Sunday, December 28, 2008

vPOST-NUFFNANG Party in Singapore Part II

This is really a random post on the things that I've been up to in Singapore. Not only the vPOST-NUFFNANG party was fun, I had other interesting indulgences too! Our accommodation at Marriott Singapore was paid for, as well as our ride to and from Singapore was also taken care of.

The hotel was at a very strategic location, just within Tangs itself and on the infamous Orchard Road. I managed to shop a while with KY, Huai Bin & Jolyn which is a pair of black stockings to be wore together with my garters. It cost me SGD40!!! The fact that how interested the guys are at the lingerie department just amuses me...

This is really an awesome breakfast that the gang (KY, Suanie & Elaine) introduced to me when in Singapore. It was a Subway Melt with pork bacon, hams and cheese. You only get it in Singapore because in Malaysia, it's halal! It was so good that I had it two days in a row while I was there together with a cup of cappuccino. The next day, I asked Suanie out for a Subway Melt but she can't get out of bed! Lol...

On the second night, I put up a stay at Fourseasons. It was just a stone throw away from Marriott's. In fact, it was linked to Hilton Singapore through some linked walkways filled with branded boutiques. From the outside, it was just a humble hotel nestled within the higher grounds of Orchard Road. The interior of the hotel is filled with art pieces and antique collections. It's very oriental and yet modern.

I really love the bed. It was high (no pun intended) and cosy.

The bathroom was so inviting. I had my showers 3-4 times a day!

Two basins to a person! Lol...

They give L'occitane toiletries and not some hotel-label ones.

From a range of Chamomile, blackcurrant, English Breakfast, Earl Grey to Green Tea and Davidoff coffee for your enjoyment.

A great minibar for an alcoholic like Huai Bin.

That night, I had dinner at Iggy's at The Regent which was voted as one of the Top 100 best restaurants in the world. I didn't know about it until I came back to Malaysia and did a google search on it. No wonder the gastronomic degustation menu which was fixed cost SGD195 per person excluding wine. I didn't really enjoy the menu except for the Foie Gras with Creme Brulee. But they do serve very good Valrhona chocolate dessert and a cute lemon tart that has a sparkling effect on the tongue. It's something I used to have when I was a kid where the crystals sparks when in touch with water. Very innovative and creative.

I didn't realise that the day itself is a Winter Solstice Festival or known as "Guo Dong" by the chinese. It's a day where we get to eat the gultinuos balls or tong yuen. I really missed having that because I love those white, green and red coloured balls. My friend was so kind that he wanted to arrange the hotel to make me some of it for supper but I declined. I was full to the throat and my stomach wasn't feeling too well either. I always get a stomache upset when I had my meals too late. However, the thought of it was sweet enough.

I shall continue with Part III another day as I now need to collect my MAMMA MIA tickets at Istana Budaya for a Sunday Matinee show later. Ciao.

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FooDcrazEE said...

what was those guys interested in the lingerie dept ? those black stockings u bought ? or is it something else ? <_*

suituapui said...

Mamma Mia still on? Make sure you don;t miss it. It's a blast...and I hear the KL version is PG or R-rated compared to the watered-down one that I saw in Singapore.

P.S. Nuffs must be making millions to be able to pay for all that for everybody!

-eiling- said...

Foodcrazee: They were just interested with the G-strings. Lol..

STP: Yep it's still on. It was a blast! Nuffs is definitely rich! Lol...

Myhorng said...

how's the high class stuff? is mama bum bum big enough? so wanted to go for it but damn expensive.

KY said...

SGD195 @.@

-eiling- said...

Horny: The high class stuff makes me high. It's good. You should have booked early for the cheaper tickets.

KY: Yes excluding my not-so-good-wine.

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