Thursday, September 25, 2008


My glutton week hasn't been coming to an end yet. In fact, this particular week, I am having 3 gluttony dinners - Japanese, Italian and Chinese. The first two dinners were for my clients and the last one, which is on Friday, today is to try out some wines with my drinking kakis in KL at a chinese restaurant with a "palace" in its name. You do the guessing.

I had a gruesome time trying to book a table for the Ramadhan buffet where I plan to take my clients for a hearty buka puasa meal. On Monday, I tried calling MO, KL Hilton, Le Meridien and Shangri-La and all restaurants are fully booked until Friday! WTH?!! Each pax costs around RM100++ and there you have every single expensive restaurant is fully booked! I haven't been to any Ramadhan buffet and they're not even giving me a chance to experience and spend the money! Generally, I think Malaysians are quite rich because at this state of our economy situation, we can afford to dine at such fine restaurants that cut throats.

So, I gave up and finally gave a call to my favourite Japanese restaurant at Subang Jaya. I managed to get a reservation without any hassle. No one goes to "a la carte" places during this month I guess. The dinner was great - maybe a little bit too lavish than my usual meals there because.....well, look at what we ate!

From Clockwise:

1. Jumbo Roll
2. Wagyu Sukiyaki 150g (Wagyu beef with sukiyaki sauce) = RM155
3. Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab) = RM16.00
4. Hacho Okamase (18 sushi + 1 maki) = RM100

Assorted Sashimi @ RM150

Honestly I don't stinge on buying customer meals. However, my company is very stringent on entertainment bills and therefore I don't usually claim for the meals I buy them. It's so sickening to fight with the management on some bills and thus to resolve the problem, my customers usually buy me meals. Haha... But that night, I had the honour to pay as I have earlier obtained a budget to spend them. First time ever feel good paying the bill....since it's not my money. LOL

Well, at least my customers are happy. For a change, they actually prefer ala carte than buffet. We even had green tea ice-cream as desserts. Rakuzen is my favourite place for comfort food - Japanese la, what else?!! I like their grilled beef bento set too because at RM38, they really offer good quality and tender beef slices. Although the pricing is a bit above the average but it's worth it! The best thing is, it's not easy to find the outlet as it does not have a signboard. Lucky for those who knew about the place but it's still packed on weekends.

I received a very nice necklace yesterday from S&L. So sweet of them to get me this black beaded necklace with a diamond (fake ones) studded star from ALDO without any reason at all. Awwhh so touched. Me think it's funky and I'm lovin' it.

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Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant - by Yiling

rakuzen japanese restaurant
13, jalan ss15/5a,
47500 subang jaya.
tel: 03-58804717
(Opposite the side of SJMC hospital and a few shops from Tomoe Japanese Restaurant)


KY said...

oo rakuzen subang is pretty much my fav restaurant of all! :D

sean said...

I havent try it yet..but honestly, few friends of mine recommend this place too! And ky too! Must be good.... Anyone heard of the one in oldklangroad.. also some hidden japanese restaurant i guess. But they said is really good...

Btw eiling.. the star looks dangerous leh... like very sharp and near to the neck.. -_-"

cc said...

$100++ per pax! Must be some killing meals!
I love green tea ice-scream!

rubberseeds said...

I also like Japanese food very much. I had been to Rakuzen and also Tomoe earlier this year. My lecturer friend Dr. Ting recommended me to stay in Subang Valley Hotel which is right above Tomoe.....and there I had Japanese meals conveniently every day.

-eiling- said...

KY: Really? You belanja me there next time.

Sean: I've heard of the Jap restaurant in Old Klang Road. It was opened by my cousin's friend. I heard it's pretty good too. The star is not that sharp.

CC: It's a 5 star hotel pricing.

Philip: I see. Next time when you're in Subang, let me know ya.

ziling said...

so where did u hide the necklace? I want to wear... faster!

YilingL said...

The restaurant is called Nihon Kai. You can read my review here:

suituapui said...

I love the buka puasa buffet at the hotels. Used to have meetings around that time and I would feast on all the things available...but one time, came down with gout!!! LOL!!! Too greedy!...Nice necklace!...Nice neck! Wink! Wink!!!!

vialentino said...

i must admit that rakuzen food is nice esp their unagi....but had a bad experience with their waiting time...waited more than an hour....fruzzz.

LD said...

sometimes I prefer ala carte to buffet as well - quality over quantity...

the necklace looks great on you. then again, i think anything looks great on you :)

aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

me also like Japanese, esp sashimi ... Rakuzen seems expensive leh ... must be vely the good ... but can I be your customer huh??? ... then I could get free treats from you ... ahahahaha ...

-eiling- said...

ziling: Jangan mengada.

STP: Thanks. Wah you really is a glutton too!

Vialentino: Maybe you should tell the staff and let them know.

LD: Thanks dear. Me too quality over quantity anytime!

aahhh-chew: Can. Give me 30k business every month and I'll take you to Rakuzen! LOL

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