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Chocolate Drink Review

As if the previous entry wasn't chocolatey enough that I have to come up with this chocolate drink review. For this week, I really had an overdose of the brown stuff in my digestive system and arteries. If I were to take a sugar reading right now, I bet I am on a diabetic alert. As I was writing this post, I am munching on some Neuhaus milk napolitains without the slightest guilt.

Remember the previous post on Lafite, where I bought something from Godiva? My trip to Godiva besides trying to see the new outlet, my intention was also to do a study on chocolate drinks as I might want to develop one for FIDANI. I made a comparison between Godiva, Cadbury and Van Houten.

For every Godiva & Cadbury, the chocolate drink powder comes in a can and I need a cup of warm milk to dissolve the powder. I used Dutch Lady fresh milk because that's the only one I can find in my house. My mum likes it in small individual packets because she doesn't need to open the whole packet of 1 Liter for her baking. Don't buy those with Vanilla flavoring, or else you won't get the real taste of the chocolate. As for Van Houten, all I need is a glass of hot water as it came premixed with milk powder.

Specimen No. 1 : GODIVA Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

The Godiva Hot Cocoa (410g) retails at RM103 per can for 10 servings. It's available in milk and dark chocolate. Product of USA.

My first reaction was, God this is damn expensive! RM103 for 10 servings which calculates to RM10.30 per cup not inclusive of milk and the electricity to boil it...and the water to wash the cup. I guess Godiva Hot Chocolate makes Starbucks look cheap.

Well the first ingredient on the list is Sugar. That means that there is more sugar in this than any other ingredient alone. The next ingredient is cocoa which I would have expected to be the first ingredient, followed by bittersweet chocolate...who am I to question the Godiva genius?

Every cup of 8oz of warm milk, which is almost 200ml of milk will need about 4 tablespoons of Godiva miracle hot cocoa powder, as recommended by Godiva. I put the cocoa powder first into the cup before pouring in the warm milk and stir continuosly for 30 seconds until it's mixed thoroughly. The aroma is similar to those of cocoa powder but not as strong. There's no sediment but a rich and smooth taste of chocolate. The colour is very similar to Milo too eventhough it's dark chocolate.

I find that it would be ok even if I just put 3 tablespoons instead of 4. I find that this amount is quite adequate. 4 spoons make it far too rich and sweet whereas 2 spoons make it like witch's water. Don't use the chinese porcelain tablespoons for soup because that's much bigger than the normal stainless steel spoon. The drink is indeed very rich and I felt so full after just 1 cup.

Specimen No.2 : Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate (250g) retails at about RM23+ at selected supermarkets for about 10-12 servings. Product of UK.

Just like Godiva, the first ingredient is sugar too, followed by cocoa. Cadbury suggests 3 heaped teaspoons per serving as compared to Godiva of 4 tablespoons! The powder dissolves very easily with a whisk or fork. I've never had any lumps or sediment in the bottom of my cup. The aroma is good and the taste is chocolatey but not as rich as Godiva though.

I still remembered that I was first exposed to Cadbury chocolate drink when I was in London staying with one of my long time friends from Ipoh. He would dissolve a few spoonfuls of the Cadbury chocolate powder into some hot water and then top it up with cold milk for me in the morning. That was the best chocolate drink I ever had at that time. After that I was hooked. Everyday, I would be at least making one cup myself. It's only £1.90 there as compared to the overpricing of the chocolate drink here which forced us to resort to Milo and Vico.

Specimen 3: Van Houten Ready-to-Drink

Van Houten Chocolate Drink (10 sachets of 30g) retails at RM10+ at the leading supermarkets. Product of Malaysia.

The main ingredient is still sugar followed by creamer and cocoa. The main reason why they came out with the chocolate drink is to differentiate itself from Milo, Vico & Ovaltine which is similar to Cadbury's. They wanted to make a hassle free chocolate drink without the need of warm milk. When I was still working in the company that distributes Van Houten, we were given some sampling of the drink to which I don't really like it for some reasons such as lack of milky taste and too sweet. There is sediment at the bottom of the cup everytime and the colour is slightly darker than the normal chocolate drinks.

