Saturday, January 24, 2009

EIF Report Status

I remembered that many have doubted the rate of returns on EIF (Eiling's Investment Fund) on Chinese New Year. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you guys to bring the news that EIF is having a bright start admist the slumping economy irrespective of whether the share market is going up or down.

The EIF is solely dependant on the skills of the chairman (which is obviously me, myself & I) and luck. So far, lady luck has been with the chairman and the investment has started to generate a ROI (Return on Investment/Rate of Profit) as high as 1000% which is far better than any of the investment funds available out there! Even though CNY has not started, EIF is having a early kick start a few days before the official launching date.

After work yesterday, I went over to my wine merchant's office where we had a good time eating, drinking, smoking, gambling and making merry. As usual, there were ample plates of juicy roasted "siew yoke", at least ten other dishes, fine wines, single malt whiskeys, rare champagnes, Cuban cigars and some "investment" activities.

One of the highlight of the night was of course the Philipponnat Clos de Goisses Brut 1992 Champagne where the last few cases were all snapped up a day ago. If you think Dom Perignon Vintage is expensive (around RM400-500) a bottle, this is easily priced at RM1000+ a bottle outside! The palate has a flowery and citrus note to it. Nice effervescence and bread aromas. One of its kind in the Champagne region, this cuvée is made from a single "cru". Ms. E was so kind to open her last bottle of the wonderful champagne to enlighten our tastebuds!

After that, the boss opened another 2 bottles of the Old Malt Cask Macallan Distillery 23 years which was a fantastic bottle. It has a rum finish which makes the nose filled with sweet notes and incense liked spices. The palate is sweet with burnt caramel and it was so smooth on the rocks and I absolutely love this bottle. It is a must try from the Old Malt Cask range. Not that expensive, at just RM800++ for a bottle of quality single malt whiskey.

The main highlight of the night was of course the "investment" that was ongoing. My friends are so nice la... The boss, one of my usual wine kakis actually took out a stack of RM50 notes worth about RM8k and lost it all to the staff in one evening. After that, he refilled another RM5k but didn't had the chance to make him loose that stack yet. My other wine kakis all took out a stack of RM50 notes to play except me whom was stashing all the RM10 notes. Small fry mah, so play small lo...

I lost the first few games of "Big 2" but managed to recover it all after winning thrice. After that, we switched to Black Jack (21 points) where I partnered with one of my new found friend and we managed to make quite a sum from the small investment capital of RM50. My returns were 10 fold, so you do the calculations. The strategy was to be slow and steady and don't be too greedy. With just RM10 for each round, I have managed to make my RM50 capital lasted the whole night. Luck was with us because we kept getting the black jack (1 ace & 10points/picture) the whole night. I think there were at least more 10 times we strike the jackpot.

So, don't look down on the profitability of EIF! It may be risky but the returns are high. It may be small but the trustability of the fund is solid. However, it's too late to make a investment now as the fund is closed. We shall see how well the fund performs at the end of the 15 days.


foongpc said...

Haha! I didn't expect you to come out with your EIF Report so fast before the CNY even begins! : )

Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous CNY! May you win more $$$ this CNY. Will follow up on the performance of EIF - hope it breaks all investments record! LOL!

Cath J said...


Ray7 said...

I got 2 The Glenrothes Single Speyside Maly limited release 1972 vintage. very rare & great whiskey. like u said , so smooth. It's all gd to have it straight on the rock. It goes for 300USD per bottle.

The other bottle i've got is the same thing but the year of 1980. Was an okay drink but taste too oaky. My uncle thought it was a cheap whiskey n use it to cook ginger chicken. I then told him that it cost 250USD & he shld have use the Wild Turkey 80% proof Rum for cooking (they use that to marinate steaks too). Like the old chinese said, 'buy rice but donno the price of it'. He was so 'paiseh'. Well have to forgive him la, he don drink & smoke.

Myhorng said...

happy chinese new year

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: Thanks. Wishing you the best fro CNY too! May you get a windfall in ang pows!

Cath J: Happy CNY to you!

Ray7: Wow, you've got quite a collection of ultra expensive liquor. I like to have them on the rocks rather than mixed with water. It brings out the smell and taste better. Yeah you better tell your uncle don't waste a good bottle like that!

Horng: Happy CNY to you too!

breadpitt said...

hey, wishing you GONG XI FA ChAI....

KY said...

wahh, 10x ROI, you can belanja me some not-so-expensive single malt whiskey already yey :D

-eiling- said...

Breadpitt: Same to you too. Have a prosperous "niu" year!

KY: can can... anytime.

KY said...

yey! :D

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