Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fidani is music to the tastebuds....

So glad that Monday was the last day of the 4 violin performances that I have planned for the soft launching of Fidani Symphony Collection at KLIA. Let me *SIGH* hah... It was not only tiring, power draining and time consuming, it was indeed a challenge by itself. Not only my assistant and I have to work from 6pm to 10.30pm on a Friday night, we have to arrange for the performance including all the details of security passes, sampling exercise, incentive schemes and also new aprons for launch.

It took me almost 1-2 months to look for a violin player whom can perform in public. There're always a few types of musician. Some can play well but can't play in public, some are courageous but can't play well and some can play well in public but demand rocket high fees. It's quite difficult to find an all rounder with an affordable price. After a few phonecalls and help from my mom's friend whom is a music teacher, I managed to get one. Lucky she's still young and it's her first time playing solo so she accepted my offer. At 18 years old, with an attractive look, she's already playing for one of the shows for KLPac.
So, let the pictures do the talking:

Full concentration

Playing in front of Fidani Gondola

Playing in the Satellite Building KLIA

Well, credit not only to the beautiful violin player and photographer. I must thank my assistant, Wei Mei for the good job done too! She has been coordinating the sampling exercise and the promoters for the performance. And not to mention the two beautiful "part-time promoters"......

whom happened to be Wei Mei & I

Fooling around

So, why were the boxes named Symphony?

For Symphony, every piece of chocolate is an artistic expression of passion and magnificence. Its creation is synonymous with a composer weaving musical notes into the hearts of its listeners.

The craftsmanship of every chocolate note reflects the sensuous curves of every glide of the strings from a violin and the harsh yet melodic resonance of a cello staccato. The different shapes from the smooth and curvy, to the rough and harsh, come together as one in a single masterpiece, and that masterpiece is created in the latest Symphony Collection by FIDANI.

And I did a few experiments with the photoshop....


Fidani Symphony

Although it was tiring, at least it was fun and we have completed the mission. I wouldn't say the response was superbly overwhelming, it was quite okay as there were some tourists who stopped by to take pictures with her while some stand a few feet away to listen to the melody. Because the performnace are near to some F&B outlets, some customers get to sip their coffee while enjoying the music. One of the officers from the airport came and told me that it was the best promotion strategy he have ever seen. Well, that made my day already!

And that's a wrap! Phew!


KY said...

always can't keep your tongue in eiling!

-eiling- said...

KY: I know. My tongue is sexy isn't it. *wink

cc said...

I agree, that's indeed a great promotion strategy! Classical music and fine chocolates, it's a match from heaven. Divine!

LD said...


great post, i really enjoyed it :)

yeah, classical music IS supposed to go hand in hand with chocolates, and what better way to fuse them together than with the melodic tune of a violin.

well done - a pat on the back for you, eiling!

foongpc said...

Yes indeed. Chocolate and classical music are marriages made in heaven. Also nice name Symphony - definitely a good strategy to promote the product with a musical presentation!

-eiling- said...

CC: Thanks. We do have a chocolate named Divine too!

LD: Thanks. (patting my own back) Chocolates have to be appreciated like how you listen to a piece of beautiful music.

Foongpc: Thanks. The first range is called Classic. This is Symphony. The next one is coming soon!

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