Monday, September 15, 2008

Theobroma @ Pavilion

This is another chocolate post, but not on Fidani. It's a new chocolate F&B outlet that I had wanted to try for quite some time ago but yet did not really have the right time and mood to go for it. You see, there's always something that I would want to eat compare to chocolates. Who haven't known that I see chocolates every single day? And thus the lack of chocolate cravings.

Today was the right day. I had a early appointment at Amoda with a corporate client of a branded handbag label who wanted chocolates for the coming birthday bash of the label and then I had to send the chocolate goodies to Tangs at Pavilion for the media preview of Xmas @ Tangs tomorrow so I asked Wei Mei to come together with me.

It was lunch time and since we were in Pavilion, I decided that we should do a little "study" visit to Theobroma - the total chocolate concept lounge.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in Malaysia is a collaboration between Theobroma Food of the Gods Pty Ltd, an Australian-based company, with their Malaysian franchise Hing Yiap Group. The Hing Yiap Group carries fashion labels such as Diesel, BUM Equipment, Union Bay and Antioni. Maybe now they wanted to diversify into F&B industry. What's theobroma? This scientific name translates to "food of the gods". The Australian company thus adopted the name for it's chocolate lounge franchise. It had quite a grand opening with the Pussycat Dolls making an appearance and the hiring of models to showcase the chooclates as well as violin performance.

The counter where you have to make your orders. It's self service but they will bring you your food.

The big chocolate poster that adorns the wall. Don't you think the chocolates are way too colourful and I think the white background looks a bit too plain. It does not bring out the classiness of the brand.

The chairs are comfortable enough.

The chocolate display. Each piece is retailed at RM4.90

The settings and ambiance is cosy with the use of comfortable cushioned chairs and brown theme colour. However, I still think that they can do better than that with the chocolate display and the walls. I think the display at the outlet in 1Utama is much better. It looked a bit too "Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf" to me.

Sultana Pancake

We had a Sultana Pancake for sharing. Honestly the menu is too chocolatey.

The crepes, pancakes and waffles are priced at RM14.90. There are an array of sweet crepes served with chocolate and sultana and also savoury crepes like Salmon, chicken and mushroom with cheese crepe. The pies are at RM9.90 and the Chocolate Fondue for 2 is RM25.90.

Hot Belgian Chocolate with Mug n Warmer

Princess of Iceland

The drinks selection is pretty complete with Hot Belgian Chocolate with mug the warmer at RM12.90, Hot Belgian Chocolate in cup at RM9.90, Boutique Teas (green tea, black tea, herbal tea) at RM9.90, coffee & cappuccino at RM8.90, Ice Chocolate at RM10.90 and Frappe at RM12.90. I think you'll be spoilt for choices in terms of chocolate drinks!

See how much Wei Mei enjoyed her chocolate?!!

My Verdict:

I like the details they put into the food presentation, making it unique from other outlets that serve chocolate drinks and food. However, me and my assistant didn't quite finish the chocolate drinks because it's too much to handle after eating the pancakes. Everything was too chocolatey for us. I don't know whether it has something to do with the fact that we have been looking at chocolates everyday so much so that we lost the cravings. My recommendation was to choose the dark chocolate next time as I find that the milk chocolate was a bit too sweet.

The place is perfect for a get together with friends for a drink or dessert. I don't really like it for lunch or dinner as the selection of food is limited to crepes and pies. Honestly, if I were to run that place, I would offer staple food like spaghetti and some pizzas to go with it. After all, how much chocolate could one take? I felt so aphrodisiac overdosed (quoting from KY) that we both head to Sakae Sushi next door for a real lunch! LOL

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge outlets are situated at Lot FK3, 1st floor, 1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing) and Lot C4.05.02, Level 4, Pavilion KL.


LD said...

wow, looks interesting.

it looks like the kind of place i'd only go once a year!

so many nice places to go to in kl :)

take me, hey, when i go over?

KY said...

and never ajak me hmph!

cc said...

There's a similar outlet in the mall here, I should really check it out. Probably will go there this weekend. :)

Nicholas Chay said...

wah, maybe i'll go try ot hot belgian choc drink.

with warmer somemore. best.

Tekkaus said...

Your life is damm chocolate-y huh! =)
How I wish I have a job and life like yours.
2nd thought I'll get diabetic. Ha =)

-eiling- said...

LD: Yes, I think the most I'll go twice a year! LOL so when you drop by in KL, let me know. I'll take you on a chocolate journey!

KY: working time la...sorry...

CC: You should try and let me know what you think.

Nicholas: Yeah, try the hot chocolate. It's really chocolatey, not milo.

Tekkaus: Yeah I better go check my sugar levels. LOL I'm sure you'll find a job you'll like.

foongpc said...

Yeah, from what you wrote, I agree they should include spaghetti and other stuffs otherwise people will only go in for dessert and not for a proper lunch or dinner meal.
Even though I love chocolates, too much of a good thing is never good.

Michael Yip said...

sigh ... look so good..... *craves*

mimid3vils said...

must go this place!!!

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: Yeah. I find eating and drinking everything chocolate is a bit too much. They should have something salty.

Michael: Go and try!

Mimi: Yup must try the Belgian hot Chocolate.

aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

Ehhhh ... EiLing ahhhhh ... how come ahhhhh ... you eat so much chocolate ahhhhh ... you no get fat one ahhhhh??? ... ahahahahaha ...

suituapui said... daughter would love the place! She loves chocs! I'm a coffee guy! If I drink hot chocolate, I'd want to go to sleep. Must be from my young days when everyday, we would have coffee in the morning and MILO every night as a night cap! Psycho liao!!! LOL!!! I wouldn't mind the pancakes though!

-eiling- said...

aahhh-chew!!!: That's because I eat selected chocolates only! LOL

STP: You can also go there because they have coffee, capuccino and espresso too!

rubberseeds said...

Looking at the photos don't you think that the atmosphere is spoiled by the very bright lighting? More dim and coloured lights should be more pleasant,romantic and welcoming.

Johnny Ong said...

something different on the line of chocs

-eiling- said...

Philip: Yeah I completely agree with you. By the way, the shop looks bare too.

Johnny: Yup. Worth to give it a try!

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