Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Face or Body?

So how do you scan (specifically - "check out") a man? Not using X-ray glasses of course. How do you a rate a man by his attractiveness? The face? The body? The ass? or some other criteria? Not everyone has the same views when it comes to identifying a hot pick.

Brad Pitt

Like me, I look at the face first. Well to be able to sense a hot guy coming your way you have to look at his face first unless he's walking your way with unbuttoned shirt! If you're attracted to Brad Pitt, you will definitely belong to the face and body group where you get attracted by his good looks and muscular body. How about when Brad Pitt looks like this?

Sorry I smudged his right nipple

Same looks but different body. Well of course he still looked hawt despite the fact that I have tried my best to give him a big belly but he still looked good. Never mind the bad photoshop skills but just look at him, he's still good looking and girls will still drool at him. All he needs is a buttoned up shirt and no one will see his belly. So if you still like Brad Pitt, it means you rate a guy by his looks especially his facial features. Nothing wrong with that. After all you can't always be switching off the lights when having sex or ask him to hide under a brown bag when going out. I'm not trying to offend anyone here especially those not as handsome as Brad but beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder.

ooh la la - Michael Phelps

Or some might go for a hot bod rather than a hot face. Like our Olympian Swimmer Michael Phelps, who has a hot body to die for although I don't think he's very good looking. Having a boyfriend with a body like that will definitely keep me busy during my free time (not sure what were you thinking but it's definitely not what crossed your mind). A strong and powerful body like that will only mean two things - he's a sexy person & he can definitely lift me up with one hand! that was why I was occupied every night watching the swimming events heats after heats. I sigh when they wear full-body swimming suits. What happened to the days where the swimmers only wear swimming trunks?!!

Calvin Klein Underwear Model

Or how about a guy with great looks, body, ass and a big bulge? That we called an almost perfect man! Look no further, grab yourself a CK underwear model. they usually look good, have a ass kicking body, cute butt and well endowed below the waist. Bedtime would definitely be fun with one of their specimen around! They are also girl rating guys with a nice ass. So how do you define a nice ass?

Definitely not like Homer Simpson's Ass

Some may like it rounded and firm, providing a good squeeze and some might just look for a reasonable ass that suits the body frame. We don't pick on big fat asses because it means smaller space for us in the cinema twin seats or he'll have to take a bit of our space on the airplane. It's always broad shoulders and nice ass criteria to look for in a guy. A broad shoulder carry a good bear hug where your body fits perfectly into his arms. Don't you think so?

So apart from the ass, there's also a very important asset to be evaluated - his bulge. Just like how they evaluate our lumps and humps, we have to do them justice by assessing their bulge. How big and how tiny to the inches. Well, a big one doesn't always mean good sex and a tiny one doesn't mean they are incapable of satisfying you, it also very much depends on his efforts and yours as well. However, of course the big ones will have a better advantage. Try assessing the Olympic swimmers & gymnasts first as a practice. So many of them and it's all free views!

If a guy tell you he is well endowed, tell him you don't believe it and he'll attempt the following:

Mission completed

As much as physical rating is given to a guy, I still feel that the most important criteria is still the personality. Physical attributes are enticing at first but they are only short term. I believe a good looking man only deserves his looks if he's good at heart too. As for those good at heart but lack goodness outside, it doesn't make them any less attractive if given ample time for a girl to get to know him better. An intellectual man is far more interesting than a pea-brained man in a hot bod. That's why I never go for hot bods or hot faces because I know those are to lust and not to love. I dig intelligent and kind hearted man (and also I want him to make me look good beside him) and those who is bigger than me so I don't need to be on a diet to look slimmer than them! Intellectual intercourse is just as important as what goes on the bed!


YilingL said...


cc said...

I look into the eyes. They are indeed the windows to the soul, tell plenty!

LD said...

i know this is a chick posting and i shouldn't comment on the post.


i like what you wrote in the last paragraph :)

foongpc said...

So that's how you rate guys : ) If I'm a girl, I'll probably agree with you.
Anyway, for more handsome guys, drop by my blog - however, I'm afraid they are all dead!

-eiling- said...

Yiling : Calvin got all 3 I see. No wonder la.

CC : Yup eyes are very important too!

LD : Thanks. It's true.

Foongpc: We don't dig dead guys.

Anonymous said...

eiling, bravo, nice post! at least i know girls look at face , body and personality. What if a guy has the face,body and personality initially but after going out and discover that he does not fit in to your requirement, do you move away even he has the looks, body and 5 C's BUT NO PERSONAlITY? From what i can gather by looking at your photos, your boyfriend has to be able to accomodate you or else, trouble ahead! Correct me if I am wrong as I actually do not know you or have spoken to you but you are actually a Chilli Padi- can be very good and loving when in good mood but if bad mood, dont play play!! Ha Ha sorry if I am wrong but among you three sisters, I think Yiling has not much temper. Eiling, Ziling sorry if I am wrong and let me know, OK? Regards and Take care. Ray111.

-eiling- said...

Ray111: Well for me personality comes 1st. So no personality no talk. You can't just be with someone for the looks & $$$. Yes I am a "cili padi", hot tempered and intimidating. My bf has to be super understanding and patient! LOL Well, another word of advice, don't simply mess with Yiling too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please remember what we studied in the school textbook. The beauty inside one's heart is the best. But who can see it? It can only be felt

rubberseeds said...

Curious to know how do you judge a man from his outer appearance whether he has a big bulge or not.

-eiling- said...

anonymous: Yep. You have a point. That's why love at first sight not entirely long lasting.

Philip: Well, that can see from tight pants, swimming trunks or just brush by to gage lo! LOL

suituapui said...

Guess it's the same when guys look at girls...but the real test will be when she opens her mouth!! But some guys don't mind a bimbo, I think!... LOL!!!

-eiling- said...

#1 some guys don't mind a bimbo
#2 some guys can't sense a bimbo
#3 some guys are worse than a bimbo

suituapui said...

True! True!...I agree 100%!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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ray said...

sorry to kill your fantasies but most underwear/swimming wear models use stuffing and double pants.

Anonymous said...

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