Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tram Car Cafe

I thought why not post something away from Dubai? After all, it's been weeks I'm ranting on and on what goes on in Dubai that I felt so bored of it at this point of time today. So, I decided it's time to clear some backlogs on the stuff I did before I left for Dubai. KY had already posted the review and no prize for guessing why I was there. Thanks to KY for inviting me. Grace was there too! So it was 2 smart girls against 1 not-as-smart guy (except the host). You-know-who....

Tram Car is actually Shiang's family owned restaurant and I managed to meet him once at Hennessy Artistry in Aloha months back. That night itself, only I realise that his cousin happened to be my classmate in my college days. What a small world. FYI, Cable Car, Windmill and Tram Car are all related in some way. This newly opened cosy restaurant is situated in Jaya32 in PJ. Where is that you asked me? I don't know. KY showed me the way and probably you can read his post to look at the "colourful" map he has always been posting for every food review.

Since he had been so detailed on showcasing the food that we have eaten that night, I might as well highlight the recommended dishes in my own humble opinion.

A very nice Fresh Shrimps Cocktail with home made salad dressing and topped with generous portions of ebiko at RM8.90.

Delicious garlic Escargots at RM13.90 per half dozen.

I had this baked fish with white sauce and cheese served with baked whole potato and salad (RM17.90).

Grace had her Seafood platter with tartar sauce at RM27.90

This combination of Watermelon and lychee rocks. It's so refreshing and cooling after a hearty meal.

Tram Car has an extensive menu from Steaks, Seafood, Poultry, Local Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine to desserts. It was indeed a good place for gatherings because everyone can have their own pick. The place offers a very cosy ambiance with dimmed lightings for that extra romantic feeling. The pricing is just affordable and if you have any complaints, you can always write to KY so that he can let his buddy know about it! Haha....

KY at taking the shots in a "gaya" way. Or was it simply just being fussy in taking the shots?!!

Not to forget the picture of the two beautiful ladies that accompanied the guys for dinner. This picture will definitely make any food looked good and sizzling hot! We had really good conversations that night. Partly was intelligent and partly was nonsence. You can read his post here.


B-11-01, 32 Square,
No. 2, Jalan 19/11
46300 PJ, Selangor

Tel: 03-7958 8588


foongpc said...

The food look delicious! Yummy! But where the heck is Jaya 32? I know Jaya 1 and Jaya 33, where are all the numbers in between?

Philip said...

Nice food and reasonable prices. I must go there next time.Never try the garlic escargots before. How does it taste?

KY said...

did i manage to make salad look sizzling hot too? :S

suituapui said...

The food ALL looks SO nice! Aiyor shrimp cocktail So substantial! In a hotel in Kuching, they serve it in a cocktail glass. Wah! I'd give 100 mraks to KY for his pro-photographer style!!! LOL!!!

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: Haha... I have no idea where Jaya 32 is. You can checkout KY's post.

Philip" Yup go and try. Escargots taste very nice with garlic.

KY: Yes. The salad was so hot!

STP: Haha... Yeah shrimps are always served in cocktail glass. Here they serve it in shells. KY must have been very happy to hear that.

Jeremy C said...

the drink looks good - i've always been fond of watermelon.

looking forward to going in january. let me make a note of the address so i can direct the cabbie :)

-eiling- said...

Jeremy C: No need to call cabbie la. Call me and I'll take you there and you can pay me in meals.

suituapui said...

That's exactly what he wants you to say! Hahahahahahaha!!! Sorry, JC...some people never change hor! Once a pest, always a pest! LOL!!!

mimid3vils said...

Wow, KY's camera really gaya !!!

-eiling- said...

STP: Haha the pest is you no doubt!

Mimi: Yup!

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