Monday, November 17, 2008

Dubai Part I : Departure

This is just part 1 of my trip. There will be a few more coming posts on the trip and I hope that wouldn't bore everyone. I arrived at KLIA at 6am yesterday and once I touched down, I went and did a spot check on my chocolates at the outlets. Not exactly a good thing to do but since I'm there, why not? It was very quiet as there were not many flights at this hour.

Talking about my flight, I had an interesting encounter at the airport in Dubai. When I was checking in, I met a group of Malaysian chinese men there whom just finished touring the few countries around the Gulf area and they were very friendly. We talked throughout walking to the boarding gates and the journey to the gates is a a very long journey. For example, think of the journey from the train in KLIA to the baggage reclaim area and make that triple the distance. There's a few walkalators and for those who can't walk, there'll be a buggy ride. I say good bye temporarily to them as I wanted to buy some cigars and liquor at the duty free shops.

I walked into a cigar room. Yes, a cigar room where there's hundred of boxes of cigars and no one to bug you or following every step you take. You can see, touch and smell the cigars in the boxes and open them as you wish in that room. I needed help because apparently I am not very good in the cigar department yet and I need to know that I'm not getting the wrong sizes. It's very confusing as you need to know what's a robusto, petite, siglo and all those crap. None of the staff could help me because they too knew nuts about cigars. Then, (ta daa...) a chinese man walked in and I casually asked him for some advice. He was so kind to show me what to buy and recommending me the good cigars.

I am in no position to buy a box of 15's or 20's which can cost up to thousands. I was just looking at a decent box of 10 so that I can smoke it with my wine friends , 1 for my boss's birthday and another 2 small boxes. After we were done choosing my cigars and his cigars, we proceeded to the cashier counter but I asked the supervisor to send my cigars to the counter as I need to look for a bottle of liquor. After having found my bottle, I went to the cashier and the supervisor told me that the man paid for all my cigars! I was taken aback. A stranger paid for my shopping?!! I have had people beating me to pay for meals but those are friends I know but a stranger? That was really a surprise. Let's just say that the amount that he paid for me can be equivalent to probably 80 meals at McD.

I wanted to pay him back but he insisted that he had paid for it and he told me that I can buy him a drink when he's in KL. He doesn't drink so he said I can buy him a coke! Haha... We both then say goodbye and proceed to our boarding gates. I felt bad having him to pay for the cigars so I went to the cigar shop and got another two more boxes which was meant as gifts so that I can keep the cigars he bought for me for my own indulgence! It was one hour before boarding and he found me sitting by the gate and invited me for a drink at Starbucks. He was on SQ which was departing almost at the same time as MH. He's quite a nice man, being a MD of a property company in Singapore but certainly not an aroggant one. I did asked him why he paid for my cigars and he replied "you were so charming and I couldn't resist". Just that. Haha... Is that some sort of pick up line nowadays?

That was just the part before boarding. In the airplane, the guys I met earlier kept giving me cups of liquor and "yam seng" with me onboard. It was quite embarrassing as I was sitting beside an Iranian man but then later, the Iranian man was cheering with me on his wine! Lol...

That made my flight back to Malaysia a little bit more interesting.


foongpc said...

Wow! The man paid for your cigars? You should have bought more! LOL. You seem to be getting lots of attention from the men. I think they must be attracted to you. Haha!

mef said...

Welcome to the BOTL - brothers of the leaf or cigar community. There's a true friendship with fellow cigar afficionados.

Enjoy those cigars. Do let me know if you need some help or info on cigars.

Philip said...

That is one of the advantages of being a friendly and pretty lady!Welcome back.

suituapui said...

Ooo...something's happening! Property man? Big catch!!!....But then again, with the economy like this, maybe not! Hahahahaha!!!

P.S.: No photo of the guy? LOL!!

Li Wei said...

boy am i u must be feeling good? lucky u babe. no one has ever done that to me :(

Huai Bin said...

You meet all sorts in airport terminals eh? Nice man.

I hope the bottle is Absolut 100. ;)

My cell is 016 888 2069 and my car might be coming end of this week so I can pick it up from you. Thanks Eiling! :)

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: So that I can give some to you?!! Maybe I should move to Dubai where life's more happening there!

Mef: Thanks mef. I'm still learning.

Philip: Yup it is. I am always friendly isn't it?

STP: Haha.. big catch not easy to catch ok... Certainly out of my league.

Li Wei: I felt good but then a bit paiseh la.. You should ask Ivan to pay for your shopping once in a while.

Huai Bin: Yeah, I bet this is one of my most interesting airport encounter. It is 100 all the way from Dubai. Don't worry!

KY said...

please stop hogging lady luck all to yourself!

-eiling- said...

Ky: Oh so you want me to share them with you?

Johnny Ong said...

tat cheers from the iranian man really change the scenario haha

well, that md has monies to pay and that gave him the chance to say that 'pick up line'

Li Wei said...

its different. having ur own bf and some stranger to pay for you ;)

-eiling- said...

Johnny: Well, I hate to owe favors and especially to a stranger. But then again, it feels so good! lol...

Li Wei: Haha...yeah quite true also.

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