Monday, January 05, 2009

Eiling's NY Resolutions

I know resolutions are boring because resolutions are meant not to be achieved so that the following year, you can have the same resolutions again! But somehow, I guess this year, I must achieve part of my resolutions list. I must, I must and I must no matter what achieve all the "less" resolutions unless someone gives me a good reason not to!


So that the money is enough to be turned into toilet rolls to wipe my ass. Ok, maybe not wipe my ass cos it'll be such a total waste. I'll use the money to get myself a toy boy.

And everything else

#2 EAT LESS & less expensive food

I don't want to be a Fatso. I have enough teasing from KY already. Always telling me how much slimmer I was when I first knew him a year ago! Somemore tell me I was 10kg lighter last time! Hmmph....

#3 DRINK LESS & less expensive wine

And I don't mean water! I'm talking about my wine enjoyment. I need to restrict myself to 2 glasses per dinner. Either I get a 10ml tasting portion for all wines or I'll just get 2 big beer mugs to the dinner since I'm only restricted to 2 glasses.

#4 SMOKE LESS & less expensive cigars

And since I don't smoke cigarettes, I guess, I'm pretty comfortable with this resolution. And because recession is in town, more reasons for me to smoke less cigars. I'll have less than 4 sticks a month! Anyone wanna sponsor me cigars?

#5 SPEND LESS & buy less expensive things

This is supposedly a resolution every year but it never happened because as I earn more, I spend more. That's how the graph goes. The more purchasing power, the more expenditure. It's correlated and therefore, I shall make it a point this year to cut down on my spending. To start off, I need volunteers to sponsor me meals... Since I wouldn't be eating a lot too... Anyone?

So after all the "less"es, I guess I'll be making even more LESS merry. So don't blame me if I didn't want to come out or dine with you guys. I'm not being an anti-social-person, I'm just trying to have a little bit of self-control because the outside world is full of TEMPTATIONS. I cannot resist temptations when the temptations itself is tempting! Thus I made up my mind. This would be the year where Eiling will weight LESS and have a MORE healthy body! And I will not drive when I'm drinking more than 2 glasses. I need a bloody driver! Is it too late for a Christmas wish?!!


suanie said...

i usually just tune ky out :P

i like your new hairstyle!!!

Huai Bin said...

Very noble aspirations! I shall do the same.

Especially the spend less part, I'm really broke this month after the dSLR.

-eiling- said...

Suanie: Hey thanks. I will try to tune him out.

HB: You should seriously....

KY said...

NOoooooo I'm a good boii =(

Myhorng said...

buy your cigar in airport and u might get sponsored.

-eiling- said...

KY: I doubt so. Do you have any idea how many people have been teased by you constantly?!! Hehe..

Horng: You're right. I must start travelling but where's the money coming from?

KY said...

you misspelled "motivation" as "teasing"

foongpc said...

Wow! Your resolutions are commmendable but tough to achieve!

#1 Make more money to get a toyboy? I think you don't need to waste money lah. Men already throwing themselves at you for free : )

#2 Doesn't mean you eat less expensive food and go for the cheaper ones will make you any less fat! I would say go exercise and continue to eat as usual, except just cut back a little : )

#3 Oh, this is connected to #2. Wine, no matter expensive or cheap add to the total calories! But drinking cheaper ones and drinking less will definitely help your pocket or purse, though seeing that you love wine so much, I think it'll be a real challenge for you! : )

#4 This one you just go to airport and get to know some rich men and they will buy you the expensive cigars, so this is pretty easy resolution to achieve! Oh, btw, you can use the same tactic for #3, so that's pretty much settled then. Haha!

#5 I seriously doubt you can achieve this, not to say I want to pour cold water, haha! Well, let's just see and review this next year, shall we? : )

suituapui said...

That pic of the woman smoking - I understand she's actually very young! LOL!!! Well, promises are made to be broken (and who better to vouch for that than Huai Bin!)!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

should reverse the idea, get MORE MORE MORE $$ and spend MORE MORE MORE

Huai Bin said...

STP, I kept my NY resolutions. :p

A said...

Spend less - is on my resolution list. But I'll only do that after I return from Malaysia :D

Less expensive wine - consider myself lucky to live in Europe. Those good French wines I like aren't that pricey normally.

Eat less expensive food - If the food is really good, don't feel bad to spend a bit more on them :D You'll feel less guilty if you workout :P It works for me. From your photos, I think you look so fine!

-eiling- said...

KY: I don't think so. Motivation is M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N.

Foongpc: Haha... I need a toy boy so that I can be in total control like feeding me grapes and all. Muahaha... but did you see that I wrote Eat less & Less expensive food which means I'm going to eat less and also reduce on eating expensive food! Ok we shall see how many Kgs I'll loose. let me go get my weighing scale.

STP: Yeah I just don't wanna turn into her!

Ron: Yeah I think I should.

A: then you're lucky getting all the inexpensive wines. but i still need to cut down on my drinking. And yes I shall go back to gym!!!

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