Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chateau Angelus

We've all seen Bond uttering the ubiquitous "shaken, not stirred" line for his vodka martinis, specifically Smirnoff vodka martinis which made Smirnoff suddenly shot to stardom with its vodka. Try to remember this scene: The bottle of Angélus features prominently while Bond dines with Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green, in a railway dining car on his way to the Casino Royale in Montenegro - transposed from the original novel's Monte Carlo.

Now picture me drinking from the same Chateau on last Friday night. Yes, we (my wine friends and me) had a vertical wine tasting on Chateau Angelus. A vertical wine tasting involves wines from different vintages but all the wines will come from the same winery. If the winery produces more than one type of wine you would select a single wine from that winery and taste multiple vintages of that wine. Thus that night, we had 8 different vintages of Angelus (1989,1990,1991,1994,1995,1996,1998&2000). Honestly, this is my first time doing a vertical wine tasting and I was rather excited about drinking from the same chateau as James Bond just like how I started my Smirnoff liking.

The Angélus vineyard, which totals 23.4 hectares, is situated on the famous côtes of St Emilion with the clay and limestone typical terroir typical of the region. Saint-Émilion is one of the principal red wine areas of Bordeaux along with the Medoc, Graves and Pomerol. FYI, Chateau Angelus is categorised as a Premiers grands crus classés B and only Chateau Ausone and Chateau Cheval Blanc made it to classés A.

The 6 of us drank 8 bottles.

The older wines were decantered for a few hours.

When there's good wine, there's always good food to go with it. Ah, and the good company too. My friends refused to be revealed in my blog and thus I shall refer them as Mr.A, Mr.H, Mr.L, Mr.W and Ms E and I'm the small "e". I shall let these wine connoisseurs stay anonymous. The good food and wine that I've been having all along are all thanks to this bunch of interesting people. They trained my palate and should I blame them for me acquiring such an expensive taste now? Imagine the days where I was still having Australian Yellowtail wine with San Francisco steaks and now this!

Clockwise: Chunks of Sharks Fin with thick broth, Abalone,Mini Lobsters and Iberian Pig.

A plate of noodles with shrimp eggs and meat held by Mr.L. The only part of the body that I can reveal are his hands.

My dreams of eating a bowl of birds nest all by myself has been fulfilled. This bowl is really full of birds nest and I hardly find a spoonful of liquid! Lol

We used different glasses for different vintages of wine throughout the dinner. Washing the glasses is not my concern. My focus was to find my favourite vintage.

This is my ultimate favourite. The 1989. We did a tasting according to the ratings. We started off with the good ones and ended with the best ones irrespective of the years.

Initially I liked the 1990. It has a good nose of smoke, blackcurrant and spices which is at its stage of maturity and I think it's the perfect time to drink it. However, the 1989 has outshone the 1990. With a nice bouquet, outstanding tannins and lasting finish, it's simply fabulous. The bottles are retailed at around RM1000-3000 per bottle.

When asked about the dishes that night, the abalone was everyone's clear favourite. Honestly, I don't really like abalone anymore. For the first time in my LIFE, I was not looking forward to eating abalone. (Not being arrogant or showing off), I have been eating it almost everytime I went out for dinner together with them and after so many dinners, my abalone cravings had seemed to vanish. I think the birds nest was my favourite that night. So, maybe we shouldn't have too many times of this birds nest or else I'll lose interest too.... (I wonder would it ever apply to my man?)

Juan Lopez

We had good food, good wine, good company and the last thing to have was of course CIGARS! Mr.W is always our cigar supplier. He must be the one person that I know uses the most ziplock bags. He likes to store his cigars in these ziplock bags. We puffed the night away with a Habana cigar each.

The only cigarette that I would never decline. I love good cigars. HDM for instance.

After licking till the last drop from the bottles, Mr.L and Ms.E, hung the Angelus bottles to the wine holders beside the door removing the previously not-so-prestige-wine bottles. They even wanted to name this room the Angelus room. Imbi Palace had been just renovated and I must say that the renovation is quite impressive. So if you ever had your meal at Imbi Palace, check out this room upstairs, in front of the couch.

Thanks to Mr.L for the great dinner. A dinner like this is never cheap. I don't know the prices of the food because I only know how to eat but the wines will definitely cost you a bomb. It ranges from RM600-3000 a bottle all thanks to Mr. Bond having a sip of Angelus in Casino Royale.

Bond drinks Angelus. 82 Angelus.