Well, that's my opinion but in reality the relationship of good with cheap and fast is that cheap and fast = no good. Therefore, how good can a chocolate drink at RM1 a cup as compared to Godiva's RM10 a cup?!! If money is not a problem, i would definitely go for something better. But Van Houten is a great deal for the price you pay for when you're sick of Milo.

Why would I not compare the likes of Milo and Vico too? Well, that's because I don't consider them chocolate drinks. Their main ingredient besides sugar is actually extracted malt. These are malt drinks and should not be mentioned with Godiva and Cadbury in the same breath. If anyone ever asked you about your favourite chocolate drink, don't say Milo. Now that I have tried Godiva, I can proudly say that I have tried the most iconic chocolate drink in town.


LD said...

oh, so much chocolate in a week!

but yeah, i love hot choc, and i've got my own technique, too :)

keep up the reviews but watch the calories, hey

Jen said...

erm.. one fine day i'm gonna pop by your house for a visit and proclaim that i'm really thirsty and i think a nice cup of godiva chocolate drink would do the trick =P

-eiling- said...

LD: Yeah I think I've gone a bit overboard with chocolates and I felt rather fat now... So share with us in your next post on how to make your perfect cup of hot chocolate!

Jen: Haha...can but the Godiva is at the office and Cadbury is at home!

boo_licious said...

One more comparison you can try Eiling - Green & Blacks.

You can get the organic hot chocolate at Country Farm Organics. Maybe that should be a better comparison to Godiva since Green and Blacks is also quite high class.

There's no Valrhona hot chocolate drink though, only the cocoa powder but usually the hotels use the melted chocolate to mix with hot milk.

LD said...


i did, a couple of weeks back. u missed it :(

my own recipe of making hot choco drink :P

speaking of which, think i'll go make it now...hehe

aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

Eeeeeeee ... chocolate drinks somemore ... what happened when you chocolate overdosed ahhhhh??? ... you got chocolate antidote or not??? ... ahahahaha ...

-eiling- said...

Boo_licious: Oh, I haven't heard of it but I'll give it a try. Yup Valrhona doesn't have a chocolate drink powder but you can melt the chocolate callets and mix them with milk.

LD: Really? Then I missed it. Send me the link la.

aahhh-chew: Chocolate overdose = overdose of aphrodisiac = sex as antidote! LOL Just kidding. I just drink water la.

cc said...

I used to drink Cadbury Hot chocolate, it's cheap here as there's a Cadbury factory in Dunedin. NZ$ $2.99 per 225g (about RM7). Now I prefer the Nestle Heaven Dark Chocolate drinks. It's about NZ$8 per 240g (about RM19). I'll do a short review to share with you.

-eiling- said...

CC: Thanks. In fact I've yet to try the Galazy hot chocolate drink too. Long time ago I did try the Malteser Chocolate Drink but I have forgotten about the taste.

rubberseeds said...

Oh, another lady in NZ has been poisoned by chocolated! hahaha

-eiling- said...

Philip: Haha I guess so.

Anonymous said...

Prefer to buy chocolate powder without added sugar.

Hot thick chocolate without milk is nice too!

Anonymous said...

Understand cocoa powder don’t contain cocoa butter. May be you can try to make hot chocolate milk from melted dark chocolate.

-eiling- said...

Anonymous: Most chocolate drink will contain sugar.

Anonymous: Cocoa powder is a by-product of Cocoa butter extracting and most chocolate drink uses that because it's cheap but Godiva is using bittersweet chocolate and cocoa. So it does contain cocoa butter.

Simon Seow said...

Godiva is a very expensive chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I love cadbury! But I ALWAYS make it cold. Try to put 2 or 3 spoon with a little amount of cold milk (like 4 spoons). Then try to dissolve, stir it hard and then fill the cup with cold milk.
90% of cocoa will dissolve and 10% will float in your drink, making it delicious!
Im from spain and always I travel to UK i take 2 cans to enjoy at home when i come back :)

Loh Yen Fang said...

May i know where can buy the  Van Houten Ready-to-Drink at malaysia?

Loh Yen Fang said...
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