Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kota Kinabalu Here I Come....

I flew to KK on a Sunday to work. It is my first time flying to KK. After living 24 years in Malaysia as a Malaysian, I am embarrassed to declare that this is my first ever time to any part of East Malaysia eventhough I have been to more than 10 cities in Europe! So this morning's trip to KK was rather exciting for me. As I reached the KK airport, I can't help but to notice that the airport has a beautiful view of the sea. The runway was just beside the sea!!!

I was also my first time prebooking a meal on board of Air Asia. A nasi lemak will cost about RM8 in flight but if you prebook it online, it's on RM7. See, RM1 saved!

This is what it looked like in the menu

This is what I was served...

Well, isn't it typical for food served not turning out like what you've seen in the menu?!! I even counted the peanuts and there's only 12 miserable peanuts in my nasi lemak!!! But Air Asia had a new menu where some of the food is specially available at certain routes like Indonesia and Thailand.

I'll be flying off to Labuan tomorrow on MAS (thank God) and I need to be at the airport by 6.20am (shit). At this moment, I'm blogging in my STANDARD ROOM at Radius Hotel KK with free internet access and a LCD TV at just RM175/night minus breakfast and a window view.

Well, time to catch some sleep after a full meal of soft shell crab, steamed red snapper, buttered prawns, vege, clams, "balitong-liked-clams", and fried giant fish at Ocean Seafood Restaurant. Good night.


Simon Seow said...

I also haven't been to East Malaysia before lor.

Anonymous said...

For many years, I have been the Subang Airport only! Just a stop over and I never been to KL city until a few years ago.

cc said...

Looking forward to read about your trip! Sure will be great! :)

aahhh-CHEW!!! said...

Waaah ... seafood ... at the famous Ocean Seafood Restaurant ... must be very good ... but no photos???
But then ... the nasi lemak also taste good, right???

LD said...

kk is a nice place, albeit a little dangerous.

the airport has that effect on visitors - breathtaking view as you land :)

labuan will be kinda boring so beware!

Anonymous said...

lucky you dapat company paid trip to KK. I never been to East malaysia and I know they are famous for seafood, quite cheap there and dont forget to buy Ikan masin and dried shrimps (udang kering)there, cheap and good. I am sure your mum will like it. Dont forget to take nice pictures, leng chai and leng noi ok? So Fidani is planning something big there ah? Take care and enjoy cum working..Ha ha.. Ray111

-eiling- said...

Simon: Ok go go....

Anonymous: Then you should go.

CC: Thanks. I will update soon.

aahhh-chew : Yep it's nice but no photos sorry.

LD: what so dangerous?!!

Ray111: I'm there for my customer's shop opening.Nothing big. Thanks.

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