Eiling drinks Angelus too. 89 Angelus.

Hennessy Artistry @ Orange Club

This would be my 4th Hennessy Artistry event this year. It's HA's 5th event but I missed the one that was held last year. After going to HA so many times, I would say that I've never been bored with it because they always get good celebrities to grace the event. This time around, Shayne Ward, Until June and The Dey were performing. It was also my first time to Orange Club, a humble little club behind BBC along Jalan Kia Peng. Parking is easily available at Menara HLA for a flat rate of RM6.00.

Oops we looked at the wrong camera!

The celebrities...

The Venue

Knowing the big crowd that would be thronging to Orange Club for the event, I drove my sisters and her friends early and by 9.45pm, we were there lining up for the registration and thus spending RM5.20 for toll fees. I know, what am I doing by using highways on this Saturday where probably 50% of the people in the city had gone back to their hometown for the coming Hari Raya?!! But still, lucky we were there early. When we were inside, I heard that the queue was so long and inside the club, it was already packed like sardines.

We managed to get a good spot on the left side of the stage where it's less stuffy and less crowded. The space was mostly occupied by my sisters' and my friends where we've got a pretty good view of all the artistes that performed that night. It started with a (typical girl squeal) very cute DJ - Tom Price. He was so so cute that me and my sisters can't take our eyes off him. Had no idea who he is but his good looks is a fact!

And thus this camwhore pic since I can't get close to the real person.
Desperado I know.

It was good fun to be so near the stage where you could see the performances and artistes at such proximity. The performance of Until June was quite good but lack the clubbing atmosphere. The best the crowd could do was to stand there and nod. The songs were nice but a bit "emo". And next came The Dey. The name is derived from the group members' first initial and this Latin Hip Hop group is following the styles of the Black Eyed Peas. One of their famous appearances is alongside Sean Kingston and Juelz Santana in " There's Nothin". They did a good job in bringing the hype to the crowd.

Next came Shayne Ward - the person that everyone was waiting for. At just 24 years old, he's been quite popular. He won the X Factor competition in the UK and since then he had released two albums. I liked his single "Breathless" but he didn't sing that song yesterday. He sang a few songs including "Apologise" (Timbaland ft One Republic) and a collaboration with The Dey.

The performances ended about 12.30 - 1am and DJ came out to spin for the rest of the night. My sister, our friends and I had a crazy time on the dance floor. We met some pretty cool friends yesterday who loves to party and we drank and we danced like mad people until 2am. There wasn't a need for us to walk to the bar for drinks as there was this Hennessy guy who walks around with a jug of Hennessy and did all the refilling for us throughout the night. Did I forget to mention that he looked cute too?!! wonder I kept on emptying my glass.

And the red carpet poses......

And acting Djs....

Overall, the party has been satisfactory. The music is always a good mix of everything from Hip Hop to Tranz because that's what Hennessy Artistry is all about - the global art of mixing. I love the free Hennessy there especially Hennessy Miami. How often could you have good music, good company and free flow of good alcohol? Now, the lacking ingredient would be good chocolates. Any chocolates for next Hennessy Artistry?!! Alcoholics rejoice!

The answer is: None of them.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


My glutton week hasn't been coming to an end yet. In fact, this particular week, I am having 3 gluttony dinners - Japanese, Italian and Chinese. The first two dinners were for my clients and the last one, which is on Friday, today is to try out some wines with my drinking kakis in KL at a chinese restaurant with a "palace" in its name. You do the guessing.

I had a gruesome time trying to book a table for the Ramadhan buffet where I plan to take my clients for a hearty buka puasa meal. On Monday, I tried calling MO, KL Hilton, Le Meridien and Shangri-La and all restaurants are fully booked until Friday! WTH?!! Each pax costs around RM100++ and there you have every single expensive restaurant is fully booked! I haven't been to any Ramadhan buffet and they're not even giving me a chance to experience and spend the money! Generally, I think Malaysians are quite rich because at this state of our economy situation, we can afford to dine at such fine restaurants that cut throats.

So, I gave up and finally gave a call to my favourite Japanese restaurant at Subang Jaya. I managed to get a reservation without any hassle. No one goes to "a la carte" places during this month I guess. The dinner was great - maybe a little bit too lavish than my usual meals there because.....well, look at what we ate!

