Tuesday, December 23, 2008

vPOST-NUFFNANG Party in Singapore Part I

On the 20th, 18 Malaysian bloggers were on a bus to Singapore to attend Nuffnang's first ever Singapore party! In collaboration with vPOST (a globeshopping without globe hopping website), it's certainly a must-attend party for bloggers in Singapore. I am so fortunate to be able to join the bloggers for a fun-filled-all-expense-paid trip to Singapore. It's a costume party where each is assigned with a letter each from the word VPOST and one has to dress accordingly.

For example: V- Vampire, Vendetta
P - Pirate, Phantom
O - Oldman, Osama
S - Satan, Superstar
T - Traveler, Teddy bear

I've got a V so I am going as a Vampire sucking everyone's blood from their juicy necks! Lol... KY has got the wicked idea where one should go as Virgin, Pervert & Orgasm! haha...

The venue for the party : DXO (located at Colours by the Bay, 8 Raffles Avenue)

The pretty Malaysian Bloggers.

Jason & Robin (dressing up as photographers?)

Kenny Sia as Oldman and Ginny as Playboy Bunny.

More Malaysian Bloggers including Jolyn whom is a Tape Measure and KY a Pirate.

Two Vendettas

Guess who's the real girl? The "girl" on the right is actually a guy! He won the best dressed under guy's category. He is Typical Ben. Why tranny always win the best dressed?!!

The nominees of Best Dressed. the winner on the ladies side is Virgin Bride whom is Audrey.

Here is KY as Pirate, Huai Bin as Osama, Elaine as Shopaholic, me as Vampire and Suanie as Traveler.

Pictures courtesy of Aversence.

There's a decent food and decent amount of booze, two drinks per person. This party is my first ever Nuffnang party. But one obvious fact - Singaporean bloggers are not as wild as Malaysian bloggers. Maybe they need more bloggers exposure or else when they come to a Malaysian blogger party, they will get the shock of their life.


Huai Bin said...

Very true. Malaysian bloggers so hardcore, they pass out BEFORE the event. ;)

-eiling- said...

HB: Yeah were you talking about yourself? Wait till I post that. Fair & square.

suituapui said...

Did u bite Huai Bin, Ms Vampire? Oooo...saw interesting pics in his blog! Wink! Wink!

Philip said...

haha...how to dress like a virgin?Looking foward to seeing more fun pictures here.Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a very happy and successful 2009.

-eiling- said...

STP: I didn't just bite him, I chewed him up! lol... yeah the pics a bit too graphic.

Philip: Haha.. like Madonna lo.. WEishing you a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year too!

vvens said...

hi there! :) how was your stay in four season?

foongpc said...

Oh, must be fun to be a vampire for a day! Did you bite anyone? : )

-eiling- said...

Vvens: It was good. The bed was so comfortable and I love the bathroom!

Foongpc: It was fun but the fake tooth was troublesome. Cannot talk properly and cannot open my jaws. I didn't bite people la. I'm a vegetarian vampire lol!

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