Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Have anybody been watching the closing of the Olympic games on Astro 816? Before they started screening the closing ceremony, there was some highlights on the games participated by Malaysians commented by Raymond Goh & this guy from UITM named F.

If you have been watching the highlights half an hour before the closing ceremony, you will be ROTLF (rolling on the floor laughing) until you can't bear to look at the screen anymore. UITM has been a very hot name due to the certain issues raised from our Selangor MB about the 10% quota to non-bumi students to be admitted into that university. As if la any non-bumi is lining up to be admitted into that university. Maybe there were a few good graduates from there but I don't deny that Malaysian universities in general are not up to our expectations in terms of facilities, lecturers and also courses.

I am trying my best not to offend any parties here but I can't help to comment on the choice of Astro to put an UITM student up there to comment about the game highlights when the poor guy up there is struggling with his ENGLISH! For God's sake, put la someone who can speak more fluent English than him and someone who doesn't add an "s" to every word making himself sound like an "ass". Maybe Astro was blind, oops I mean deaf.
Honestly, if you were watching it and you can stand every word he said, I have to salute you. The way he pronounce the words and pluralized everything just irritates me.

My England might not be powderful or prefect in anyway but I certainly don't "ass" everything up!


foongpc said...

Well luckily I didn't watch it cos no Astro, Haha! But if I watch it, I think I will laugh like crazy. If my brother watch it, he will surely criticise everytime words come up from the UITM fellow. What's wrong with Astro anyway?

suituapui said...

That's exactly what I tell my students. They're the other extreme - never pronounce the "s"...so I'll say, "Mind your ass!!" LOL!!!

LD said...

i know how you feel...

i don't look down on people's linguistic abilities, no one's perfect.

i think the fault here lies with astro. they're the big ass here.

-eiling- said...

Foongpc: Astro did a pretty bad job here. Other students with better English will start to question why that guy was even chosen in the 1st place?!!

STP: Yeah and the lack of "s" too!

LD: It's not that I look down on him, it's just that I think to put a UITM student up there at this moment seemed to be political. Astro is out of its mind!

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