From Clockwise:

1. Jumbo Roll
2. Wagyu Sukiyaki 150g (Wagyu beef with sukiyaki sauce) = RM155
3. Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab) = RM16.00
4. Hacho Okamase (18 sushi + 1 maki) = RM100

Assorted Sashimi @ RM150

Honestly I don't stinge on buying customer meals. However, my company is very stringent on entertainment bills and therefore I don't usually claim for the meals I buy them. It's so sickening to fight with the management on some bills and thus to resolve the problem, my customers usually buy me meals. Haha... But that night, I had the honour to pay as I have earlier obtained a budget to spend them. First time ever feel good paying the bill....since it's not my money. LOL

Well, at least my customers are happy. For a change, they actually prefer ala carte than buffet. We even had green tea ice-cream as desserts. Rakuzen is my favourite place for comfort food - Japanese la, what else?!! I like their grilled beef bento set too because at RM38, they really offer good quality and tender beef slices. Although the pricing is a bit above the average but it's worth it! The best thing is, it's not easy to find the outlet as it does not have a signboard. Lucky for those who knew about the place but it's still packed on weekends.

I received a very nice necklace yesterday from S&L. So sweet of them to get me this black beaded necklace with a diamond (fake ones) studded star from ALDO without any reason at all. Awwhh so touched. Me think it's funky and I'm lovin' it.

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Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant - by Yiling

rakuzen japanese restaurant
13, jalan ss15/5a,
47500 subang jaya.
tel: 03-58804717
(Opposite the side of SJMC hospital and a few shops from Tomoe Japanese Restaurant)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In Dim Sum Heaven

I love Dim Sum. I loveeeeeeee Dim Sum. I loooovvveeeeeee Dim Sum. Okay, I love Dim Sum so much so that I've been frequenting this particular shop every weekend for the past 1 month or more. This is the nearest I could get compared to my favourite Dim Sum in Ipoh such as Foh San and Ming Court. You see, I couldn't afford going to Lai Po Heen at MO every weekend for good Dim Sum so I had to resort to the normal dim sum outlets.

Oh how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

This particular outlet has been opened for 3 months and it's really popular because there is another outlet behind the row of shop houses that served dim sum as well but lack in taste and quality. I was thinking maybe I should keep this secret heaven to myself so that no more blog readers will be flooding this place but then again, someone might have recommended it earlier so wth?!! Good things must be shared right?

My fav classic Prawn Dumpling, Porridge, Siew Mai and HK Chee Cheong Fun

They say, to test whether the outlet is serving good dim sum, one must try the dim sum classic dishes like those that I love - siew mai, har kaw, cha siew pau and lo mai kai. From these few dishes, you'll know whether this outlet is worth going or not. So far all these dishes passed the test of my tastebuds. The prawns in the prawn dumplings are big and succulent. They're really a must! The pricing is quite reasonable. For about RM17-18 per person, you can eat quite a hearty meal.

They do serve very special dim sum like fried durians and fried cempedaks. I didn't try them but my aunt did and she said it was nice. How come I eat there so many times and no one introduce them to me? I don't look like I eat durians meh?

This Jin Xuan Hong Kong outlet is situated at SS22/19 Damansara Jaya around Atria Shopping Mall and same row as the GSC office. It's really packed on weekends and the best thing is, those on the waiting list must stand outside the shop so that patrons eating inside can have their peace when eating without being stared and looked at by impatient people.

WARNING: Now, don't go there ok? I don't want to queue.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gluttony Weekend

According to Wikipedia, gluttony is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of food and drinks, or intoxicants to the point of waste. I would like to correct the definition of my gluttoniness (not sure whether this word did exist but why so serious?). I did at some point over-indulged but not of any intoxicants and there were no waste because I finished every morsel of it! Then, maybe I should call myself a "Gluttoness" (is there such word? Glutton for male and Gluttoness for female). I'm such a genius.

Anyways, my weekend on Saturday morning started at 8.30am Pork Noodles with extra "siu cheong". Then my journey to FRIM (Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia) started at 9am. I did nothing much there except climbing up to a certain level to see the waterfall. This is just to survey the area. Plan to go for a canopy walk and maybe camping for the next trip. After FRIM, we headed to Batu Caves. Can you imagine me being a Malaysian for 24 years, I've never been to the Batu Caves where millions of other nationalities have been? I guess it was not important for me to visit a place where I think I can visit anytime I want. This thinking is totally wrong. What if I die tomorrow without visiting the Batu Caves?!!

