Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Labuan in 4 hours

Monday was a crazy day for me. Never would I have woke up at 5.30am and not get a single sleep till 12am and not a single complete meal from 10am to 10pm! The flight from KK to Labuan was at 7.20am and because the Radius Hotel is about 15mins away from the airport, my colleague and I only started to leave the hotel at 6.10am. We managed to check in by 6.40am, with ample time for boarding. We took MAS as it's the only choice available between KK and Labuan. The return airfare was the same as Airasia from KL to KK! To add salt to the wound, the journey took only 20mins. The cheaper way was of course to take the ferry but the journey takes 3hours so taking the plane saves damn a lot of my precious time.

As we arrived by 7.40am, my branch manager from Labuan was already waiting for us at the arrival hall and the first destination was breakfast of course! He took us to the Fong Kee coffeeshop at Jalan Bunga Kemuning. Accoording to him, that's the coffeeshop with the best crowd. I wanted to eat Kolo mee so bad and lucky it's available there. It was delicious. Although it looked a bit like our wantan mee in KL, the taste is slightly different due to the sauce and also the type of noodle used.

Fong Kee Coffee Shop

Kolo Mee

Barli served in a coffee cup

After satisfying my cravings, we adjourned to his office/chocolate warehouse. It was my first time to Labuan and also his office. After some chatting and grabbing a few boxes of Loacker (my favourite wafer enrobed with chocolate at the moment), we went into town. The town looked exactly like Langkawi with rows and rows of shops selling liquor and cigarettes. However, one thing surprised me. Given the small amount of residents, they sure have quite a number of hotels and night spots. According to my branch manager, the night clubs and bars are really flourishing due to the demand. The liquor was really CHEAP! The same Absolut Vodka Mango which cost me 37 sing dollar is only RM35 here!!! So I can't resist it and bought a bottle to offset the losses I made for the singapore bottle. Haha.... On the way, I also managed to capture a shot of the Hummer! FYI, a Hummer can cost up to RM2m duty paid and in Labuan it's probably RM800k. Ever watched CSI Miami? They used a Hummer in the series.

Hum..Hum.. Hummer

So after some showing of our company's outlets and competitor's outlets, he sent us back to the airport. Initially, we have booked for a return flight to KK at 9.40pm but after the advice from him, we decided to change the flight to 12.20noon because the few hours there is really sufficient. There was nothing much to see anyway. The changed of flight cost us another RM100! Damnit.

New seat colours on MAS

The Boeing 737 was just refurbished with new seat covers to carry MAS's new vibrant image. Well, the colours are really vibrant but it's too glaring. The covers were also not fitted properly as I can see that it hung loosely to the seats. I was hoping that I can catch a flight in the Maswings Fokker plane but those planes are only used for certain routes like from Labuan to Miri/Sibu.

MASwings Fokker plane

After arriving at KKIA at about 1pm, we stayed in the airport to help with my client's new shop. The fixtures and gondolas are only ready by 3/4pm and then by the time the stocks arrived to be displayed on the shelves, it was already evening. We wasted a lot of time waiting at the aiport. We should have instead went back to the hotel to take a nap but the taxi costs RM20 a way, so we decided to save our company some money by waiting there. By the time we managed to put up the stocks for 2 shops which consists of 4 wallbays and 4 gondolas, we were already exhausted. I only had a McD burger at 10pm. The last meal was at 10am so you can imagine how starved I was!

The shop at KKIA's new airport Departure level

The shop at KKIA's new airport Level 2

Fidani's Gondola

I was really very exhausted and my leg was killing me as I have been wearing my 3inch heels for the whole day! This moring I managed to wake up at 8.30am and head to the airport to attend the opening and in time to see the flowers being delivered. I hope yesterday would never be repeated. I can almost die of exhaustion and starvation. Lucky I was still alive to be able to blog about it today.


LD said...

labuan is a duty free haven, so you get cheaper liquor and stuff.

the kolo mee doesn't really look like kolo mee for some reason. looks more like wantan mee...haha

next time should make a trip to kuching - i'll bring you to the best kolo mee places (if i'm around, of course!)

get a good rest :)

cc said...

I'm dying to try the famous kolo mee too! Heard so much about it!

How do you stay so slim being surrounded by chocolates everyday?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Curious, why do you need a branch manager in Labuan?

-eiling- said...

LD: Haha I was really craving for Kolo mee and that's the best I can get there. Ok, when I'm making a trip to Kuching, I'll drop you a mail. Thanks.

CC: Me too dying to try the best Kolo mee. I'm not that slim and when you work in a chocolate factory, you'll loose ravings for chocolate.

Anonymous: Because our warehouse is in Labuan and we distribute from there to other parts of East Malaysia. Have i answered your curiosity?

Anonymous said...

Poor thing, get Jon to give you a good massage when you get back! The Kolo mee looks good. I am also crazy about kolo mee and i can eat kolo mee consecutively for 3 days in a row if the mee is good!!anyway take care and warmest regards to you. Ray111

KY said...

I think the Hummer H3 in US is about US$35k or so, convert that in RM and add a bit transportation charges won't be 800k laa. :D

no tax maa

suituapui said...

That kon-lou mee, it seems, is different from the kolo mee in Kuching or the kampua in Sibu and the wantan mee in West Malaysia. Each has its own unique taste. Hope you enjoyed urself there...and also in KK! Nice place, KK but a bit expensive compared to Kuching and Sibu.

-eiling- said...

Ray111: Haha I will. I crave for Kolo mee too.

KY: oh really? Get me one pls.

STP: Have yet to visit Kuching or Sibu but surely I'll give the Kolo mee a try when I'm there!

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