over her la! And I don't want to be fat!

Anonymous said...

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