I managed to walk up to the top but having to stop twice to catch some breath. Gosh, I'm really out of shape since it has been almost a month of skipping gym because I was plain lazy. The aftermath of all these climbing resulted in me aching my leg and joints. Felt like an old woman and I'm limping to work today and wearing my flat sandals.

That very night, I drove my grandma, aunt and cousin for a wedding dinner at Damansara Palace. It was the wedding of my grandma's sister's daughter's daughter. Nevermind the complicated relations but we are related. It's only that night that I get to meet my aunts and aunties that I haven't met before since I was born. Can't believe I have so many relatives. LOL

The dinner was great but then again what if you have almost the same dishes for 2 consecutive nights? We had dinner at Tang Place in Dynasty Hotel yesterday night too. The dishes were almost the same - sharks fin soup, suckling pig, prawns, chicken, fish, mushroom and fried rice... I still feel that the roti canai I had for lunch was better. It had been more than 3 months since I last had roti canai and teh tarik, a little tragic isn't it?

As for Sunday breakfast, I had a hearty dim sum meal at a place where I go to almost once every week. So it must have been a great place but I was hesitating whether to reveal it or not because people have been flooding that very place and I hate the queue. I shall reconsider.

See, how gluttony my weekend was. So breakfast this morning was scaled down to oats.

(Sorry for the lack of evidence to show since someone took the camera before I get to upload the pics. Will the guilty one please stand up?)

Friday, September 19, 2008

2 days without mom

Mom left to Abu Dhabi on Thursday, leaving us to survive on our own for 3 months! The last time she were there, she spent 2 months there and then came home for 3 months. Time passes so quickly that it's time for her to fly to AD again to accompany my dad. During her last visit to AD, my youngest sis was still unemployed and we had her to cook our dinner and wash the clothes but now, I had to do all these because I finish work at 5pm whereas the other two come home at 7pm.

During these 2 days, I came home at 5pm, wash the vegetables, prepare the ingredients to cook, wash the clothes, collect the dry clothes and then start cooking at 6pm! What a task! I can't imagine doing this for the next 3 months. My life will be miserable not forgetting to mop the floor, having my turn to wash the toilets, and pay the bills! Now I understand the importance of having someone to stay at home full time to run these house chores, and this someone is my mom. The above are just minor tasks. What if the roof leaks, the tap spoils, the lights not working? Who am I going to call?!!! Sigh... I rather work than handle all these "domestic" problems.

I've got a pretty good kickstart in cooking dinner these 2 days. On Thursday night, I cooked Capsicum & Onion Chicken and a pot of vegetable soup with egg. Two dishes for the 3 of us is definitely enough. There's protein, carbs and vitamins - definitely a complete meal. And today, I cooked the Pork with Potato slices and a pot of vegetable soup with anchovies and dried shrimps.
Lucky I have a day off tomorrow since I'll be attending a wedding dinner. Yay...

My first time cooking this dish and I am very happy with the results.

The two dishes in fact tasted very good! I must say that I can be qualified to be a good housewife since I can cook. Like the chinese always say, a good wife must be able to cook and to look presentable. I say, and to perform in bed! Haha...they should add the last phrase "siong tak chong" to the saying.

So when mom is away, I shopped like nobody's business. Not only I have bought myself a pair of red Guess heels at Pavilion, I bought a Samsonite leather document bag and a set of Agent Provocateur Titillation. It was a bargain that I couldn't resist! I know it was sinful to indulge in such luxury when I'm not receiving a fat paycheck yet. Then again, why think so much? (this is not a good advice so please do not follow)

AP Sensuous ad campaigns.

I first spotted Agent Provocateur when I was in London. At that time, I was told that it was one of the beset selling brands of Perfume eventhough they specialises in lingerie. AP has a range of lingerie from bras to corsets, candles, perfumes, beauty products and interesting stuffs like whips, gloves and masks. Like the brand name suggests, the AP products are very provoking... and interesting. The names they have for their product is so sensuous. No price for guessing what senses they're trying to provoke. This is the brand that brought us Kate Moss’s sexual fantasies, bikes as sex toys and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s steamy LA strip.

I got myself this.

The duo pack features a rich and fragrant Lip Plumper (like lip balm), alongside partner in crime, the Nipple Refresher (go figure yourself). Both products taste, smell and feel irresistible. I tested the Nipple Refresher on my hand and it smelled great! It's supposed to leave a tingling sensation but I can't felt any on my hand. Gotta try on the right parts next time. Although I tried licking my hand and there isn't any taste like sweet or bitterness, I love it. It comes with a mirror inside the rounded cap too!

