Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Shopaholic in Dubai

I can't find any other vocabulary more suitable than "shopaholic" for this particular post. For most of you, maybe you can expect a girl like me to love shopping - I mean which girl doesn't?!! If your girlfriend doesn't, then you must be the luckiest bloke on earth. As much as I love reading Sophie Kinsela's Shopaholic series, I also like to indulge in the shopping experience myself. What's all read and no real-life experience right? My severe shopping habit can be evident in KL shopping scene ocassionally but when it comes to Dubai or any shopping cities in other parts of the world like Milan & Paris which I went last year, it becomes more apparent. Maybe some of you might have came across a silly black long hair 5"6 chinese girl walking down the street in her knee length boots with 5 bags on each arm. That may be me.

Among my favorite items to shop for, clothes remained at the top spot followed by accessories, shoes and handbags. Others would be souvenirs and food items. One (I mean me) can never have enough clothes. Everywhere I travelled, I'm bound to buy a amount of clothes enough to change my wardrobe for one season (yes just 1 season not 4). And my clothes you ask me? Either they will be passed down to my relatives or I'll give them away to charity homes. Most of my clothes are branded and sometimes it can be an emotional scene to part with my treasures.

Can you believe that this (Queen Elizabeth) hat cost about RM1500?!! Definitely not just a beach hat.

Accessories remain as one of my must have in every outfit or every outing. Even if it's just a watch and a pair of studs, I refused to walk out of home without them. For me clothes can be plain and boring but with the right accessories, you can spice up just any ordinary outfit. Ask anyone whom has been to my room and have seen my collection of accessories, they will tell you that I am crazy. I never bother to count but I think I have hundreds pairs of earrings, countless necklaces and maybe 40-50 rings?!! From RM10 for 3 pairs to thousands per piece, I love all my accessories. Every trip from overseas would at least add another 10-20 pieces to the collection. You might think I'm crazy, afterall, I only have 10 fingers and why would I need that many rings. Well, I can tell you that, you wouldn't be able to understand me.

For the past one week that I was in Dubai, I managed to rummage through Malls of the Emirates, Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai Festival City, Mercato, Abu Dhabi Mall and Abu Dhabi Marina Mall. It's not many but I did manage to burn a big hole in my wallet after all the shopping. Let me just showcase some of my shopping outcome. Yeah, it's just some because some items are not shown here due to personal reasons.

A white vest from Marks & Spencer for Yiling

My Thierry Mugler Sunglasses. He might be famous for the Angel perfumes but this particular sunny looked good on me and thus the big hole in my wallet is formed.

My MNG suit skirt and a white pair of shorts from Urban Behaviour

Same top two different colours from Urban Behaviour

Two Grey dresses from Urban Behaviour

Silverish Grey maxi from Splash boutique

Short Dress from Splash

Two tops from Massimo Dutti

White tie-around shirt from Massimo Dutti

My super comfortable walking shoes from Marks & Spencer

My two pairs of heels from Urban Behaviour

This is to illustrate how high the heels were! My dad called it ultra dangerous heels.

And not forgetting the Coca cola from Arab for my dear friend Julian

This is a picture that paints a thousand words.
You can decode it as me knowing how to bake or simply I'm a shopping freak.

Well the saying goes, like mother like daughter. My mum absolutely loves shopping. During her younger days she can shop the whole day skipping her meals but nowadays, she can't catch up with me because I can walk faster and shop longer! She loves baking and because of that, she found her heaven of baking utensils here in Dubai. From baking tins to baking utensils, she'll not miss a chance of getting hold of every single item she does not have at home. And me, wait for her to buy then I use la! She and me loves Wilton cake making supplies which we could not get them in KL and thus the picture above. This is not the 1st time, she had shopped more than that from her first few trips. I think we might just need another kitchen to store all these baking stuffs.

I don't know whether I could find time to bake when I'm home but after all the splurge, I might just have to use 1 or 2 to justify the expenses. I went shopping again yesterday night but didn't really buy anything except some food stuff because I am too broke to spend my hard earned money on Gucci's, Dior's, Chanel's and LV's. I really need to be a big earner to be able to be a big spender. So, I am determined to go back, work smart (notice that it's not hard) and make more $$$. Wish me luck.


suituapui said...

Me! Me! U forgot me! Bwahuhuhuhuhu!!!

YilingL said...

i think u and mom's hobby is collecting baking utensils. not like i've seen any of you use all these moulds and whatnot.

only one top for me ah??? haih my heart is broken :(

foongpc said...

You are confirmed shopaholic! Haha! The high heels look good, but can beat Mariah Carey's high heels or not? Look at her playing golf in high heels here

KY said...

LOL @ YilingL

btw bring me some sand!

Philip said...

Wow...so you have many new dresses/shoes to wear. Are they also for Chinese New Year?

Anonymous said...

Bought any lingerie from M&S and Victoria Secret? There are nice. ;)


-eiling- said...

STP: Don't cry...you're too far away...how?!!

Yiling: Apalah..I will sure make one..one fine day.

Foongpc: Definitely cannot beat your idol lo.

KY: Sure. I'll try to pick some sand from the house. Lots of it in here.

Philip: Can't wait until CNY. Have to wear all of them now. Haha...

FX: I'm actually looking at Lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

Anar said...

Can you please tell me where you bought the baking stuff? I have just moved and need to pick up some utensils. Thanks.

-eiling- said...

At a shop near the supermarket in Mercato Dubai.

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