Thursday, August 21, 2008

Memoirs of KK

To wrap up my trip in KK, I will post up all the "memorable" pictures here to remind myself of my virgin visit to the Land Beneath the Wind. Although it has just been 3 days here, I quite liked the place and I would definitely plan my next trip here soon for relaxation.

#1 : Ocean Seafood Village

Situated just beside Promenade Hotel, this restaurant serves very good seafood dishes. Too bad I did not have any food pictures to show. Recommended but price is not cheap (on par with KL prices)

#2 : Starbucks @ Warisan Square

Was bored on a Tues afternoon, so went for coffee with a client. Just to make sure the cappucino tasted the same in all the joints across Malaysia. The chocolate walnut cake looked nice but it is too densed.

#3 : Heng Long Restaurant @ Warisan Square
Well, this is where I had my breakfast on the last day of my trip. It's a shanghainese restaurant that serves dimsum and also other dishes. It has the same concept as Dragon-i.

Dragon-i definitely has a better ambiance.

Some sort the same menu and food like Dragon-i.

"Siao Long Bao"

Tian Jin Meat Bun

Overall, the taste was ok, nothing to shout about and selection is pretty much sufficient but I was disappointed that I wanted to eat the Pork Tripe La Mian but they said it was not ready till noon. Some selection of the dim sum is 50% off from 8am to 12noon.

#4 : Hong Kong Recipe @ Warisan Square
This is like a Hong Kong Cha Chan Teng joint we have in KL. They serve food like wantan noodles, toasts, rice and chinese cuisine.

Tea and Yin Yong (a mixture of tea and coffee)

Prawn wantan noodles

Half boiled eggs and butter & kaya toast

Me enjoying the delicious wantan noodles.

Well, the food is pretty good and the price is quite reasonable. RM4.90 for a set of half boiled egg with toasts and a cup of tea or coffee. The noodle I had was RM6.50.

I know that I haven't been going out to try authentic Sabah dishes or local coffee shops because I was so busy and didn't have time to wander around. I hope the next time I'm making a trip there again, I will know where to eat and maybe visit the Sutera Harbor.

#6 : Beautiful airport and view from above

The breath taking view from the plane. Next destination I'm looking forward to in Sabah - Sipadan Island!


LD said...

nice pictures :)

yeah, sutera harbour is quite scenic but sipadan is the place to go for the natural wonder of the underwater world.

KY said...

I think that place is one of the TSH in KK (tourist slaughtering house) :P

rubberseeds said...

You should also go to see (May be climb) Mt. Kinabalu at Kinabalu National Park.You deserve a good rest over the weekend

-eiling- said...

LD: Thanks. Yup wait till I get my diving license then I can fully enjoy Sipadan.

KY: I think so since it's near to the hotels.

Philip: Haha someone told me that too. I don't think I can climb the mountain....

suituapui said...

Slurpzzzz...I'll be there in two weeks' time to enjoy the food!!! Btw, you're beautiful!!!! Still available?...ld, what do u think? LOL!!!

ahlost said...

I've never been to Sabah :(

Will plan for a trip there too shall there be cheap tickets :)

-eiling- said...

STP: Thank you for the compliments. I'll be available for food anytime! *wink*

Ah Lost: Well, you can try Air Asia. I spent about RM500 on peak travel time. Maybe if you go on non-peak time, you can get lower airfares. MAS will cost about RM500 too when they have the low/zero airfare promotion.

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