AP products are not cheap. Even the perfumes cost more than the famous perfume brands like Gucci and Dior. Next, I gotta get their AP Maitresse EDP. The smell lingers for quite a long time and it's really feminine and sexy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chocolate Drink Review

As if the previous entry wasn't chocolatey enough that I have to come up with this chocolate drink review. For this week, I really had an overdose of the brown stuff in my digestive system and arteries. If I were to take a sugar reading right now, I bet I am on a diabetic alert. As I was writing this post, I am munching on some Neuhaus milk napolitains without the slightest guilt.

Remember the previous post on Lafite, where I bought something from Godiva? My trip to Godiva besides trying to see the new outlet, my intention was also to do a study on chocolate drinks as I might want to develop one for FIDANI. I made a comparison between Godiva, Cadbury and Van Houten.

For every Godiva & Cadbury, the chocolate drink powder comes in a can and I need a cup of warm milk to dissolve the powder. I used Dutch Lady fresh milk because that's the only one I can find in my house. My mum likes it in small individual packets because she doesn't need to open the whole packet of 1 Liter for her baking. Don't buy those with Vanilla flavoring, or else you won't get the real taste of the chocolate. As for Van Houten, all I need is a glass of hot water as it came premixed with milk powder.

Specimen No. 1 : GODIVA Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

The Godiva Hot Cocoa (410g) retails at RM103 per can for 10 servings. It's available in milk and dark chocolate. Product of USA.

My first reaction was, God this is damn expensive! RM103 for 10 servings which calculates to RM10.30 per cup not inclusive of milk and the electricity to boil it...and the water to wash the cup. I guess Godiva Hot Chocolate makes Starbucks look cheap.

Well the first ingredient on the list is Sugar. That means that there is more sugar in this than any other ingredient alone. The next ingredient is cocoa which I would have expected to be the first ingredient, followed by bittersweet chocolate...who am I to question the Godiva genius?

Every cup of 8oz of warm milk, which is almost 200ml of milk will need about 4 tablespoons of Godiva miracle hot cocoa powder, as recommended by Godiva. I put the cocoa powder first into the cup before pouring in the warm milk and stir continuosly for 30 seconds until it's mixed thoroughly. The aroma is similar to those of cocoa powder but not as strong. There's no sediment but a rich and smooth taste of chocolate. The colour is very similar to Milo too eventhough it's dark chocolate.

I find that it would be ok even if I just put 3 tablespoons instead of 4. I find that this amount is quite adequate. 4 spoons make it far too rich and sweet whereas 2 spoons make it like witch's water. Don't use the chinese porcelain tablespoons for soup because that's much bigger than the normal stainless steel spoon. The drink is indeed very rich and I felt so full after just 1 cup.

Specimen No.2 : Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate (250g) retails at about RM23+ at selected supermarkets for about 10-12 servings. Product of UK.

Just like Godiva, the first ingredient is sugar too, followed by cocoa. Cadbury suggests 3 heaped teaspoons per serving as compared to Godiva of 4 tablespoons! The powder dissolves very easily with a whisk or fork. I've never had any lumps or sediment in the bottom of my cup. The aroma is good and the taste is chocolatey but not as rich as Godiva though.

I still remembered that I was first exposed to Cadbury chocolate drink when I was in London staying with one of my long time friends from Ipoh. He would dissolve a few spoonfuls of the Cadbury chocolate powder into some hot water and then top it up with cold milk for me in the morning. That was the best chocolate drink I ever had at that time. After that I was hooked. Everyday, I would be at least making one cup myself. It's only £1.90 there as compared to the overpricing of the chocolate drink here which forced us to resort to Milo and Vico.

Specimen 3: Van Houten Ready-to-Drink

Van Houten Chocolate Drink (10 sachets of 30g) retails at RM10+ at the leading supermarkets. Product of Malaysia.

The main ingredient is still sugar followed by creamer and cocoa. The main reason why they came out with the chocolate drink is to differentiate itself from Milo, Vico & Ovaltine which is similar to Cadbury's. They wanted to make a hassle free chocolate drink without the need of warm milk. When I was still working in the company that distributes Van Houten, we were given some sampling of the drink to which I don't really like it for some reasons such as lack of milky taste and too sweet. There is sediment at the bottom of the cup everytime and the colour is slightly darker than the normal chocolate drinks.

