Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jogoya @ Starhill

How am I going to loose weight if week after week I'm having such good and rich food?!! This post is strictly beneficial to


Sorry guys, the benefits do not apply to your species.

Today, I had an appointment with Tangs at 2pm at Pavilion and so Wei Mei booked a table for two at Jogoya for lunch. I think there's no need for an introduction for Jogoya at Starhill. Many would have blogged about it. Knowing that I haven't been there before even it's the talk of the town, Wei Mei think it's a good idea to have lunch there with the promotion going on. Read this:

50% Discount for ladies only for lunch on weekdays

Such a good deal! The both of us paid only RM51 each after adding all the taxes. And since it's a buffet, there's no limit to as how much you can eat, as long as your tummy can store them.

Being my first time there, I was quite excited (jakun). There were so much to choose from, endless list of food. Making a choice was so difficult. As we were seated at the table, there were three metal clips on the table. The metal clips with the table number is to be used when you need to order something that need to be cooked so that you can leave it on the plate of the dish you wanted to the chef. They will then send the food to you once it's done. Brilliant!

I had quite a variety of food. I tried not to eat too much of one dish so that I can try as many dishes as possible in the shortest time possible and gaining the least weight as possible. Sounds impossible? It's not!!! I think I had tried more than 20 types of food in less than 1 and a half hour. But weight - I dunno lah!

To prove that I have eaten my fair share of the bill, here's the calculations based on my smart estimations:
  1. Oysters X 2 = RM20
  2. Squid + Snails + Abalone slices = RM15
  3. Prawn Tempura X 2 = RM5
  4. Grilled sting ray = RM10 (Jln Alor or now Jln Kejora price)
  5. Miso Soup with King Crab = RM15
  6. Edaname + smoked squid = RM5
  7. Coconut X 2 = RM7
  8. Wine X 1 = RM10 (cos it's a small glass)
  9. Desserts (Jelly, green tea cake, tiramisu & Mochi) = RM10
  10. Haagen Daz Ice Cream X 4 scoops = RM28
Total value that I have eaten = RM125!!! See, so it's actually worth going by paying only RM51! It was such a good deal. So so so good....

Look at her, drowning in coconuts. Actually 2 of them were mine. Hehe...

Savouring my all-you-can-eat Haagen Daz!

So guys, if you're interested, lunch is at RM68++ per person for you and girls have them 50% off. Reason behind it - I guess because guys can wallop a lot of food and therefore Jogoya will go bankrupt even before the promotion period has ended. Girls, take the chance to try if you haven't. It's quite an experience. Promotion ends 19th December 2008. Next time I go there again, I'll head to the Haagen Daz chiller straight away. One more note though, the wine sucks big time. It's definitely cheapo wine, trust me.


Philip said...

A friend informed me of the promotion yesterday...and now I see it here. I have been there twice, first time paying like RM80 per pax and second time it was more than RM100.Haha, I had 3 of those coconut during my second time there.It's a nice place with lots of choices.Certainly worth going again.

KY said...

The whole girls always eat less than guys misconception... :/

Vincent Teh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vincent Teh said...

grrr... tak puas.

mimid3vils said...

Worth to take leave go there eat hor~~
PS; I'm a 9-5 admin clerk, lunch time only 1 hour :(

YilingL said...

when are u taking me there???

eiling said...

Philip: Yeah. I want to go again too before the promotion ends.

KY:Depends la who's the girl. *wink

Vincent: Kenapa leh?!!

Mimi: Oh then it's a bit difficult. Go when you're on leave la...

Yiling: pay, I'll take you there!

Aaron C. said...

HAHA... Sometimes, I really wish I was a female. You gals get all the special treats and promos, and discounts. Oh well, wad to do? Born a guy, forever a guy. But yea, Jagoya is a nice place to have a buffet. SO MANY CHOICES!!!

suituapui said...

They check ID or not? If not, maybe I can dress up and pretend to be Joanne Kam Po Po...or what's the name of that "Terlalu Istimewa" singer now? LOL!!!

foongpc said...

OMG! I'm going to Jogoya next! But too bad no 50% discount! I also jakun, have never eaten there before! Going by your calculation, I'm going to eat twice of what you eat, so in effect, I'm getting some sort of 50% too, right?

Oh yes, I'm going to attack the Haagen Daz ice cream, that's for sure!

It's not true that guys eat more than girls. I have a female friend who is slim and she eats much more than me! And still stay slim! Don't you want to be like her?

Oh, if like Suituapui said, they don't check your ID, I'll do a Mrs Doubtfire. LOL

-eiling- said...

Aaron C: Ooh they did had a 50% discount for guys last month. I guess the promotion period for ladies is longer. Who says life is fair?

STP: Haha.. you could dress like a girl. no one checks your ID. Just make sure you don't get caught!

Foongpc: Yeah always envy ppl who ate a lot but won't get fat. Yeah eat double of what I ate and you're getting teh 50% discount already. I suggest you attack the haagen Daz ice-cream first then only other dishes! Lol.. or you could dress like Mrs. Doubtfire. Sure Fire one!

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