Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Part II: Gu Zheng

I've posted on Gu Zheng lessons in September and I can't believe the next post is actually 3 months later. I know I haven't been practising much recently due to hectic work schedule and lots of partayyy. Thus, I finally decide to upload another one of my favourite pieces that I used to perform. I didn't quite like the song at first when I learnt it but now, I kinda learn how to appreciate songs like that. I have to keep a few songs in hand just in case I need to perform. The reason why I like to do performances is that it makes good money. But now, I've started teaching and that earned me some extra cash for shopping.

"Spring comes to Snowy Mountain" 雪山春曉, is a piece from Grade 8 which I played when I was 12 years old. I can't believe that after another dozen years, I can still memorize the song so clearly. It's one of those songs that consists at least 6 pages of notes and how I managed to play the whole song by heart remains a surprise to me. I used to be able to do that when faced with music examinations but now without the pressure, my memory doesn't seem to work that hard anymore. I hate having to look at the notes while playing because that totally kills the expression and feeling towards the song due to busy turning pages.

The song is about the breaking of dawn, where the snow melts away and comes the spring. It has raindrop melody and villagers dancing to the song. I wished I come from a chinese educated background so that I could read the titles and understand more about the songs I played. It's so difficult when you have to depend on the teacher to explain when he or she is not very fluent in English. I can explain the songs to my students but I need them to read the chinese words for me! Haha...

So, here's the piece "Spring comes to Snowy Mountain". Enjoy.

And here's the previous piece on "Combat of the Typhoon" which have been cut to make the song shorter.

You can always drop me a message telling me it's nice and make my day (I know self flattery isn't exactly the best praise but who the hell cares?!!).

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Jasmyne said...

I've learn guzheng before too and i love the song, "Combat of the Typhoon". :) How i wish i can play that song myself! Hee hee
This song is from which grade?

suituapui said...

It's nice...so hope that makes ur day! Hahahahahaha!!! Actually, I like gucheng music...but I can't stand youtube. No patience to wait and tolerate it getting stuck a thousand times.....Old man like that lah! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Jasmyne said...

You played both of the songs very well! Envious! ;)

aLaN said...

Wow... I'm really impressed...must've took ages to learn to play like that... reminds me of the chinese kungfu movies in the nighties...lol... hmm....

Philip said...

Excellent performances.Any plan to make the music into CDs and market them worldwide?(May be together with Fidani) I will buy your first copy! I have spoken to the organizer of the Borneo Cultural Festival some time ago and they are willing to invite you to perform here next June.All expenses paid , but no appearance fees.Consider about it ya.

woodyooi said...


Excellent piece !!!

I do hope one day to see you "duo" it out with Jake Shimabukuro on Ukulele.

It will be a perfect combination...



KY said...

why you so talented wan?

Huai Bin said...

It is nice, and I'm not just saying that. Very classical instruments.

I didn't know you could do that.

Take this as a compliment, you don't look like you can play classical music instruments. :)

foongpc said...

Oh, that's a very nice performance! Applause! : )

-eiling- said...

Jasmyne: Thanks dear. The songs are all Grade 8. With more practice, you could!!!

STP: Thanks. It does make my day. Be more patient la. Good things don't come easy ok?

Alan: Yup I've been playing for 19 whole years!

Philip: Thanks. Have never thought of recording - don't think i can do it. I can always consider that. take it as a free holiday! Lol...

Woodyooi: Thanks. I'll go check out the video later.

KY: Why cannot izit?

HB: You're not the first one to tell me that I don't look like I can play classical instruments. Anyways, thanks!

Foongpc: Thanks!

KY said...

can laa i just jeles maa

Aaron C. said...

Me jeles too. HAHA... Niceeeeee.... I just love classical instruments... Bravo.. Not many people I know who plays classical instruments. I wish i knew how too..

mef said...


Thanks for sharing. Very enjoyable.

Btw, what cigars have u enjoyed lately.


-eiling- said...

KY: Can la. I let you jeles ok?

Aaron C: Thanks. You can always take lessons from me.

Mef: Not recently. The last time I had was the Hoyo de Monterey 3 Epicure No.2. You enjoy cigars too?

Aaron C. said...

hmmmm... Your rate? HAHA.. No la. Better not. 1. no time. 2. no skill in music(tried guitar before) and 3. too many reasons. Nvm la. Can see ppl performing on youtube not bad d. *hinting you post more of it* :P

mef said...

HDM Epicure No. 2...very nice robusto. I don't smoke many HDMs but the epicure no 2 that I've tried was nice - medium body, roasted spices to start and creamy after.

My fav robustos are PSD No. 4 and R&J Short Churchill.

-eiling- said...

Aaron: Haha... ok ok I got your hint.

Mef: Is PSD Partagas Serie D? I heard so much about this PSD#4 but yet to try. I had a box of Partagas Serie P but yet to try too. I've also never tried R&J. Shall try it when the opportunity comes.

mef said...


Yes the PSD 4 is commonly known as Partagas Serie D no. 4 - a nice robusto.

I had a Partagas Serie P no. 2 last week. It was rolled in 06 hence had some time ageing in humidor. Beautiful smoke. I reckon you like this torpedo/pyramide format. Have a good 1.5 hrs to enjoy it.

-eiling- said...

Mef: Thanks for the info. I am still struggling with the names and sizes. It's a whole lot to learn about cigars!

mef said...


Take your time. I'm still learning and tasting as many habano brands and vitola. I've some fav that I keep going back to but usually try new ones as well.

What's the best way to get in contact. I'll direct you to some habano informative sites.

Have a great long weekend !!!

eiling said...

mef: Thanks. You can send me mails at eilinglim@hotmail.com

Wan Chee Hung said...

Dear Ei Ling,
Wow! I am awed and impressed with your skill, not to mention soulful,expressive, and emotionally churning, soul calming, heart pounding yet relaxing musical that soothes even the wildest of heart and mind.
I've always been a fan of classical music especially Indian classical musics.
It's a delight and a real treat to watch you play. You seemed totally indulged and "lost" as you play.
Nothing speaks clearer and louder than an well played music that speaks a thousand words with each strike of a note.
You're simply gifted.

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