Well, that's my opinion but in reality the relationship of good with cheap and fast is that cheap and fast = no good. Therefore, how good can a chocolate drink at RM1 a cup as compared to Godiva's RM10 a cup?!! If money is not a problem, i would definitely go for something better. But Van Houten is a great deal for the price you pay for when you're sick of Milo.

Why would I not compare the likes of Milo and Vico too? Well, that's because I don't consider them chocolate drinks. Their main ingredient besides sugar is actually extracted malt. These are malt drinks and should not be mentioned with Godiva and Cadbury in the same breath. If anyone ever asked you about your favourite chocolate drink, don't say Milo. Now that I have tried Godiva, I can proudly say that I have tried the most iconic chocolate drink in town.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Theobroma @ Pavilion

This is another chocolate post, but not on Fidani. It's a new chocolate F&B outlet that I had wanted to try for quite some time ago but yet did not really have the right time and mood to go for it. You see, there's always something that I would want to eat compare to chocolates. Who haven't known that I see chocolates every single day? And thus the lack of chocolate cravings.

Today was the right day. I had a early appointment at Amoda with a corporate client of a branded handbag label who wanted chocolates for the coming birthday bash of the label and then I had to send the chocolate goodies to Tangs at Pavilion for the media preview of Xmas @ Tangs tomorrow so I asked Wei Mei to come together with me.

It was lunch time and since we were in Pavilion, I decided that we should do a little "study" visit to Theobroma - the total chocolate concept lounge.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in Malaysia is a collaboration between Theobroma Food of the Gods Pty Ltd, an Australian-based company, with their Malaysian franchise Hing Yiap Group. The Hing Yiap Group carries fashion labels such as Diesel, BUM Equipment, Union Bay and Antioni. Maybe now they wanted to diversify into F&B industry. What's theobroma? This scientific name translates to "food of the gods". The Australian company thus adopted the name for it's chocolate lounge franchise. It had quite a grand opening with the Pussycat Dolls making an appearance and the hiring of models to showcase the chooclates as well as violin performance.

The counter where you have to make your orders. It's self service but they will bring you your food.

The big chocolate poster that adorns the wall. Don't you think the chocolates are way too colourful and I think the white background looks a bit too plain. It does not bring out the classiness of the brand.

The chairs are comfortable enough.

The chocolate display. Each piece is retailed at RM4.90

The settings and ambiance is cosy with the use of comfortable cushioned chairs and brown theme colour. However, I still think that they can do better than that with the chocolate display and the walls. I think the display at the outlet in 1Utama is much better. It looked a bit too "Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf" to me.

Sultana Pancake

We had a Sultana Pancake for sharing. Honestly the menu is too chocolatey.

The crepes, pancakes and waffles are priced at RM14.90. There are an array of sweet crepes served with chocolate and sultana and also savoury crepes like Salmon, chicken and mushroom with cheese crepe. The pies are at RM9.90 and the Chocolate Fondue for 2 is RM25.90.

Hot Belgian Chocolate with Mug n Warmer

Princess of Iceland

The drinks selection is pretty complete with Hot Belgian Chocolate with mug the warmer at RM12.90, Hot Belgian Chocolate in cup at RM9.90, Boutique Teas (green tea, black tea, herbal tea) at RM9.90, coffee & cappuccino at RM8.90, Ice Chocolate at RM10.90 and Frappe at RM12.90. I think you'll be spoilt for choices in terms of chocolate drinks!

See how much Wei Mei enjoyed her chocolate?!!

My Verdict:

I like the details they put into the food presentation, making it unique from other outlets that serve chocolate drinks and food. However, me and my assistant didn't quite finish the chocolate drinks because it's too much to handle after eating the pancakes. Everything was too chocolatey for us. I don't know whether it has something to do with the fact that we have been looking at chocolates everyday so much so that we lost the cravings. My recommendation was to choose the dark chocolate next time as I find that the milk chocolate was a bit too sweet.

The place is perfect for a get together with friends for a drink or dessert. I don't really like it for lunch or dinner as the selection of food is limited to crepes and pies. Honestly, if I were to run that place, I would offer staple food like spaghetti and some pizzas to go with it. After all, how much chocolate could one take? I felt so aphrodisiac overdosed (quoting from KY) that we both head to Sakae Sushi next door for a real lunch! LOL

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge outlets are situated at Lot FK3, 1st floor, 1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing) and Lot C4.05.02, Level 4, Pavilion KL.

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