Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tom Yam Cravings

Last Sunday, I woke up really early at around 7.30am to go to the market. I couldn't believe it either. On Sundays, I usually sleep until 10am because I have to work on Saturdays so I don't have the pleasure of waking up late on Saturdays. This few weeks, I had to drag myself off the bed and then to the market since my mom is still in Dubai until December, so I have to play mom. It wasn't that bad after all to wake up early. It's the waking up and leaving the bed that's difficult. I somehow had a feeling every morning that my body was glued to the bed and how nice if I don't need to get to work.

After waking up early, there's no turning back. I can't go back to sleep because one house chore came after another. After I came back from the market, I had to wash the chicken that I just bought before freezing it. I also had to sort out the vegetables and other groceries. As I was preparing for lunch later, Someone rang my doorbell and it was a man asking whether I need to cut the grass at the garden. I allowed him in since the garden is in a bad shape after my mom left. No one in the house seemed to have green fingers. Plants tend to die under my sisters and my care and mom would be yelling at us when she's home.

After the man had cut the grass, I asked him how much he charge and he said it's up to me. For a less than 10 minutes job, I gave him RM5 and a can of 100plus since it's a hot morning. He looked at me as I hand him the money. Was it too little?!! I don't know the rates! If 10minutes he earns RM5, after 5 hours he probably had RM150. Ain't that bad huh? After he had finished, I still had to pick up all the cut grass and sweep the porch. And since I was at the garden, I also cut away those flowers that were dead. After that, I resumed my preparation of lunch.

My mission is to make a tom yam soup base. I had bought all the food needed to go with the tom yam. Making the soup is not that difficult because I chose the easy way of cooking tom yam by buying a ready made tom yam paste. Smart leh?!!

Although it looks easy like adding water to the paste, there are a few ingredients that I have to add to make the soup more flavourful. I added the prawn shells, lime leaves, lime juice (Limau Kasturi), onions and two extra table spoons of Thai tom yam soup paste from the bottle. One packet of the A1 instant tom yam can only cook 1 litre of soup therefore I needed more tom yam paste for a bigger amount of water.

The end result of the soup was great. It's spicy enough and there's a hint of sour from the lime juice. After that remove the prawn shells and lime leaves before serving. And to pair with such good tom yam, I had earlier bought fish balls, cuttlefish, prawns, beansprouts, choy sum and thai stick rice noodle.

After all the seafood had been put to boil in the soup, it's even more flavourful. We had a tom yam steamboat style lunch. It's simply a satisfying meal. Easy to cook and delicious too with the comfort of your own home with the air-conditioned turned on!

In an unrelated note, something made me went boiling today. I was so mad when my friend told me that we had to share some bottles of liquor which I did not consent to order the last weekend. At first we had two bottles, later a few more bottles came but I had no idea who ordered it and considering I didn't drink much because I'm not a blended whiskey person, I didn't ask. Then later today, my friend text me in MSN and asked me to pay RM53 which is my share of the liqour. I was like "WHAT?!!" Since when did anyone asked me whether I want to share? Apparently my friend who text me was also caught by surprise today having to pay her share too. I am not angry about sharing the cost. I was angry that I was not told earlier. If I had known that, I would have drank my fair share! For goodness sake, I didn't even touch 2 glasses for that 2 extra bottles! Don't the guys even have the courtesy to ask us earlier about the deal?!! If I pay, then I can choose what I want to drink.

So much so for being guys with no brains or whatever intelligence or even common sense. Lucky they are just my friend's friend's friends. If they were my friends, they wouldn't see the daylight already by now. I would have given them my piece of mind. I was angry because they drank those bottles like it's water, drowning the alcohol neat one by one, making a mockery out of themselves. That's why I didn't even bother talking to them. Its a total waste of my intelligence.

Ish geramnya.... (if you could just see my two devil horns protuding from my scalp now)

P/S: What Rubberseeds commented made sense. I save some bucks from cutting grass and threw away RM53 just like that. I paid RM53 to some buggers who doesn't even mow my lawn! #$^@!%@#


Huai Bin said...

Cutting grass in KL. I thought the going rates was about RM 35, but I doubt the source, since it was from a book by Lydia Teh (Honk if you're Malaysian). :)

Oh well, about the alcohol bit, you get all sorts.

"I drink to make others sound interesting"

You can always use that line when you see them next time. ;)

KY said...

hahah RM 5 is really a bit too low considering the guy brought his equipment and had to pay for gas.

As for the liquor incident, well, I have plenty of bottles at home and you're always welcome. :D

Anonymous said...

ky really fancy you ;)


Philip said...

RM5 is too little la. I pay RM7 here for a 10-minute job. Most time he can finish in less than 10 minutes.Haha, throwing away RM53 for nothing and trying to save the cost of cutting grass?

-eiling- said...

Huai Bin: No. It's not that expensive. Moreover, I didn't call them, he came and knock on my door. Haha...that's a good line! Thanks to alcohol, we know how a person is like after he is drunk! I will definitely use that line whenever I bump into them Hope not!

KY: Yeah yeah I saw the bottles. *wink* but your house got disco light and blaring music or not?!! Well, I asked him how much he charged and he said it was up to me!

Fx: From the comments?!! Lol he fancies everyone whom is smart, hot and young. I'm smart and young but no hot!

Philip: Ok. Next time I'll probably give RM8 or RM10. Maybe he wouldn't want to come to my house again! That's true... RM53 given to some buggers who doesn't even mow my lawn...

Gallivanter said...

Yikes! I made a mistake coming to this blog when I'm feeling hungry! Arrgghh!

KY said...

hahhah, be careful what you wish for. I do have disco lights and blurring music at home, I AM SERIOUS! lol

Anonymous said...

The rates for cutting grass + sweep away the grass at the porch in Subang is RM10. :)

foongpc said...

I normally pay RM15 to the grass cutter. But he took about 30 mins to complete the job. Either I have a big garden or he's slow! Haha.

So RM5 for 10 mins should be OK, I think. But in your case, I rather pay him RM53 instead. Haha!

suituapui said...

I pay RM30 to the guy who comes to cut the grass in my garden;others pay him RM20 only. Never mind! He needs tha extra RM10 more than me.

My time, the ladies did NOT have to pay a cent. The gentlemen picked up the tab all the time. These city guys - gaya plus-plus, pocket kosong...have to ask ladies to pay for drinks (which they did not even drink). So shameless! The days of chivalry are over!!!

-eiling- said...

Gallivanter: Sorry I couldn't help it.

KY: I didn't wish woh. I know u've got disco ball!

Anonymous: Thanks for the info.

Foongpc: I know I know. Geram lah.

STP: You're right. I don't mind paying but at least have the courtesy to ask me first la. What kinda guys are these?!! No guts to come and ask me for money. Have to ask another person to ask. I have no respect for them at all.

Huai Bin said...

KY, how come you never offer me to come to your house and sample your liquor collection? :p

-eiling- said...

Huai Bin: Cos you're not a girl. Isn't that obvious?!!

KY said...

Huai Bin,
Cos I have no doubt that you can finish them in one sitting. LOL

LD said...

did i ever mention i'm a big fan of hot and spicy food?

well, i am and this posting has ignited my hunger for spice...and lots of it!

keep it up, dear :)

suituapui said...

Psst!!! Pretend you do not get ld's broad hint! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

-eiling- said...

LD: Thanks. I think you did mention before. Haha... Let me know when you're down in KL. *wink* Have you been missing in action?

STP: What broad hint?!! Can't pretend when I really don't know!

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