Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yiling's Graduation

It was a long awaited day. Finally the youngest daughter in the Lim family has finally graduated on 5th July 2008 from Inti College in the University of Hertfordshire 3+0 degree programme in Accounting. My younger sister also graduated from the same university in Marketing and I graduated 3 years ago from Business Administration. One after another have enrolled into Inti College Subang Jaya and one by one is graduating year by year. Indeed there were so much memories we had at the college and the Lim sisters (the name that referred to 3 of us) were indeed a part of college.

Receiving the degree from Tim Wilson, Vice-Chancellor of UH

To start off with, among the three of us, Yiling is the brightest in the family. Not only she managed to score with First Class in Accounting, she also grabbed the Leadership Award and also the Valedictorian for the big day - indeed a position that I would envy. I only managed a second upper class and grabbing the Leadership Award. Never had the chance to feel what would a first class graduate felt like or the feeling of delivering a valedictorian speech. How I wished I would have paid a li.......ttle bit more attention in class or perhaps write a li......tle bit faster in my finals. Sigh...

Delivering the Valedictorian Speech

My sister's speech was clear and easy to understand. It was also witty and not those typical boring speeches that only rants on and on about oneself. She spoke about her memories in Inti especially with her lecturers and friends. She remembered that there were lecturers that liked to laugh at her own jokes and she wished that the act of sending result sheets to the parents would be abolished! She did thanked dad and mum for the support and love, me and my younger sister for the experiences and guidance, Jon and Calvin for the inspiration and lecturers and classmates. At the end of her speech, she gave credits to my dad quoting what he used to tell us that "in whatever we do, we must do it with our heart, soul and mind. Do what you love and love what you do." With that when she ended her speech, my dad gave her the standing ovation - the very natural response from a proud parent. At that moment, everyone should know that he's ny sister's dad! LOL

My sister and her classmates throwing the mortar boards

College/university might just be a fraction or a minuscule chapter in our lives, but who who deny that indeed it might be the most memorable moments before we proceed to the world of working life. Getting the scroll and wearing the robes is just the beginning of a new path in life. Journey of a million miles begin with one step and if we never take that one step, we wouldn't know where it'll lead us. I am happy that I took the one step early and perhaps the right step and since then, I never look back. I would think in graduation ceremonies, the happiest people would be the parents because not only they are celebrating financial freedom, they are also happy to see their children growing up and moving on into the working world.

Me, Dad & Mum

Proud Dad & his eldest daughter

Happy Mum with Mr. Alex

Ziling, Calvin & Me

The Lim Sisters

Ms. Koh & Me

In fact the most memorable person in college would be Ms.Koh. Ever since I was the Vice-President of Intima (a student government body in Inti), I have been haunting her everyday. She has always been my source of the juciest gossips in the college because being the Student Affairs Director, she knew who was having an affair with who! Haha... it was one of the best times in my life going into the Student Affairs Office and disturb her everytime. It was my duties to go against the management an fight for the students' right and it was her duties to implement the management's decision so we had fun being head locked at each other! She was also a very good matchmaker. She found me my boyfriend whom was one of the alumni. Haha, but that's a story for another day. She has always been dictating whom I shall go out with and whom not to because she knew my standards and of course she hopes to get a profitable return when I get married....

Did anyone read The Star Education paper on last Sunday? Does the picture looked familiar? Haha... That's us - Sister Act. Read here if you missed the great news!


KY said...

Congrats to Yiling! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats Yiling, you made your parents proud and also we chinese as a whole! Move on and repay your parents and sisters by contributing what you have learned to the society and be good and dont be naughty ok? Ha ha just joking! Eiling, your red dress at your sis graduation really a eye catcher and you probably knock out some lecturers and some men droolling! LOL Cheers!!!

YilingL said...


anon: thanks. eiling purposely wear so red wanna steal my limelight. hmmph!!!

-eiling- said...

Ray111: Haaa haaa i purposely wear red. Since she already has a 1st class, i need to stnd out in other ways mah.

mimid3vils said...

1st time here..congrats to ur sis..

PS: both u & Yiling very tall!!! envy ~envy

rubberseeds said...

Congratulations to Yiling and the Lim family. The parents must be very proud of all 3 daughters.One day 3 sisters can jointly establish a business with Dad as Chairman,Mum as Vice Chairman, eiling as CEO,Yiling as Director cum Financial Controller and Ziling as Director of Marketing. Don't bring the husbands in because sure they will quarrel!

-eiling- said...

mimid3vils : Thanks. Don't need to be envy, just get a pair of killer heels and u'll be fine!

Philip: Thanks.
Haha.. you thinking too much but that's a very nice scenario to dream about.

ziling said...

Hey how come I am only the Director or Marketing?!?!

I wanna be PRESIDENT!!!

-eiling- said...

Ziling don't dream

Anonymous said...

Why you did not invite rubberseed to take pictures? Or he was busy taking those hot pictures for his own blog!

-eiling- said...

Well, Rubberseeds is too far away. But lucky my sis has her own personal photographer!

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