Thursday, November 13, 2008

Absolutely Delicious Doughnuts

I'm quite picky when it comes to doughnuts, I've tried Dunkin' Doughnuts, Big Apple, JCo Doughnuts and those from the bakeries which is available in KL but none can be measured against my Krispy Kreme. I had no idea about Krispy Kreme until 2006 when my friend, David whom is studying in London is always tempting me with the description of how good the doughnut he's having there. At that time, only Dunkin' Doughnuts were available here and there was nothing to measure against it.

Thus, when I was in London 2 years ago for a month long vacation, I took the opportunity to have my cherry popped for Krispy Kreme at Harrods. At the Food Hall of the world's famous mall, I queue up patiently for my turn to lay my hands on a piece of the heavenly doughnut. The line was long and there was a big machine making the doughnuts which is visible to the customers. Doughnuts were made fresh every minute and it was all snapped up within minutes. Everyone were buying in dozens except me whom only managed to buy one miserable piece because I was alone and couldn't be eating 12 pieces all by myself. Even that piece itself burnt a hole in my pocket. It cost me a f*cking 1 pound each which is then equivalent to RM7 per piece!

But I can tell you that it was worth every penny. When I first bite into the doughnut, it was like tasting the best foie gras (eventhough I might not know what it tastes like). It was fluffy and melts at every bite. It was beyond description. Since then, I had a loyal devotion towards Krispy Kreme although I still eat other brands because my KK is not available in Malaysia.

My Absolute Favourite Doughnut Outlet

So can you imagine my reaction when I spotted KK at Mall of the Emirates?!! I felt like my body was pulled against the shop and I had to have at least one piece of heaven. And thus, my boss, Carol and I went in to have a coffee and doughnut.

The Tempting Varieties

My Favourite Original Glazed KK

At just DHS4 per piece, it's a steal!

Even the Capuccino tasted great without sugar.

I also heard that Berjaya would be bringing in the KK franchise into Malaysia. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the price tag that they would put to the doughnuts. Paying for RM4 a doughnut is not what everyone could afford. I you ask me, I would choose a pack of Nasi Lemak over a doughnut anytime when I'm starving but when I'm not, it's a different story all together. I told my Arab customers how happy I was to find KK here but one of them told me that i have not tried Tim Hortons which is available in US and Canada. According to him, that was even better. Well, I refused to believe it unless proven. That would have to wait until I have enough moolahs to travel to US.

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KY said...

ooo I like KK original glazed, very best!

suituapui said...

Not into doughnuts. Would rather go for nasi lemak too, or anything local instead.

Anonymous said...

did you gain weight recently? what is the secret of eating a lot of good food yet keeping fit.

-eiling- said...

KY: sentiments exactly

STP: Haha that's a wiser choice no doubt.

Anon: Never be self-conscious about the weight! That's the secret.

Anonymous said...

KK should be opened its first store at Berjaya Times square first quarter next year.

foongpc said...

I'm not a big fan of doughnut surprisingly, since I have sweet tooth. Prefer cakes or chocolates anytime! But I say the worst doughnut I ever tasted in Malaysia at least, is Dunking Donuts. I just don't like their donuts!

-eiling- said...

Anon: really? That's good news.

Foongpc: Well, I have to say i hate Dunkin too. It's crap!

Anonymous said...

i still cant get it with this krispy kreme thingy ... i have to try it next time i am in london...

-eiling- said...

anon: that's why you need to try it!

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