Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dubai Part 3: Hatam Restaurant

There was one time when my boss, colleague and other Malaysian exhibitors were shopping at Dubai Outlet Mall and was looking for a place to have dinner but we couldn't make up our mind on what to eat. We went around searching and finally we arrived at Hatam which was just situated 1 floor above at the main entrance. The menu looked good and so were the prices too. So, without any further ado, we settled for Hatam as our stomaches were practically growling.

The menu was extensive with curry dishes, grilled dishes and also rice dishes. It is after all an Iranian restaurant and most of the items in the menu are grilled.

This is a must have appetizer. The hot pita bread comes with a plate of mixed green leaves like spring onion and mint, some carrot and olive pickles, walnuts and goat cheese. The bread tasted very good with mint leaves and cheese. I did not try it with spring onions because I never liked uncooked spring onions or olives! The appetizer is complimentary and you could asked for a refill like those bread and balsamic vinegar we had at the Italian restaurants.

Grilled Shrimps

Hatam Mixed Grill (Dirham 55)
Skewers of boneless chicken, minced lamb and minced chicken marinated in yogurt sauce.

Joojeh Kabab Ba-Ostokhan (Dirham 38)
Chicken pieces on the bone, marinated with saffron, lemon and olive oil.

Zereshk Polo-Ba-Morgh (Dirham 35)
Baked Chicken baked in tomato paste served with white rice and topped with Persian Pomegranate Seeds (Barberry). In Chinese it's known as "kei chi" or it's scientific name-Lycium Barbarium. The chicken is hidden underneath the rice.

White basmati long grain rice topped with Saffron rice.

The highlight of the dishes here were of course the rice. I loved the white basmati long grain rice as opposed to starchy white rice. It's so good that I had to have repeated servings of the rice and thus the expanding waistline. The grilled dishes were good and it's not something that you can easily get here. I didn't take the eggplant lamb curry but that's a bomb too. It went so well with the bread.

Hatam at Dubai Outlet Mall

It was so good to the extent that I had Hatam for 3 times when I was in Dubai. My mom loves it too. We even had a take away of the eggplant lamb curry. Even the waiter recognises me and he knew exactly what I wanted eventhough I do not know the exact name of the dish! They had one Hatam express outlet opened in Dubai Mall but I still prefer the Hatam at Dubai Outlet Mall as the express outlet has less to offer.

One happy picture!

P/S: My boss commented if the food at HATAM was not nice, then we should HENTAM ("whack" for those Malay illiterate) them! Lol...


sean said...

the food looks nice leh especially the rice.. is the food over there very expensive?

Anonymous said...

The group picture looks very nice

suituapui said...

Drool! Drool! Looks really the girl in front on the right in the group pic...but I think must be very expensive. Hahahahahaha!!!

foongpc said...

The food looks delicious! Must be nice to eat those rice instead of the usual white rice! But rice is such a "fattening" food I guess if you go there everyday, you really will experience an expanding waistline in no time! So be thankful you didn't stay there longer! LOL

I feel like calling it Hentam Restaurant - sounds better. Haha!

-eiling- said...

Sean: It's quite standard la. A dish will cost around RM40-50.

Anon: Thanks.

STP: Haha...thanks (I'm sure you're talking about me!) The dishes are round RM40-50 each.

Foongpc: Yeah lucky. I couldn't stop eating those rice. I even asked my mum to cook them at home!

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