Monday, October 20, 2008

Alcohol Challenge 1 : Lychee Liquor Jelly

Yes I am an alcoholic, a self-professed one. I am not addicted to alcohol, I just seemed to enjoy it. I don't drink to get high, I drink to savour the taste and enjoy the company I have drinking with me. There's many ways to enjoy alcohol - neat, back, with mixers, cocktails or cooking. Thus I chose cooking as my theme for this alcohol challenge.

Lychee Liquor Konnyaku Jelly

Alcohol: Kwai Feh Lychee Liquor (20% alcohol).
Jelly: Konyyaku Jelly with pre-added sugar mix.
Fillings: Canned Lychee, fresh strawberries & Kiwi seeds

1. Bring the konyyaku jelly powder mix to boil with 700ml of water. Add in the lychee syrup which measures to about 300ml.
2. Add in a shot of the lychee liquor (just like the pic).
3. Once boiling, turn off heat. Get ready the jelly moulds and fillings.
4. Put lychee, strawberries and kiwi seed into each empty cavity.
5. Then pour in the jelly mixture and let it set. Chill before serving.

* The reason why I chose to use konyyaku powder is that this Japanese jelly tends to have a chewy and springy texture rather compared to the normal western jello and it tasted perfect with the lychee and strawberries.

The results:

KY, you really need a white plate!!!

Jelly for your loved ones!!! (minus alcohol for those 18 and below)

It's full of lychee flavour and when coupled with the strawberries, it has a bit of the sourish taste which is just nice. The jelly is chewy, just the way I liked it.

To fully enjoy the experiment, I brought some to KY's place and shared it with him and Rachel. I think they said it was good. Was it? Anyways, I said it was good. What's a better praise then my own self praise?!! However, I think it can be improved with adding more alcohol because obviously the alcohol content was not stong enough to be enjoyed by those people who has a high tolerance for it - especially me of course! Maybe I had a trained palate and won't be able to taste the alcohol if the jelly is not made up of 50% alcohol and 50% jelly!

Savouring every bite!

KY's kissing the jelly

Rachel biting it!

I shared it with my assistant too. She was so afraid that I would drunk her with my jelly that she refused to eat before she drove home. Lol....


William Koh said...

Good stuff you got there ;)

Sheila said...

You are certainly one talented cook!
As far as drinking alcohol, just remember, it all contains sufficient drug like power, to easily destroy many various parts of your body/health, with no warning, and no cures, as of todays date.
If you'd like to know more about this topic, just e-mail me, as my late husband & I had our lives pretty much destroyed from it, and we we're ever drunk either !!

YilingL said...

no liquor taste la the jelly.... i suggest we pour half a bottle into it the next time. hehe the liquor is sweet even when I had it neat. and maybe we should try the vodka infused watermelon next time ;)

KY said...

It was very good! but can't really taste the liquor loo, I think evaporated or something. Next time we use a syringe to inject ok? :P

suituapui said...

Why that ky so kesian? Got pretty girl, dun wan to kiss...go kiss jelly! Hahahahahahaha!!! Chinese cooking, also use lots of wine, brandy etc...

Anonymous said...

A short of 20% alcohol liquor to 1000ml water plus boiling, you probably ended up with less than 1% alcohol!


-eiling- said...

William: Thanks.

Sheila: I don't drink very often. I just seemed to enjoy it occasionally. Sorry to hear about your late husband's condition. I hope things get better for you.

Yiling: Ok next time we pour quarter cukup la. But we must try the watermelon thingy and I happened to bought a watermelon today! lol

KY: Ok. We can try!

STP: I not good enough like the jelly mah!

FX: Alcohol evaporates. I know.

foongpc said...

Hmm, looks delicious! Will be nice to serve this at a party : )

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: Yeah and then before serving, pour somemore liquor!

ChocolateAbs said...

Actually is not call kiwi seed. The actually name of the seed is call chia seed

ChocolateAbs said...

Actually is not call kiwi seed. The actually name of the seed is call chia seed

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